Monday, August 18, 2014

#Review ♥ Freshkon Alluring Eyes Series Lenses ♥

Today I will be doing a review on 2 different Alluring Eyes Series Lenses from Freshkon. When I first started wearing lenses, I find myself more suitable with circle lenses or you could say lenses that makes your eyes looks bigger. Truth is my natural eyes are already big but the eye lens are small so when I look at myself in the mirror, there is so much 'white' which I find it super uglyyyy cannot tahan. So you know, as young teenagers we get influence by pretty Japanese girls in magazines too easily eg Popteen ( omg my favourite ). WE ALL want to have those adorable puppy eyes like them ( Don't you dare Deny ! ) and so that was pretty much how I started wearing them lenses. 

As I was saying, I was pretty much loving circle lenses with big black rings and makes your eyes pop so big like a puppy but to be honest I've seen many girls who failed achieving the puppy eyes. For example, some girls with smaller eyes wears a freaking 16mm Circle Lens (did I mention , circle lenses usually comes in 16mm(!!!) while normal lenses are usually 14mm) , I do not want to know how in the world they could stick the humongous lens onto their eyes and worst of all the end product they'll look like Mickey Mouse ... no offence but it's quite true. 
ps, I'm not applying this to all girls. 

Literally lol.. 

Well at least put on some make up, like a simple eye liner will do a difference with it :) ...

As years goes by I preferred to have a more natural design but still with the big eyes effect. However, lenses with bigger diameters always always always have that outer black ring until this year... I have no idea why did I only discovered this amazing lenses now. Maybe because I  knew I had no $$ to even bother to survey optical shop lenses but okay whatever lol. 

So *drumrolls* Freshkon Alluring Eyes Series

Yes, you've seen it. I will be reviewing the above Winsome Brown and Mystical Black lens today.

Freskon Alluring Eyes Series is designed to help us all archive a bigger and brighter eyes  + additional confidence and brownie points because it will turn out natural and beautiful ! 

The 2nd picture is my bare naked eyes. As you can see, my natural eyes have quite a lot of 'whites' and this lens is just right for me because it is very natural but it enhances the size of your eye lens while making it fuller ! Exactly what I was looking for ! 

Design wise, It is simple and natural + NO BLACK RING :) yay So if you are thinking of getting Barbie Doll eyes, this is not the right one for you. If you are thinking of having coloured eyes but no big eyes effect or with big eyes effect (whichever) this is also Not the right one for you because Alluring Eyes Series only produce lenses with natural colours from brown, black to grey. 

I personally love the Winsome Brown lens because it is not a bold brown yet not too light but it gives me the soft and subtle look for gentle eyes. I really really love it ! It's like you can just charm your crush to get him fall in love with you just by staring at him in the eyes! Okay just joking , don't take this seriously. I was just getting excited.. lol

♥ Perfect lens to go out for a date and get him mesmerized into you ♥ 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

And then , We have the Mystical Black.. the blackest of the black in this Series. lol 

Okay so to be honest, I was hesitating on getting a black lens because black lenses is the Bomb to achieving Mickey's Alien Eyes. NO JOKE . This is why most of my friends who wear circle lenses during high school looks like Mickey because school only allows black lens / or clear .. 

So Anyway I took the challenge because this series memang stated it WILL BE NATURAL. So Challenge Accepted and omg I loved it ! 

It is natural as helllyeahhhh .... : D And I thought I will soon turn into a Mickey Mouse but no. 

But then again, I am not sure about how well it will turn out with other people because all of our eyes are different. Like I mentioned earlier, my eyes have more 'whites' and so this lens balances out everything and since it's also natural it makes it better. 

Mystical Black lens is a bolder black compared to Mesmeric Black. Though I mentioned it is natural but it still gives the adorable fun puppy eyes because it reflects light more than your natural eyes. It makes you have that shiny, watery,  manja , 'want to cling on someone' and the ''Please I want it'' look lol. 

♥ Perfect lens to beg someone to get you that thing you always wanted ♥ 
All you need to do is look them up from a lower position, blink your eyes and say please. hahaha

Compared to Circle Lenses, this lens is softer and thinner which makes it more comfortable to wear and it will not be as dry as the circle lenses. I cannot guarantee it will not feel dry after many many hours because all type of lens no matter how thin they are will still be dry after some time. 

In conclusion, this is a good to go lens for most activities ! 


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  1. haha this helps a lot thanks! Im getting the mystical black and was kinda nervous about it lol, now I feel better cuz it looks so good on u !


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