Monday, February 9, 2015

The Struggles to be 'Famous'

Note: I do not mean being 'Famous' for the purpose of getting Free sponsorship or earning money. It is just to take initiative as early as I can for my own career purpose. So don't judge me for I have my own aim and struggles to face.

Ok Woah, I am really growing older to be thinking so much of the future. lol 

Honestly, was life ever easy? Well, no. Unless your purpose in life is to just eat sleep drink leisure all the way, then you are one lucky bugger I envy you. Ok, tbh I am going through this leisure I mentioned for 3 months since December 14' and I can tell you that it felt like my life had no progress. This is a love hate thing.. you understand? ( You know, getting to relax in life but having no future. )

If you had known me, I am pursuing fashion designing which clearly shows that my occupation IS TO BE a fashion designer. Well known one obviously. So, for all this years I have been thinking that if I could make myself 'popular' among people, It would definitely make my future career a little more easier. But you guessed it, you think so easy ah? One eye blink then everyone know you? 

I thought If I could become a blogger and gain readers & followers, wouldn't it be great?! 
 I needed true pure love dedication & commitment to blog almost everyday which is likely to never happen because ...
1st: I am constantly battling with my broken grammars and  weak vocabularies, therefore makes it two times harder to write a post. 
2nd: I do not have many things to blog about as my life isn't that 'colourful'. Ehem, How to write a blog post when you're having the same routine most days? Eat, Sleep, Gym, Eat, Sleep, Gym.Repeat.yep. 
3rd: Sometimes I am just plain lazy or I just got more engrossed in other stuff eg Youtube videos (addicting like mad this days ), Instagram/ Facebook (Refresh don't know how many gazillion times just to see a new update ) . 
4th: Most times I have no self confidence, especially when it comes to the way I look. Eg, if I want to blog about fashion, what I wear, ootd's and stuff, I will feel so embarrass of how not pretty enough, chubby & short I am. Same problem arise when I thought of doing Youtube Lookbook videos instead. Who would like to see a short and fat girl as a model? Ew no. 

You see, so many problem. In all eyes of a human being, they expect to see someone with gorgeous hair, nice sharp jaw, slim, tall and a good sense of fashion taste that most people accept. Sadly I am quite the total opposite of these expectations which totally leads to the ' I am afraid ' of negative comments people will give.

Next problem, 
I am a student. One thing I know how those young bloggers get new clothes everyday are through sponsorship. Obviously when they first started they did not have any proper sponsorship but if they are rich, HOW can they not have new clothes ?! I am not loaded with money okay. #suchfailure 

They are times I try to post fashion outfits but sometimes the response to it was not as I expected. Therefore it really affects my motivation , so depressing I would be thinking again and again if I could ever succeed. 

It suddenly struck me that I needed to expand my circle of friends for a better future. If I don't meet people, how am I to get connections for my career later? Then, here comes my excuse again. Though I am friendly, I should be considered one of the top lazy person when it comes to going out to socialize because I always prefer to stay in my comfort zone unless it is an emergency or if it is extremely important. 

Come to think of it, how do I even make new connections? #suddenlysodumb #butseriously #HOW?

Dear friends, readers, okay maybe just the internet since my views in my blog is so .. pathetic .. (lol) 
What are the struggles are you facing currently? 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

FOOD POST - Mitasu Japanese Buffet

HAIII I'm So happy to be back here blogging because.... I'm gonna blog about Fooood
 ( yes I am very excited I cannot help it ) 

Well that wasn't the only reason.  The other reason is because being able to blog is like a getaway for me from all the pile of #higherthanMountEverest Assignments (!) 

Okay so before I start to .... 

(ps, I was scrolling down my photo album and realized my dad sended me this (below ) picture.
 (TOTALLY UNAWARE He was taking it. )

 ' REALLY? WATERMELONS? ? ? FOR REAL? ? ? ? ' says to myself
 I am so embarrassing   .. like really
(even watermelons also want to take picture, like never seen them before.... )

it's okay .. memories of eating watermelons should be kept in pictures too #selfcomfort 

What's more embarrassing is that every food that was served I'll be like ' WAIT. Let me take picture first.' and the next table was like looking at us me the whole time .. 

Okay so back to topic ! :D 

Have you guys ever tried Shogun Buffet ( Japanese food )? It's like the worst, WORST omg .. My biggest enemy/fear/hate/whateveryounameit in the Japanese food Category. It Cannot even be categorized as Japanese food since the food is like... so bad ...not fresh... unbearable ... more like it's just buffet. (Not Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Thai Buffet. It's just Buffet... of everything

My expectation for Japanese food have been very high since I ate the Authentic Jap food in Japan itself.  #justtoletyouknow 

So then, if you're looking for good, fresh reasonable Japanese Buffet then you have to try Mitasu!
(it's about the same price as Shogun/ maybe cheaper ) 

Mitasu serves buffet but not the self service kind. And THAT IS WHY the Food are Fresh (!!) It is not pre made so you have to order and wait a little while ( worth while waiting ! ) . 

-Location of the restaurant is just a walking distance from Pavilion :) -

Address:  B-01 , Central Plaza , No.34, Jalan Sultan Ismail , 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel:03-2110 2833 

Fax:03-2110 3833



Here comes the food ! 

Japanese Rice with some Shoyu Topped with Salmon,White Fish, Tamago, More Fishes and Tobiko! So Fresh So good!

♥ plus additional Chuka IIdako, Pickled Seaweed ..... 

And then their Green Salad was so amazing omg. I don't know what secret recipe dressing they used but it was so goooood. I can eat them forever ( literally ) I ordered like 3/4 bowls of it (!)
 And not forgetting the mash potato too ! :) It's so goood, mushy mushy yummy melts in your mouth...

Closer Up of it ♥
The Greens.. I'm craving for it, especially that dressing.. 

And then .. Oysters and Prawns .. Can't you see the freshness (??!!!!)  and ADDITIONAL PLUS for the Good Presentation  (!!!)

' Dear Mr Prawn, how do you look so neat, clean and fresh? Even your outfit is shiny (!) Too bad I'm eating you anyway. Bye!  *and it is gone *..' 

Oh dear... That Salmon... Imagine you put it in your mouth.. so mouthwatering, juicy flavour, melting into your taste buds... that was how the collision of particles of flavour happened in my mouth. #YouSeeWhatIdidThere 

Tempura's .. Not exactly my cup of tea but it was good. 

However, This is my cup of tea! Omg that Salmon. Look at that slight burn from grilling... Are you Hungry Nowwww? ahhahahaha 

Jelly- the Fish - 

THIS.. FINALLY.... omg

The tenderness, juiciness as you bite and as you chew... and chew.. and chew.... , the flavour of the seasoned grilled beef in your overwhelming.....  did you go Heaven?...

Please come back I'm not done. 

California Roll FTW ! 

I think that was Salmon Rice or Garlic Rice ( I can't remember which but I ordered both lol ) And behind it is Soup. Yes Soup. I forgot what was it called ahahhah. 

Tobiko Sushi! Sadly they don't have Ikura's because that one is the bomb when it comes to Fish Roe. 

Pregnant Fish ! Well they don't look pregnant here but they are ok lol. 
The stomachs are literally filled with fish eggs. 
( I wanted to show the picture of the eggs close up but then it looks really gross if you have phobia (like me ) to round bumps and whatever I don't want to explain it  ) 

 THIS is Not Nuggets. It looks like it but No. This is way better than the cheap nuggets. 
Inside is what we call.... Scallop (!) So Yummmy I tell you. I'm not a big fan of fried food but this keeps me wanting more. 

My favourite all time dish ! TOFU! I love itttt, plus it's topped with raddish and soaked in shoyu. oh gosh... yum

Lastly We had Dessert :D What Is Full without dessert?! 

Had like additional 5 scoops of ice cream after this. #SoFatIKnow 
The sesame Ice cream was Yummy though ! :D 

That is all and this is probably the Most Fulfilling Buffet I ever eaten  ♥

Yaaaasss :) 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

#Fashion Show / Concept- Gothic

Hello people ! Semester 2 started and I cannot describe this semester in a word but what I can say that it is beyond describable. *GEDDIT?*  or you can put it this way, overwhelming. The day I finally can present myself as a designer and be one professionally(soon)  is coming true ! Who won't be thrilled ? ! 

Semester 2 is when we start learning towards THE REAL FASHION compared to the previous semester. (Not exactly compared to the previous semester because it was nothing to do with fashion.) And also, this semester is when we start to participate in our University's Fashion Show during Thursdays. 

Here comes the excitement ! BE INSPIRED 

Concept/ Theme for this week fashion show was set as Gothic. So we 'designers' were to come out with our own design/styling for this week's theme. 

The fashion show starts at about 12 pm and designers/models/ make-up artists will have to be be in the changing room early to get prep up. 
For my concept of Gothic, I was inspired by Punk and Rock + a teeny-weeny gothic Lolita (to be honest it's not teeny-weeny at all but I just don't want to admit it .... lol Don't judge  because I cannot help it that Japanese culture is a part of me too ahahha...) 

Model: Sandra Yeoh 
Make up : Some from Erin and then I continued 
-  Also Thanks to some of my lovely friends that helped me with the materials ! Camelia Fauzi, Grace Koh, Elif, .. so on -
 Thanks you guys !

 ( From head to toe ) 

Bold/ Gothic/ Loli / Punk/ Rock 

  Super Volumized False Lashes , Tattoo Stars, Dark Purple Heart Shaped Lips

 Neck to Waist :
Heart Lock Choker from Erin Shaza, Top from Camelia  , Handmade Studded Harness Bralet

Japanese Buns, Skeleton Clips (own)

Hand Accessories: 
  just another skeleton clip.

Hips to Floor: 
Leather Skirt, Netted Stockings from Camelia, Handmade Studded Spike Garter, High Converse Shoes (own)

Basically that was the overall look of my model. Gothic Yes? 

And now *Drumrolls* Let's let the picture do the talking ! 

Photos taken by Wandy, Edited by me. 

Fashion Show

So Nellisa lolol 

 Look at that abs... and the toned legs ... wow.. I just can't...

Tell me, Which was your favourite?  

To be honest, our models pictures our character and personality of our own styling and design. Can't hind the fact that it is true lol...


And we ended with .. 


ps, if some pictures of you wasn't here, it is definite that my photographer was day dreaming. so blame him not me lol.. 

And thats all ! What do you think of our show? They said we put in a lot of effort compared to the previous semesters. That was pretty much the best compliment we got :) 

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