Saturday, August 30, 2014

#Fashion Show / Concept- Gothic

Hello people ! Semester 2 started and I cannot describe this semester in a word but what I can say that it is beyond describable. *GEDDIT?*  or you can put it this way, overwhelming. The day I finally can present myself as a designer and be one professionally(soon)  is coming true ! Who won't be thrilled ? ! 

Semester 2 is when we start learning towards THE REAL FASHION compared to the previous semester. (Not exactly compared to the previous semester because it was nothing to do with fashion.) And also, this semester is when we start to participate in our University's Fashion Show during Thursdays. 

Here comes the excitement ! BE INSPIRED 

Concept/ Theme for this week fashion show was set as Gothic. So we 'designers' were to come out with our own design/styling for this week's theme. 

The fashion show starts at about 12 pm and designers/models/ make-up artists will have to be be in the changing room early to get prep up. 
For my concept of Gothic, I was inspired by Punk and Rock + a teeny-weeny gothic Lolita (to be honest it's not teeny-weeny at all but I just don't want to admit it .... lol Don't judge  because I cannot help it that Japanese culture is a part of me too ahahha...) 

Model: Sandra Yeoh 
Make up : Some from Erin and then I continued 
-  Also Thanks to some of my lovely friends that helped me with the materials ! Camelia Fauzi, Grace Koh, Elif, .. so on -
 Thanks you guys !

 ( From head to toe ) 

Bold/ Gothic/ Loli / Punk/ Rock 

  Super Volumized False Lashes , Tattoo Stars, Dark Purple Heart Shaped Lips

 Neck to Waist :
Heart Lock Choker from Erin Shaza, Top from Camelia  , Handmade Studded Harness Bralet

Japanese Buns, Skeleton Clips (own)

Hand Accessories: 
  just another skeleton clip.

Hips to Floor: 
Leather Skirt, Netted Stockings from Camelia, Handmade Studded Spike Garter, High Converse Shoes (own)

Basically that was the overall look of my model. Gothic Yes? 

And now *Drumrolls* Let's let the picture do the talking ! 

Photos taken by Wandy, Edited by me. 

Fashion Show

So Nellisa lolol 

 Look at that abs... and the toned legs ... wow.. I just can't...

Tell me, Which was your favourite?  

To be honest, our models pictures our character and personality of our own styling and design. Can't hind the fact that it is true lol...


And we ended with .. 


ps, if some pictures of you wasn't here, it is definite that my photographer was day dreaming. so blame him not me lol.. 

And thats all ! What do you think of our show? They said we put in a lot of effort compared to the previous semesters. That was pretty much the best compliment we got :) 

Monday, August 18, 2014

#Review ♥ Freshkon Alluring Eyes Series Lenses ♥

Today I will be doing a review on 2 different Alluring Eyes Series Lenses from Freshkon. When I first started wearing lenses, I find myself more suitable with circle lenses or you could say lenses that makes your eyes looks bigger. Truth is my natural eyes are already big but the eye lens are small so when I look at myself in the mirror, there is so much 'white' which I find it super uglyyyy cannot tahan. So you know, as young teenagers we get influence by pretty Japanese girls in magazines too easily eg Popteen ( omg my favourite ). WE ALL want to have those adorable puppy eyes like them ( Don't you dare Deny ! ) and so that was pretty much how I started wearing them lenses. 

As I was saying, I was pretty much loving circle lenses with big black rings and makes your eyes pop so big like a puppy but to be honest I've seen many girls who failed achieving the puppy eyes. For example, some girls with smaller eyes wears a freaking 16mm Circle Lens (did I mention , circle lenses usually comes in 16mm(!!!) while normal lenses are usually 14mm) , I do not want to know how in the world they could stick the humongous lens onto their eyes and worst of all the end product they'll look like Mickey Mouse ... no offence but it's quite true. 
ps, I'm not applying this to all girls. 

Literally lol.. 

Well at least put on some make up, like a simple eye liner will do a difference with it :) ...

As years goes by I preferred to have a more natural design but still with the big eyes effect. However, lenses with bigger diameters always always always have that outer black ring until this year... I have no idea why did I only discovered this amazing lenses now. Maybe because I  knew I had no $$ to even bother to survey optical shop lenses but okay whatever lol. 

So *drumrolls* Freshkon Alluring Eyes Series

Yes, you've seen it. I will be reviewing the above Winsome Brown and Mystical Black lens today.

Freskon Alluring Eyes Series is designed to help us all archive a bigger and brighter eyes  + additional confidence and brownie points because it will turn out natural and beautiful ! 

The 2nd picture is my bare naked eyes. As you can see, my natural eyes have quite a lot of 'whites' and this lens is just right for me because it is very natural but it enhances the size of your eye lens while making it fuller ! Exactly what I was looking for ! 

Design wise, It is simple and natural + NO BLACK RING :) yay So if you are thinking of getting Barbie Doll eyes, this is not the right one for you. If you are thinking of having coloured eyes but no big eyes effect or with big eyes effect (whichever) this is also Not the right one for you because Alluring Eyes Series only produce lenses with natural colours from brown, black to grey. 

I personally love the Winsome Brown lens because it is not a bold brown yet not too light but it gives me the soft and subtle look for gentle eyes. I really really love it ! It's like you can just charm your crush to get him fall in love with you just by staring at him in the eyes! Okay just joking , don't take this seriously. I was just getting excited.. lol

♥ Perfect lens to go out for a date and get him mesmerized into you ♥ 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

And then , We have the Mystical Black.. the blackest of the black in this Series. lol 

Okay so to be honest, I was hesitating on getting a black lens because black lenses is the Bomb to achieving Mickey's Alien Eyes. NO JOKE . This is why most of my friends who wear circle lenses during high school looks like Mickey because school only allows black lens / or clear .. 

So Anyway I took the challenge because this series memang stated it WILL BE NATURAL. So Challenge Accepted and omg I loved it ! 

It is natural as helllyeahhhh .... : D And I thought I will soon turn into a Mickey Mouse but no. 

But then again, I am not sure about how well it will turn out with other people because all of our eyes are different. Like I mentioned earlier, my eyes have more 'whites' and so this lens balances out everything and since it's also natural it makes it better. 

Mystical Black lens is a bolder black compared to Mesmeric Black. Though I mentioned it is natural but it still gives the adorable fun puppy eyes because it reflects light more than your natural eyes. It makes you have that shiny, watery,  manja , 'want to cling on someone' and the ''Please I want it'' look lol. 

♥ Perfect lens to beg someone to get you that thing you always wanted ♥ 
All you need to do is look them up from a lower position, blink your eyes and say please. hahaha

Compared to Circle Lenses, this lens is softer and thinner which makes it more comfortable to wear and it will not be as dry as the circle lenses. I cannot guarantee it will not feel dry after many many hours because all type of lens no matter how thin they are will still be dry after some time. 

In conclusion, this is a good to go lens for most activities ! 


Friday, August 8, 2014

Food Post to Make you Drool

 Confession : I feel so fat when I started combining the photos of the FOOD I'll be posting.  Probably going to feel even more guilty writing this. omg 

Hello people, I have been wanting to write about food but not exactly a food review or whatsoever. I just wanted to make you guys Drool. Literally. No joke. I just had to. * Gives Evil Smile*

Okay lah, I just want to be that kind girl next door that shares her pretty good shots of Good food with everyone :D ! Hello sharing is caring, that is what everyone in the world says today. Don't blame me if you get hungry or crai because you cannot eat them. I am just sharing happiness :) through pictures... hahaha

THIS IS IT.. This are the noms I had since the month of July, till yesterday . *SO EXCITED*

- Pasta Zanmai -

Salmon Roll from Pasta Zamai..  Guys, nothing goes wrong with Salmon ! The juice of it melts in your mouth, tingles your taste buds.. mmm .. 

Omg this! * Do Not Judge by how it looks *  I can't wait to have this again! It's super amazing how the combination of the unagi with egg completes each other,.I was amazed of this pizza done by franchised Pasta Zanmai T_T 
Japanese Unagi Pizza plus that awesome Egg yolk in the center of it. *Bonus point for the EGG * 

- Antipodean, Bangsar - 

Okay humans, this is it. DA BOMB. Look at that Impressive Egg Benedict's ! I tell this meal of egg Benedict is so far the best I ever come across.  - ps, this wasn't mine, it was my sisters lol- but the fact that I can never get over my fetish with eggs, I just had to steal her pretty food. 

This was my official meal lol. BIG BREAKFAST . I won't say it was as good as the Egg Benedic but it was still worth to eat :) btw the mushroom was pretty yummy ! but... I had to add salt too the scrambled eggs because it was a little plain. 

Not mine, nor my sisters but my friend's. How can you not take a picture of this?! Effort of Presentation is an A plus ! Gosh it does looks appetizing too. T__T

Not mine too.. but the burger look so good lahhhh... There's like bacon strips, juicy lettuce, tomatoes.. yada yada in it. I know you can't really see what's in between that burger buns but yes this angle is just to Tease you. * TOO BAD * 

- Annyeonghaseyo Traditional Korean BBQ -

Pretty much the best Korean BBQ Food place in my area :D
 If I've to rank this, it will be 2nd after #DaoRae. Yes it's GOOD. 
Owners of this restaurant are pure Koreans !

 - I forgot the name of this restaurant.. lol -

Sushi with Salmon again !  So far the best Japanese restaurant that serves pretty good Japanese food in my area. Though It could be quite costly, but still worth the price you pay to eat. 

Salmon Bento set. I loved the cooked Salmon! Juicy and the texture just yay when you bite them in between your teeth. 

- TBC Cafe -

Portebollo Mushroom Cheese Sandwhich + Sweet Potato Fries + Coleslaw Salad . 
Guys guys guys, I tell you their sweet potato fries are really really really Not Bad you should really try them at least once ! lol ... The sandwich was pretty good I guess. It's Super Cheesy-fied and Musroom-fied. Plus, I never imagined their Coleslaw Salad to be way much healthier than I thought it would be! 
( KFC's spammed Mayonnaise Coleslaw have corrupted the way I look at Coleslaws ) 

ps: Pretty reasonable price to eat meals like this :) 

And THIS! OMG I LOVE IT. Not really for the drink but the coffee art it self! 
-Cafe Latte- 
I don't drink hot coffee but I order for the sake of a pretty art on it #TrueStory

I literally told the barista/waiter to make something else except plants or hearts design. #thoseareBoring 

and TADA! 

I really appreciated the Barista's work ! He really did a pretty Good Job for the first time right?! :D 
Will look forward for more arts he'll be doing when I pay my next visit. 


What?! Layers and layers of hard filled work to make it into a Delicious Satisfying Crepe Cake and you don't like?! Omg it's like the best thing ever ! The whole fattyness level is 101 but gosh it will bring to to Heaven. 

Okay this one you will love it. Secret Recipe's Blueberry Cheesecake, White Chocolate with walnuts and Hot steaming Brownie with Walnut Topped with chocolate sauce. Fat I know. But I know you want it. 

This one coming Lagi FAT. 

FRIED Ice Cream Topped with chocolate sauce + additional whip cream. 
Fat enough a not? Nevermind..  Still got one more.. 

Waffle Topped with Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Sauce + Additional Whip Cream. 

Ok finish.. you can now go buy or cook your own meal and eat. 

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