Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Food Review: Brewyard Coffee

Hello! I'm back with another food review today. My sister decided to try out a newly opened restaurant called Brewyard coffee introduced by her Hair stylist. He did mention it was not bad...  but .. continue reading and you'll know.

We went there to have a chatting session with some friends over dinner. Brewyard coffee is located in SS15 , nearby Station 1 Cafe. Their sign board is quite dim and dark so you got to open your eyes real big literally to search during the night lol. My friend  kept going a few rounds around that area because he could not see the sign board. Probably he's just old too. 

The side Sign Board of the restaurant is bright though.. 

Classy cafe style design. This is how the interior look like when you walk in. 

erm.. cakes and desserts bar? 

and a pretty little bulb chandelier .

So, what about the food ? He said it was not bad. Well... honestly it is not bad but taste wise, I think their chef could do better. But then again, they just opened and is still new. Their food might get better as time goes by. They have different menu's during brunch/lunch and dinner. Since we went during dinner hour.. this was what we got. 

I had a plate of smoked Salmon pasta. I liked the smoked salmon but I think the pasta sauce was a little too creamy-ish thick and .. tasteless. Anyway the smoked Salmon was there was a reason. Smoked salmon is salty hence have to eat with the pasta. Oh Btw they had poached egg with it too! 

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Looks really good eh! But disappointingly the poached egg wasn't what I expected ) :  It  feels watery in my mouth, could be because they soaked the poached egg too long in cold water overnight. Taste wasn't there too. 

We also had their peperoni pizza. Their pizza was surprisingly good :) Ingredient are simple but it's delicious! 

We also ordered their smoked salmon pizza. They only serve three kind of pizza for their dinner menu. The other was chicken mushroom. Pizza is a Should Order when you visit. 


This was their signature, Lemon Cheesecake. It is not bad actually. The only thing I did not like was the texture of the cheesecake. Cheesecakes are supposed to be creamy , mushy and soft but this texture is a little like pudding. They overdosed on the gelatin ) :

My friend ordered their pancake with fruit sauce. ( According to the chef him ) He said the fruit they used was wrong. It shouldn't be Nangka/ Jackfruit because of it's strong smell.  Really he studied culinary btw. To me it was okay because I enjoy eating Jackfruit. But then again, isn't strawberry sauce would probably be a better choice? haha 
The pancakes was a little hard too. That part I agree. Pancakes are meant to be really light and fluffy. 

The only drink we ordered was their hot chocolate. If you're up for any Artisan coffee, Brewyard Coffee is not yet a good choice. 

Now you know what I mean? lol 

I think they are currently finding/hiring Barista's. Who knows one day they have really creative and talented Barista's to do Artisan coffee! Anyway, taste wise for this cup of hot chocolate was okay. It's sweet, just like any other hot chocolate you drink at other cafe's. I'm sorry, beverages are just out of my league lol. 

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