Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Here comes my Winter Holiday

           Finally, the time has arrived. After all the back to back events, my true holiday is finally here! I have been so busy after Spm. Stressful and tiring at the same time. Well, it isn't the same kind of busy or stress like the one during examination lol. It's just, too much events and activities back to back for two weeks! 

Helping out in Vacation Bible School once a year is already tiring but helping out twice can really drain out your energy. Imagine children as young as 4 years old concentrating on what a teacher is speaking. It's quite impossible isn't it. Their attention lifespan is like what? 1 minute?! But not all kids are these young.The kids are really adorable no matter what age are they. It's really amazing how they can actually enjoy something i thought it was kind of lame. But children are childrens, their mind are clean and innocent. That is one good point about being a young child. 

One of the prizes the children can win at the end of VBS. A BABY TARANTULA . omg.

And A Venus Flytrap.

Interesting isn't it? lol

So yesterday, I started feeling so excited about my trip to Japan! It's not like I was never excited. Just the fact that I will not be staying in Tokyo / or near Tokyo made me a little disappointed. My host family stays up North in Akita. I have to travel another 4-6 hours to Akita after I reached the airport in Narita. But the reason why I was happy because I will have to go Tokyo from Narita to catch a bullet train to Akita. Conclusion , I will be stopping by Tokyo at least! It will be nice if my host family could bring me around Tokyo for a few days. But I felt like it was quite impossible as the travelling cost is expensive and the distance from Akita is quite far. Further than Kuala Lumpur to Penang. 

Akita is a prefecture of Japan located in the Tōhoku region of northern Honshu, the main island of Japan. I read that people in Akita dominates traditional industries. Akita is also famous for rice farming and sake. This probably means that there will be plenty of sake to drink during winter lol. Onsen are also famous there. It makes me nervous thinking about hot spring in Japan lol. Err, naked in Public bath outside?  omg 

My own name card lol. The truth is, I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am nervous about the cold weather but I am more nervous about communicating with my host family. Both of my host families cannot speak English and I am not good in Japanese either. Even though I know some words,  it isn't enough to communicate well . I exchanged about Rm 1000 for 30000 Yen. Man, this hurt my wallet . Rm 1000 felt so much when the 30 000 Yen was only 3 pieces of 10000 Yen. lol. It felt so little. lol 

Packing clothings for a winter holiday can be quite a pain. My luggage gets loaded with things fast because the clothings are so thick and huge. I even brought Malaysian traditional snacks over for my host family. Also bought some souvenirs and brought Bak Ku Teh spices so that I can cook for them :)  

Three weeks oversea, I am going to miss Malaysian food. The first thing I'll eat when I get back next year is definitely Roti Canai lol.  I had Lao Sao Pao before I left. I'm going to miss the flowy egg yoke custard inside it. Hopefully I'll get to eat something better than all this in Japan. :D Can't wait for a good ramen! 

Btw, Merry Christmas! I know it's early but I will not be blogging till next year. Follow me in instargram to follow my updates ! :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Food Haul #1 Good Reasonable Food you cannot miss

Good non Traditional Malaysian food you cannot miss. 

Food from Chillies, Italianese, Rakuzen, Dao Rae, you name it all the classy western, Japanese. Korean restaurants are always so Expensive and the price are never reasonable for students like me. I will have to probably starve for the next three days if i ate those expensive food, but good ,two days in a row. 

This, is the best cold noodles I ever ate. omg It's vinegar base. So if you love vinegar, like me, it's really good. Even if you don't , you have to try it lol. 

Noodles are so chewable. The taste is Heaven. Okay let's imagine you bite the noodles and you flew to Heaven straight. That's right. It's that good. It only cost Rm14. Quite reasonable for a good quality Ramen!
The truth is everything on the menu is good. They are so many choices but just randomly pick one and you'll go Heaven. lol 

This stall is located in Shah Alam, Jalan Sekincan. It's nearby engineering factories because the owner of the restaurant target Japanese workers from those factories. The chef of this restaurant have cooked Ramen in Japan for years and now he started his own business in Malaysia.  

This, is a Volcano from Burger Factory. 

Well that doesn't look like a volcano but that is it's name for this Big Fat Burger lol. I have never tried this burger place until just recently when a friend of mine brought me there. This burger cost about RM17. I mean, not bad for a good quality burger! It taste better and healthier than Carl's Junior even when their price range are about the same.  It's concept is about the same as Big Hug Burger, in SS15. Both places are good! 

The patty inside is not as oily as the patty in Big Hug Burger. But omgosh, the egg in the burger is good. It seriously look like any normal fried egg but It's rare to see a burger with such fine beautifully fried sunny egg! and the egg yolk flows too. Double plus for that. 

The Burger Factory is located in Kota Kemuning. Another branch is opening another in SS15 Subang Jaya this Thursday. So if you live in Subang area, you can go ahead and try it there. I seriously think that there's too many choices of Burger restaurant's in Subang, especially SS15 from Crayon Burger to Big Hug Burger, and now to Burger Factory. I bet there are more. The selection of food in Subang is wide. 

If you are going for iced dessert, Shaved ice is the best choice. 

This is black Sesame ice from Snowflake. Cost is about RM7.  Snowflake sells a wide range of shaved ice with great toppings. This cannot be miss. The taste is really good.

Ocha series. If you are a matcha lover, this is good :) But one thing I don't like about Snowflake is that they don't allow us to pick our own topping. I hate eating pearls and the chewy taro thing isn't quite fresh ( sometimes ). But overall , taste for ice dessert is good!

Next, this is not exactly Malaysian food but omg. It's the best snack i ever ate.

 Yes it's pop corn. Better than the caramel popcorns you ate in the cinema. It, taste like cheezels but BETTER.

It's a USA brand and it cost 1.30$ which is like RM 3.60 for a Huge pack of Snack?! what? It's like a party pack of Mamee. This is worthy! Sadly my sister got this at that price in Cambodia. lol. If you found it here in any stalls like Cold Storage, probably cost more than RM10.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

High school Acomplished

Officially Graduated from High school.  11 years of school, acomplished. 

Okay, I'm back from my nonexistence for a long time. Spm Ended Today! TODAY.  I tell you an ugly Truth about Spm. When people say Trials are harder, it is. When people say just stay calm during exam, Stay Calm. It is really not that tough  as long you studied, panicked, worry, go crazy, cry, stress, pressure, whatever the normal symptoms are you name it before any important exams. But of course, what is study without praying? Praying is a must. 

My experience with Spm is, write all you can. Vomit your words. Spit them out . I mean it. Well of course it must link to the question and logical. The funny thing is, the 1st- 2nd week of spm is the most pressured one. Getting nervous on the first paper is common. I am not the only one lol. But remember, Keep Calm because knowledge flows if your brain is relax. Even in Add maths lol. On the third week, studying becomes like a daily activity. I meant a daily activity because I never studied everyday, unless it's Pmr or Spm. truth .

Common phrase for every Spm'ers : BURN ALL THE BOOKS.

So, my new year's resolution, year end resolution ; everyone have one. Including me :)
- Get my hair dyed.-
 I am off high school and I will not return anymore until Spm results are out! 
I wanted to go for a light shade of orange-brown with pink ombre but it cannot be done because I have to present myself well during my youth exchange. ( I'll talk about it in a while ) :) 

- Blogging for life - 
I wanted to start on a new blog. lol but i decided not to because it just takes so much time.So I'm just going to redesign this current blog. I'm going start blogging about fashion and lifestyle. So, look forward to it! BE Excited.

- Go Shopping -
I have been deprived from shopping for about 1month+. Well not true, I went online shopping with my sister lol. I couldn't stand not buying, it's too adorable. I need to get my closet restored, again. It never stops lol. 

- Music covers-
 I will continue posting up covers on my Youtube channel. Probably write some songs too. I already wrote some, but kind of embarrass about it lol. Anyway, look forward to it! :) 

- Redesign my room-
This might take some time to be accomplish. Still working on it ;)

 This is not all but I suddenly couldn't think of the rest. lol 

Okay, so speaking of the Youth Exchange i mentioned earlier,  I am going to Japan! 

Which part of Japan? Tokyo! Man I'm so excited. I couldn't sleep thinking about it during the exam periods. lol this was just a part of the reason I couldn't sleep, I was more worried about my exam.lol
I won't be spending Christmas and New Year here. I shall just celebrate both celebration in the cold, cold Japan. Come to think of it, I have to wrap myself like a polar bear in Japan. Will be shopping for this Japan trip soon and can't wait to board the plane! Orientation for this youth exchange will be on this Saturday and I will get to know my foster parents. So Excited.

Can't wait for the new chapter of life!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Dear Dumb Diary, I shouldn't regret . I kind of did regretted, but now I told my self not to. 
So yeah, If you were wondering what I was regretting. My Hair it is. I was so excited on cutting it shorter ( NOT SHORT, the hair stylist made it that short ) because I don't really suit long hair. ): Yeah.  Probably look nice in pictures but It's actually weird /: haha 

So ya, Yesterday went to O Saloon and hair a Rm20 student price cut :) The guy was nice :) But I don't understand why he needs to blow curl my hair to the extreme D: Look at how round and puffy the ends of my hair are! Super bob look O: haha

I kinda miss my long hair already /: No more braids  T^T I ove braids T^T oh well, hair can grow 
* stop feeling depress! * 

I didn't felt sad until someone made me realize that guys prefer long hair. LOL. * wtf right, Why am i sad with this kind of things ?* But ya, for your information, I actually left my hair grow long because of that reason /: Stupid isn't it? But what to do . I have that kind of mind set. LOL 

So anyway, Yesterday my emotions was kind of low. My insecurities was really down too /: In my mind I was like '' omg, nobody gonna like me anymore '' that kind of thing . That's how insecure I am /:

Blerghh, so many people was like WHYYYY... ): I already cut lah. T^T ish.

And yep, I'm gonna just yolo with this length and just hope it'll grow to a perfect length before Prom :3 Hehe. Byee 

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Hello Blog! I had lost count on how many days/week/months I had not log onto my blog! I will not be blogging for the next 5-6 months because of my final year in school. It's SPM! and , sigh.. As usual getting a lot of lectures from my parents especially my dad. Anything about studying just annoy the hell out of me. ( most of the time ) Oh well, I'm gonna write this post fast, I'm giving myself approx 30 minutes maximum. Blerghh, btw I just ate supper. OMG. I hate my self for doing this. Seriously . I need to lose weight. Wish i was 48kg again. pfft. 

First of all, I should post a picture of myself, after so long not seeing me, bet there's a few changes ( at least ) . So, don't be fooled by the face here, You have not seen my full body posture, size, and shape! I'm as fat as a pear! D: ( is pear shape considered fat? if it is then I'm right ! ) 

So, I'm also been very sensitive at a couple of things recently. My emotions aren't that stable. And when i meant emotions , it does not mean crying, cutting, or suicide. I'm just angry, sad and most of the time annoyed at many things. Probably my parents lectures are stressing me a lot. I just can't stand too much reminder of the same topic. Blergh. 

My exam just ended one week ago. It was a three weeks straight exam. It was tiring. I even had to cut down on exercising, which i didn't liked it but I still cut down to sacrifice time for studying. I know I have to put studies as my first priority this year. People tell me to just give my all for this 5 more coming months. I AM! 

And, Today is already the weekend of my first week of holidays. I have two week of school holidays and I have already spend my first week without any studies even though I got scolded for doing so. Though I open my books, nothing actually went in my brain. Guess I was just exhausted from the studies before and during exams. My gawd, life is already tough! And This is only just the beginning. More obstacle are ahead of me. I have not even decide on what I want to do after high school! To go in A levels, to go for diploma... ect ect 

Hello?! Charmaine! * slaps self * Wake up ! You need to work hard right now! 

So many things I got to do when i get back to school. I probably be busy with Sports day by then! I have not even train well for my run yet! Urghh. Got. to . plan . time. 

Okay. Stop with the studies. My goodness. 

So, what else am i missing out? 
Ouh! I'm not sure if I should mention this here, but maybe briefly . So, I personally feel that my feelings towards the person I like comes and go all the time. I didn't mean that in one minute I like him and the other I don't. I meant that sometimes we are close but sometimes we are not. That's why I felt like we can never really get together somehow due to many reason ( 101 reasons ). Unless we try, one day, but I doubt actually. But i still hope to not doubt . 

And , I am still a girl who loves Hello Kitty! :3 Can't believe it still last in my top likings. Even rainbow colours aren't the top stuff I love anymore /: Just recently bought a new phone casing and also changed my phone screen protector . My phone looks super new! * Happy max *

Ouh. If any of you know any good  organic facial wash that can be  recommended C: please do leave a comment! C:  And If you do know anyways on how to remove or clear pimple/acne bumps , Leave a comment too! C: thanks! My face have been one of my insecurities lately ( well, apart from my body ) sigh.

I shall end with... 
 Me  being a Flower Pixie during IU day this year C: hahaha. 

Nights and ciao! ;)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Music in my passion.

I had been wanting to Blog about music for quite some time ago but I just didn't had the chance.       (= w =)
What else could be the reason? Obviously lazy, probably.. Or I really did forget :P haha 

Okay, so just a little update on me before we go onto the topic. 

It's already been almost a month since the new year. Chinese New Year is just around the corner ! again!  Days are really passing real fast. Valentine day also falls on the same week as Chinese New Year. (º_º) that's kind of sad actually. But anyway, It's non of my concern anyway, I had never celebrate any Valentine day this that blah since I was always in friendzone all along :) 

I seriously seriously seriously aimed for better days in school this year. But, whatcanido? It's just so frustrating sometimes. Blergghhhhhh .. Some days pass by great, some was okay, many was sad. I wish pray that days in school will be like the beginnings of Last year . Filled with so much Joys and all, I just can't explain how fun it was. Sometimes I even feel awkward with my BestFriend =.= I don't want to mention which, but yeah, it became like this due to some things that happened in the past. And prolly the present too. oh well. 

One more thing, It's R!#$!%@$%@!E Raining Every single day Every 3 Hours! Wth. The rain is killing me physically =.= * touchwood * lol But seriously, The rain spoiled my training routine, jogging routine, exercise routine and so on. And the MSSD Merentas Desa is in early February!!! omgomgomgomgomgomg * loosing my mind talking about it * I need to Train!! I can't afford to not go through that run well after all the years training. And, I need to exercise. If I don't, sooner I'll get back into the size of a Snorlex. =w= 

photo not own by me

Okay, finally , back to the topic. Music! :3 Some of you guys should know, I do covers :) Been making them since last year. And my guitar is my companion all along. I love the guitar as much as I enjoy singing. :) The guitar wasn't my first instrument. The piano was. As I had more interest towards the guitar, I picked up guitar by myself . I suck at first but because it was to the point where I had so much interest in it, I was so dedicated to it, till I kept playing and playing and practising and practising :)

photo not own by me

I Probably love the guitar more as it can have an upbeat sound and also.. Well confession, I don't think my creativity standard with the piano is higher than my creativity with the guitar anymore. haha. 2 years back, I've actually been asking my dad to get me the violin because I was so inspired by violinist and also by it's sound. But because my cousin brother gave us his classical guitar, my dad said '' Go pick up the guitar first. And when you are good at it already, I'll let you play the violin . '' And so, That was how me playing the guitar actually started :) 

My desire is to get a pink acoustic guitar and a ukulele one fine day! :) yayy

My type of songs. I don't appreciate tecno or really really up beat party songs as much. I love acoustic, blues, slightly jazz, Mellow mellow country, Old songs :) Taylor Swift songs are pretty much my taste :) Some old songs from the 90's 80's, I love them too! 

If you guys have not seen my Covers yet, here are they! :3 

The most recent one :) 

- Video Killed the radio Star - the Burgles ( this one is a real old song C: ) 

-Lovebug - Jonas Brothers, improvised :)

-If I die young- The band perry

Mean- Taylor Swift

And yeah, Go check out more of my covers in my Youtube Channel !

Please Subscribe ! C: 


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rough skin no more! ( ´ ▽ ` )/

I'll be reviewing about a Sana's product today. It is a really hot selling product this days. I actually went to two shopping malls in Penang ( up north ) just to find this product but it was sold out. D: And then I came back KL and went to about 4 shopping malls and finally found a shop which restocked it ! (^∇^) yay. Really proofs it's a good product eh? haha

Okay. So let's start on the review. 

Of course, get ready your Sana Pore Putty Face powder clear after you are done with your make up base :) 

The compact powder looks really smooth and the Fluffy puff is super soft ! 

''Dap'' the powder on your face. Make sure to smooth-en it evenly . '' Le Fluffy puff is Awesome! super soft man! '' lol 

Tada. It suits my skin tone :) Well, I bet it'll suit everyone's skin tone since this product is made for  every skin tone :) The powder doesn't feel as heavy as my previous product. It's light and ''transparent'', hence it covers up pores! :) If you're looking for a affordable good finishing powder, I would recommend this . Go for it. :) 

And of course, you need to continue with bronzer.

 and also, you don't want to look all pale like some ghost do you? blush on your blusher! haha you need some tone :)

yummy Lip balm yeah! :) I'm using The Body Shop's Born Lippy Rasberry lip balm. 

And also your favourite lipstick colour :) I prefer light pastel colours. So I'm using Maybelline Watershine Pure light pink . 

Epic putting on lipstick face. Haha

Don't forget a little gloss for a perfect kissable lips! :3 *kiss* haha

And yeah, there you go.. A Perfect make up for the day. :) 

So, enjoy your weekend ! :) 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year? Happy?

Happy New Year ! c: 
New Year guys! New year! D: To tell you the truth, I wasn't looking forward so much towards the new year ): Well, obviously there are reasons. . . 

1st- I'm obviously don't feel like I'm ready for my final year ( subjects are tough)
2nd-  SPM! * !#($!#$*!(#$*!#)$!($ * crap D8
3rd - Chemistry
4rd- Add maths
5th- Physics
6th- History
7th- Biologi

So Basically, I'm not looking forward because of final year in School. 
dfjwijahdsfahfaidfjaa * instant madness with the most Ugliest  saddest, unfriendly emo face in the world! T^T *  I wish I could just skip age 17 and jump to age 18 where things are legal and I don't need to go through Final year -.- 

Everyone is like talking about their New Year resolutions, what they want to accomplish and all. Well for me, I pray hard to accomplish my studies well, get all A's for Spm and obviously do well in Everything! ( okay, so it's all about studies, studies , studies ._. ) Seriously, I cannot just live with just books. I really hate reading books with just words #confessionofAuselesslittlegirl. It's really heart pricking how my dad gives me lectures about my studies. Never like them. I have a bad relationship with chemistry. It seems that we both cannot bond. Everytime when my dad lectures me about Chemistry subjects, about how bad I am in them, I'll get stress even hearing the word Chemistry . Of course I take my time to understand chemistry, But It just doesn't work . The more I study chemistry , the more I get my brain fried up and tears roll down my eyes like some waterfall. Even explanation for teachers or even my sister, it just seems useless. wtf man. Why did I even put myself in this kind of situation? Why did I blindly pick Science stream? My life feels over just because of science. My logic in that world sucks shit. So yeah. I don't only need prayers, but I need tutor too. 

But of course I do have other new year resolution :)
1st- Save up money to buy stuff 
I live in a family where my parents don't give me things that I want * snap * just like that. They'll be like : '' buy your stuff with your own money .'' and so, OKAY..... But obviously, I will always dig in reasons to make them buy for me. C8 Will never loose a chance . haha 

2nd- Invest in a new Digital camera. 
My old digital camera.. * okay, let's not talk about it. It's in like *pause* a very bad condition? maybe? HAHA * I give myself till end of 2013, after spm to get one new one c: yay

3rd- New phone ! New phone! c: 
For now, I'm eyeing at that ridiculously beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note II. OMG. Too pretty to be true. Even though the size is humongous , that phone is still amazing. It'll Cost a bomb man ! The wallet pretty much will dissapear into thin air instead of having a hole. Too expensive *shakes head* 

4rd- Will be written as my life goes on c: 

So today is just the 1st day of the year. And I'm pretty sure really sure I feel like my life is ending , everything isn't the way I  hope it is, so much worries, unhappy, won't be enjoyable, scared, @#!$$!#$!@#$# Just unbelievable. 

Oh, before I post, spended New year eve with Amos, Tong,Chun Seng and Amanda too :) But Amanda left after we watch Les Miserables . 

 Look at the Teeth! C: HAHA

So, Happy 2013 again guys, well for you, not really for me /: 

Gonna use my time wisely now. Less online, less blogging. But of course I'll still blog during weekdays and holidays :) 

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