Monday, July 16, 2012

Fat-ISH but yummy c:

Don't you too? :3 

If you don't ._. you are really missing out so much in this world /.\

I'm ALWAYS hungryyyy ..

not really to say always hungry, but I crave food a lot even though I'm already full :c 

Hunger cycle! c: 

So, I'm here today to introduce you to food I super super supersupersupersuper love! c: 

IF you everevereverevereverever feel like seeing me go hyperlycrazylymadhappytilltheExtend, show it to me and I'll jump up and down and and and I might steal it from you 83 HAHA 

The Food that makes me go high. here it is * drumrollin *


Just look at the colours.. I might turn into nyan cat eating this c:! 


or maybe I might puke rainbow ._. HAHA NO

nextnextnext! I shall spam pink and Strawberries c: 

Strawberry Pocky! :3 or Rocky? :3 Hahaha

I love that strawberrycream that gives you that sweet yummy flavour when it dissolves into your mouth c: yummm

Hohoho and and .. Don't you know all Strawberry made stuff are yummy?!! :D i mean most of all. HAHA Better than CHOCOLATE! ): :P 

Strawberry ice-cream
Strawberry Panda Biscuit.
Strawberry blah blah blah.. everything strawberrryyy C: LOL ohgawd.. I feel so pink O:

ohohoh! Did you ever saw Stawberry Pocky cakeee??? Its superuberpinkishcuteandadorableeeeeee! :3 

MAKE ME THIS ONE DAY! kthxbye. c: hehe

So cuteeee rite :3 







amazing texture..

melting in your mouth.. 

wahhhhh .. 

and the strawberries... again c:

Wanting some desserts now right? HAHA

OH! and with Maple sugarrrrr :3 


next next next! ~ Chatimeeeee ... Who doesn't fancy chatime? Bahahaa.. 

Me and the strawberry and the pudding. 


I know I'm being too much D:  lol 

I also like the Green Tea Red Bean matcha smoothie actually c: 

Sometimes The strawberry au-lait can be too sweet 3: 

Lol.. I should now stop spamming the poor strawberries but should share about le most favourite Chocolate. The one and only chocolate I die to have. 83 


HAHA. I purposely made the picture Grand and BIG. cheh :P 

but omg. LOOK AT THE GOLD ! O: will go blind soon. 

Why Ferrero Rocher? I super love nuts. LOL sounds wrong but Rearly I Love to eat nuts with chocolate. If you give me pure milk chocolate.. eee.. Hahah 

ohhhh.. Eggtarts! C: the super uber mushy mushy texture ( with not any disgusting feeling) 

yumm yumm yumm :3 

imagine eggtarts with a cute little smile looking at you! c: 

heeeee.. how cute c: 

Ohhhhhh.. and omg! KAYA BALLS... I will never miss this out! c: My childhood food and I still love em.! c: 
so tiny but yummmmyyy hahahhaha... Eat them and they'll die! DIE! O: 

And lastly.. 

Auntie Anne's Cinnamon Pretzel! c: 

I super super super love Cinammon than sugar :D hehe .. it smells sooo goood.. and yeah! of course it taste awesome too :3 heee

omg hungry T^T I hope you'll go hungry too xD yay! 

Byeeeee :3 

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