Wednesday, November 27, 2013

High school Acomplished

Officially Graduated from High school.  11 years of school, acomplished. 

Okay, I'm back from my nonexistence for a long time. Spm Ended Today! TODAY.  I tell you an ugly Truth about Spm. When people say Trials are harder, it is. When people say just stay calm during exam, Stay Calm. It is really not that tough  as long you studied, panicked, worry, go crazy, cry, stress, pressure, whatever the normal symptoms are you name it before any important exams. But of course, what is study without praying? Praying is a must. 

My experience with Spm is, write all you can. Vomit your words. Spit them out . I mean it. Well of course it must link to the question and logical. The funny thing is, the 1st- 2nd week of spm is the most pressured one. Getting nervous on the first paper is common. I am not the only one lol. But remember, Keep Calm because knowledge flows if your brain is relax. Even in Add maths lol. On the third week, studying becomes like a daily activity. I meant a daily activity because I never studied everyday, unless it's Pmr or Spm. truth .

Common phrase for every Spm'ers : BURN ALL THE BOOKS.

So, my new year's resolution, year end resolution ; everyone have one. Including me :)
- Get my hair dyed.-
 I am off high school and I will not return anymore until Spm results are out! 
I wanted to go for a light shade of orange-brown with pink ombre but it cannot be done because I have to present myself well during my youth exchange. ( I'll talk about it in a while ) :) 

- Blogging for life - 
I wanted to start on a new blog. lol but i decided not to because it just takes so much time.So I'm just going to redesign this current blog. I'm going start blogging about fashion and lifestyle. So, look forward to it! BE Excited.

- Go Shopping -
I have been deprived from shopping for about 1month+. Well not true, I went online shopping with my sister lol. I couldn't stand not buying, it's too adorable. I need to get my closet restored, again. It never stops lol. 

- Music covers-
 I will continue posting up covers on my Youtube channel. Probably write some songs too. I already wrote some, but kind of embarrass about it lol. Anyway, look forward to it! :) 

- Redesign my room-
This might take some time to be accomplish. Still working on it ;)

 This is not all but I suddenly couldn't think of the rest. lol 

Okay, so speaking of the Youth Exchange i mentioned earlier,  I am going to Japan! 

Which part of Japan? Tokyo! Man I'm so excited. I couldn't sleep thinking about it during the exam periods. lol this was just a part of the reason I couldn't sleep, I was more worried about my
I won't be spending Christmas and New Year here. I shall just celebrate both celebration in the cold, cold Japan. Come to think of it, I have to wrap myself like a polar bear in Japan. Will be shopping for this Japan trip soon and can't wait to board the plane! Orientation for this youth exchange will be on this Saturday and I will get to know my foster parents. So Excited.

Can't wait for the new chapter of life!

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