Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year? Happy?

Happy New Year ! c: 
New Year guys! New year! D: To tell you the truth, I wasn't looking forward so much towards the new year ): Well, obviously there are reasons. . . 

1st- I'm obviously don't feel like I'm ready for my final year ( subjects are tough)
2nd-  SPM! * !#($!#$*!(#$*!#)$!($ * crap D8
3rd - Chemistry
4rd- Add maths
5th- Physics
6th- History
7th- Biologi

So Basically, I'm not looking forward because of final year in School. 
dfjwijahdsfahfaidfjaa * instant madness with the most Ugliest  saddest, unfriendly emo face in the world! T^T *  I wish I could just skip age 17 and jump to age 18 where things are legal and I don't need to go through Final year -.- 

Everyone is like talking about their New Year resolutions, what they want to accomplish and all. Well for me, I pray hard to accomplish my studies well, get all A's for Spm and obviously do well in Everything! ( okay, so it's all about studies, studies , studies ._. ) Seriously, I cannot just live with just books. I really hate reading books with just words #confessionofAuselesslittlegirl. It's really heart pricking how my dad gives me lectures about my studies. Never like them. I have a bad relationship with chemistry. It seems that we both cannot bond. Everytime when my dad lectures me about Chemistry subjects, about how bad I am in them, I'll get stress even hearing the word Chemistry . Of course I take my time to understand chemistry, But It just doesn't work . The more I study chemistry , the more I get my brain fried up and tears roll down my eyes like some waterfall. Even explanation for teachers or even my sister, it just seems useless. wtf man. Why did I even put myself in this kind of situation? Why did I blindly pick Science stream? My life feels over just because of science. My logic in that world sucks shit. So yeah. I don't only need prayers, but I need tutor too. 

But of course I do have other new year resolution :)
1st- Save up money to buy stuff 
I live in a family where my parents don't give me things that I want * snap * just like that. They'll be like : '' buy your stuff with your own money .'' and so, OKAY..... But obviously, I will always dig in reasons to make them buy for me. C8 Will never loose a chance . haha 

2nd- Invest in a new Digital camera. 
My old digital camera.. * okay, let's not talk about it. It's in like *pause* a very bad condition? maybe? HAHA * I give myself till end of 2013, after spm to get one new one c: yay

3rd- New phone ! New phone! c: 
For now, I'm eyeing at that ridiculously beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note II. OMG. Too pretty to be true. Even though the size is humongous , that phone is still amazing. It'll Cost a bomb man ! The wallet pretty much will dissapear into thin air instead of having a hole. Too expensive *shakes head* 

4rd- Will be written as my life goes on c: 

So today is just the 1st day of the year. And I'm pretty sure really sure I feel like my life is ending , everything isn't the way I  hope it is, so much worries, unhappy, won't be enjoyable, scared, @#!$$!#$!@#$# Just unbelievable. 

Oh, before I post, spended New year eve with Amos, Tong,Chun Seng and Amanda too :) But Amanda left after we watch Les Miserables . 

 Look at the Teeth! C: HAHA

So, Happy 2013 again guys, well for you, not really for me /: 

Gonna use my time wisely now. Less online, less blogging. But of course I'll still blog during weekdays and holidays :) 

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