Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I . . . totally forgotten about the family photos that my family we took together during mom's birthday not long ago! D: How could I ):

Anyways here it is c:

Don't we look sho adorablee? haha

Ohkayy.. so back to the main topic.

I wanted to like update during Sunday and then Monday but some stuff came up, so I couldn't /:

Post today: Parents Day


Day: Saturday * mad Busy like a bee 3: *


status that day: Photographer 

I'm so lazy to put up so many photos here, so I'll just share with you all of my super define beauty work c:
* perasan * I know xD heee

[ photos for this post are all vintage photography ] 

and baskets

._. the amount of balloons is humongous ! 
parent day gifts! c: 

candle glass c: 

How you like my photography? nice right? hehehe

I even took such a nice shot of le sister and le bfriend! :3

Lovely and sweet aren't they? c:

Well.. this was taken by my sister c: in all the hundreds of picture of me, this is the best c: like finally. hahaha

lovemaxthis, unni! :3


Judging by the post above, it's obvious I'm quite lazy today D: and there's a reason! /: You'll know later c:

One more thing to blog about. c:

Just that Monday, it was Michael's birthday ! c:

Happy Birthday Mike! c: You are now 24 years old but you are definitely still a kid at heart :P haha

This cake texture is Awesome :3

nom nom nom

Whenever there's Mike, there's Always Bully :c

sad fella

oh oh! I was like.. Jordannn! Show me your 100 Bucks! 83

* money face* HAHA

Jordan Semangat max nak pergi college!

Hahaha. Whyshocute? LOL

So then, after dinner and the cake c: we went off to Icebowl! c:

omgyoudon'tknowhowyummyICEBOWLisssss.....MustTryMustTRY! :D


I am happy to say that this 100% yummier than Chatime c: HAHA

Played with the camera here and there taking epic shots :D

c: HAHA. Nice face :P


Our cute phoneeee! c:

Friend me LA ):

Nice shirt Joseph :P

Super love this #instagram picture with Belle :D !

nom nom nom nom c:

Group photo #1

Group photo #2

Finally! the end of this post. haha. omgIfeelsobad. But no, I'm physically and mentally tired now /:

But before I end, this is why my post wasn't that exciting . c:

How do you like the pink on me? :3 Heheheheee

My wig arrive C: after sho long! like finally! yay :)

Was playing around with it until my energy level literally dropped /:

Haha. I shall end now c: Have sweetnightmares :P



  2. hi! u have a very cute blog! would u like to follow each other? i'll be very happy!)

    1. Sure Lena :) Make sure to follow mine k *wink* :P and btw. can you like this page too? Thanks :)


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