Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Animangaki 2012

        It's been so long! D: I was really occupied with so many activities during the one week holidays that I did not get the chance to update! ): Went shopping, and shopping and party, and party and lepak ,and lepak
so yeah, hahaha :) 

And so , Saturday and Sunday was like my most long awaited days ever! But Monday wasn't =.= School starts again on Monday and I have exams right after the holiday, wth. The school must be thinking having the exams later is too mainstream that the want to have the exams right after the school holiday ._.

Oh please, It's Add maths and Physics! It's so torturing! D: 

But anyway, I gave up half way during add maths test, literally I did ,_, 

Animangaki this year was held at Sunway Pyramid Convention hall. Up stair Asian Avenue! :3 So much to talk about! :3 

If you had read my earlier post, I said I'll cos as Megurine Luka, Just Be Friends version. 

In case you don't know her, thats her c:

Ohkay fine, thats the chibi version. So it's super cute. Haha

And yeah, thats Megurine Luka :) 

And hereeee.. you see Luka in human form . LOl 


For your information, this character supposed to be tall BUT I'm Short. ._. oh well . xD hahaha

I look like a flower princess! yay. cheh haha

Oh btw, instagram picture! c: 

Thats Zerrick beside me c:  SUPER LIKE him as Ichigo! :D Hahaha

I got to met my twin on that day :3 There was actually triplets D: But one of them were cold towards me... eee ):

So anyway, there..

the girl on the right is Grace! :) Got to be her new friends and omg she's Friendly max! xoxo

Photoshoot together :)

Urghh.. the Hand wrist entrance ticket thing spoiled the picture ):

I also took a few shots with @hermanphotography :D He had a studio there on that day ! :3

Oh! and I Loveeee Augustine's New Pencil! :3

Met Belle and she was like .. OMG me ( in a good way ) Hahahaha

Sorry with this not smiling picture :P was being photogenic xD cheh LOL

Saw this guy with Huge head and I WANT ONE huge head tooo :3 HAHA weee wee weee

:3 LOL

Boo, It EATS you up.

So damn cool sia ! Spirited away~ ~ ~ It was really the tallest cosplay there and really capture attention easily. Lol

2nd day of Animangaki :)

Woke up early and get ready :D my stupid false eyelash kept irritate my eyes until I had to put them on several times ._. so annoying. Ish


I'm Yui from Angel Beats for the 2nd day! :3

And because she's super hyper and cheerful and cute and adorableeee... I'll have to be Just like Her! :) yay

* comparison of the cosplay *

Look alike? :P hehehe

This shot was super random. I wasn't really ready actually :P  Haha

Well, I'm still waiting for the nice photos in Zerrick's Camera.. He didn't upload it T^T He said he'll pass the pictures to me through Leon.. So i'll have to wait~~ Nuuuu... ): I'll upload it once I have it ;P

Btw, I saw this super cute guy :3

He is Cute. :3 Rearly. If he actually read my caption. He must be really disappointed. LOL
cuz I'm guessing he would prefer if I say 英俊 or ''suai'' . Hahaha ._. hmmm

LOL.. Just before i wanted to write: ''But If any of you know him. Let me Know ohkay c: '' Someone gave me his facebook account! :3 YAY! HAHAHA omg i sounded so desperate. wth ._. okay.jpg

Oh! I got to take this shot with this awesome people just before I went home! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p" yay="yay">

One of my favourite (Y) Isn'tshe cute? :3

Animangaki was really awesome c: Got to meet quite a number of new friends! :D yay

But then the next day was seriously hectic -.- I actually gave up my add maths half way the test. My brain almost shut down because of the lack of sleep and the tired-ness. haha

Ohwell.. It's OVER... Gonna fail add maths! T T all the best Charmaine . LOL * cheers self up *

Tag me on facebook if you have any pictures of me alright! :3 Thankkiu :3

Sorry bout the little informations in this blog post. I can't think much now, brain cells are dying ._.  I'll edit it again when the time comes. :) 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Above says that I grow a beard during exams to seek extra wisdom . 

But nah, I Shaved it off when i got back from school today! ! Haha

and yeah, I didn't get to update my blog because of the exams that are haunting me. The History, the Chemistry ! Oh Em GEE * self pulls HAIR *

Alright So today, ohmygawd I so feel like killing my self and the weather! :c I AM SUPPOSE TO JOG. But the Very Gloomy and Sad weather made me sleep instead. Urgh. Evil ) :

ps. I have to get back to my time line on facebook because I seriously got brain-washed by my exams D: I DO NOT remember 'almost' anything of what happen during the past week. LOL

3D Aeroplane 
This was made by Amos in school 2 weeks plus ago. LOl

I coloured it and Tong conteng that little plane :D

And ya, Amos looked angry when we vandalise this little plane. Hahaha.

So next was on August 8.

Went Swimming with Grace, Jesslyn and Nicole :D

And then went over to Baskin Robbin, which was crowded like crap. ._.

due to DLCW hard work in the olympics :D 

Malaysian really love free stuff somehow. ._.

LOOK at the crowd outside BR! It's longer than it looks actually. D: HAhahha

But anyway, we actually thought of getting the free ice-cream. But it doesn't seem worth the wait. My friends actually waited for one and a half hour to get that free miserable single scoop ice cream ):

So in the end, we went for Ice Bowl anyway. :D More worth for the stomach :3

Oh ya, remember my previous post about Animangaki? c: I said i wanted to wear all pink. But after browsing the Web, I thought of cosplaying Megurine Luka, just be friends version.

It's not that hard to cosplay this. :D just a white dress, which probably make me look fat. But I hope not ):

So cute right! :D

And I posted this one Facebook. And the comments was Super Hilarious. LOL.. oh gawd

My sister dared me, lol. So i posted this up and wrote:* Carmille dared me* I'm gonna be that girl on Animangaki. So who wants to be that guy? 

So yeah, who wants to be that guy? :)

And my costume for the second day of Animangaki arrived! :D Yay! But but but it's a bit too big for me ): sad

Oh btw, David Choi got new song! :D yay. Duet with Clara C! :D

And then Tong showed me this super omg Nice Rhythm of Love Cover by Clara C and Joseph Vincent. You'll fall in love with this song in no time :P Haha

Ps. David Choi songs is a virus! Haha

My pink moustache ring just arrived yesterday! :D Yay

It's so cute and it's pink! Pink ! !  oh, and I bought a moustache necklace too :D Hehe

yay! :D

And so, If you are reading this blog and you are wondering where did I get such weird stuff and you want this weird stuff.. You can buy it from me. Lol

One Whole set of Moustache stuff that includes Ring, earring and necklace :D - Rm 25

Ring- Rm9
Earring- RM9
Necklace- Rm 10


online shop - Chic Couture
Chic Couture Galleria

I'm gonna get busy preparing for my birthday and also I will lose a lot of money because I have to get presents those awesome people birthdays :C oh well.

Yep, you deserve the gift :D 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pink Wednesday c:

It's a Wednesday! It's a Wednesday! c: 
I just realize my title is the same for Baskin Robbin's pink Wednesday 83 hahaha

Time really passes by quick this days. It's already August ._. ! 

Let's see .. 13 more days till my test? Ohgawdd /: 

Anyway, I kept on thinking of what should I wear for Animangaki this year today. I will definitely be Yui, Angel Beats but that'll only be one day! D: I don't want to spam my character for two days. lol. That's so boring D: sad to say. haha 

I was actually discussing it in school today with Ayati. I was actually thinking of borrowing her Kimono to wear with my Miku Turquoise wig. But I know she wouldn't want to borrow. sad ): But she mentioned about borrowing her friends sweet lolita dress to me c: omg. I'mgonnalookfat in it lol.

I got home and I wanted to try on my wig with my new lens! c: haha. And then an Idea just came into my mind! C: I should wear all pink on the first day of animangaki c: # OC :own character 

Pink dress

Pink eyes

Pink hair

Pink flower crown

Pink shoes ( I'll need to find it asap ) haha

Lens: Super Barbie Sasha 3 tone pink 

The black ring wasn't obvious! sad sad sad  : C 

and it wasn't that comfortable /: maybe because of my astig, uneven surface of my eye lens /: 

simply put on a dress and the head accessories . Lol 

and that was when the idea of wearing all pink to Animangaki came in :3 

Photo Spam with Mushroom! 

say hello to my photogenic face. LOL 

pink stare ~ 

I should smile like this more often :3 the pink mushroom made me blushed . hehe 

I see you mushroommm :3 

Okay. Thats all. haha :) 

Bye. Love pink much C: 

 I should now walk to Baskin Robin like this to get my ice-cream 

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