Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rough skin no more! ( ´ ▽ ` )/

I'll be reviewing about a Sana's product today. It is a really hot selling product this days. I actually went to two shopping malls in Penang ( up north ) just to find this product but it was sold out. D: And then I came back KL and went to about 4 shopping malls and finally found a shop which restocked it ! (^∇^) yay. Really proofs it's a good product eh? haha

Okay. So let's start on the review. 

Of course, get ready your Sana Pore Putty Face powder clear after you are done with your make up base :) 

The compact powder looks really smooth and the Fluffy puff is super soft ! 

''Dap'' the powder on your face. Make sure to smooth-en it evenly . '' Le Fluffy puff is Awesome! super soft man! '' lol 

Tada. It suits my skin tone :) Well, I bet it'll suit everyone's skin tone since this product is made for  every skin tone :) The powder doesn't feel as heavy as my previous product. It's light and ''transparent'', hence it covers up pores! :) If you're looking for a affordable good finishing powder, I would recommend this . Go for it. :) 

And of course, you need to continue with bronzer.

 and also, you don't want to look all pale like some ghost do you? blush on your blusher! haha you need some tone :)

yummy Lip balm yeah! :) I'm using The Body Shop's Born Lippy Rasberry lip balm. 

And also your favourite lipstick colour :) I prefer light pastel colours. So I'm using Maybelline Watershine Pure light pink . 

Epic putting on lipstick face. Haha

Don't forget a little gloss for a perfect kissable lips! :3 *kiss* haha

And yeah, there you go.. A Perfect make up for the day. :) 

So, enjoy your weekend ! :) 

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