Friday, January 25, 2013

Music in my passion.

I had been wanting to Blog about music for quite some time ago but I just didn't had the chance.       (= w =)
What else could be the reason? Obviously lazy, probably.. Or I really did forget :P haha 

Okay, so just a little update on me before we go onto the topic. 

It's already been almost a month since the new year. Chinese New Year is just around the corner ! again!  Days are really passing real fast. Valentine day also falls on the same week as Chinese New Year. (º_º) that's kind of sad actually. But anyway, It's non of my concern anyway, I had never celebrate any Valentine day this that blah since I was always in friendzone all along :) 

I seriously seriously seriously aimed for better days in school this year. But, whatcanido? It's just so frustrating sometimes. Blergghhhhhh .. Some days pass by great, some was okay, many was sad. I wish pray that days in school will be like the beginnings of Last year . Filled with so much Joys and all, I just can't explain how fun it was. Sometimes I even feel awkward with my BestFriend =.= I don't want to mention which, but yeah, it became like this due to some things that happened in the past. And prolly the present too. oh well. 

One more thing, It's R!#$!%@$%@!E Raining Every single day Every 3 Hours! Wth. The rain is killing me physically =.= * touchwood * lol But seriously, The rain spoiled my training routine, jogging routine, exercise routine and so on. And the MSSD Merentas Desa is in early February!!! omgomgomgomgomgomg * loosing my mind talking about it * I need to Train!! I can't afford to not go through that run well after all the years training. And, I need to exercise. If I don't, sooner I'll get back into the size of a Snorlex. =w= 

photo not own by me

Okay, finally , back to the topic. Music! :3 Some of you guys should know, I do covers :) Been making them since last year. And my guitar is my companion all along. I love the guitar as much as I enjoy singing. :) The guitar wasn't my first instrument. The piano was. As I had more interest towards the guitar, I picked up guitar by myself . I suck at first but because it was to the point where I had so much interest in it, I was so dedicated to it, till I kept playing and playing and practising and practising :)

photo not own by me

I Probably love the guitar more as it can have an upbeat sound and also.. Well confession, I don't think my creativity standard with the piano is higher than my creativity with the guitar anymore. haha. 2 years back, I've actually been asking my dad to get me the violin because I was so inspired by violinist and also by it's sound. But because my cousin brother gave us his classical guitar, my dad said '' Go pick up the guitar first. And when you are good at it already, I'll let you play the violin . '' And so, That was how me playing the guitar actually started :) 

My desire is to get a pink acoustic guitar and a ukulele one fine day! :) yayy

My type of songs. I don't appreciate tecno or really really up beat party songs as much. I love acoustic, blues, slightly jazz, Mellow mellow country, Old songs :) Taylor Swift songs are pretty much my taste :) Some old songs from the 90's 80's, I love them too! 

If you guys have not seen my Covers yet, here are they! :3 

The most recent one :) 

- Video Killed the radio Star - the Burgles ( this one is a real old song C: ) 

-Lovebug - Jonas Brothers, improvised :)

-If I die young- The band perry

Mean- Taylor Swift

And yeah, Go check out more of my covers in my Youtube Channel !

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  1. you have an awesome voice! :D
    hopefully you'll become famous one day

    followed you xoxo

    1. Cool...your singing is hav a sweet voice. Which church do you go?


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