Monday, June 3, 2013


Dear Dumb Diary, I shouldn't regret . I kind of did regretted, but now I told my self not to. 
So yeah, If you were wondering what I was regretting. My Hair it is. I was so excited on cutting it shorter ( NOT SHORT, the hair stylist made it that short ) because I don't really suit long hair. ): Yeah.  Probably look nice in pictures but It's actually weird /: haha 

So ya, Yesterday went to O Saloon and hair a Rm20 student price cut :) The guy was nice :) But I don't understand why he needs to blow curl my hair to the extreme D: Look at how round and puffy the ends of my hair are! Super bob look O: haha

I kinda miss my long hair already /: No more braids  T^T I ove braids T^T oh well, hair can grow 
* stop feeling depress! * 

I didn't felt sad until someone made me realize that guys prefer long hair. LOL. * wtf right, Why am i sad with this kind of things ?* But ya, for your information, I actually left my hair grow long because of that reason /: Stupid isn't it? But what to do . I have that kind of mind set. LOL 

So anyway, Yesterday my emotions was kind of low. My insecurities was really down too /: In my mind I was like '' omg, nobody gonna like me anymore '' that kind of thing . That's how insecure I am /:

Blerghh, so many people was like WHYYYY... ): I already cut lah. T^T ish.

And yep, I'm gonna just yolo with this length and just hope it'll grow to a perfect length before Prom :3 Hehe. Byee 

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  1. I think your new hair cut looks really cute! I personally think that it suits you! Don't be insecure about it haha! By the way, would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know :)


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