Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Comic Fiesta 2012- You see Miku in Kimono :3 !

I was actually having a dilemma of whether to cosplay or not this year. So yeah, in the end I cosplayed  for the first day of Comic Fiesta :)  Couldn't go the 2nd day since I had to go back hometown for Christmas :/ so.. a quick post today ^^


Dennis Brian got a nice shot of me! :) Thanks ^^ 

PRETTY ZERRICK! :3 nice eyes you got ;D

It took me So long to recognize Foo Hsiang D:! hahaha

Cute adorable Dumbo! :3 

The dumbo seriously Cute overload man! :D 
So yeah, it was really a tiring day. Went dinner with Leon, Marcus, Augustine and Jin Yang after that. Got home but got no key to go in the house. Parents and sister not at home too =.= Had to wait in Leon's car. Seriously, I want to just wash up and sleep. Damn tired already D: The next morning have to leave to Penang for Christmas . 

And now, here I am Going crazy with the cousin and his IPAD! :D Christmassss! yay :3 

SO cute lah :)

Merry Christmas guys! :D My cousin brother was like '' stop it with the long  blut hair thinghy lah.=='' LOL xD

sorry, it's too cute for the moment :P 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#Lifefacts - Relationship status = in Friend zone

 I suddenly have this thought of blogging about #facts or stories on the topic of myself, my life or any other facts about girls and such. It wouldn't hurt blogging about facts. It's fun C:

 So lets start, whenever I see an old friend or a newly made friend, they couldn't believe I was single. I mean even though if I'm single now, they couldn't believe that I never had a boyfriend. Ahah. But it's just the truth. 

So whenever I get real down ( probably almost emotional ) because of how my relationship status is , I'll be  saying stuff like, I'm always single because no one likes me as a you know what. ._. I still remember months ago I said this to a friend: '' Nobody ever asked to be his girl because I'm such a kid. I'm just annoying, loud, child-ish, forever just a little girl '' pfft. thinking back about it makes me angry ( kinda). Like a KID? D: ! !#$#^%$#$#! seriously? ): 

But then, growing up being in a friend zone, well.. I'm lucky actually. I learned so much by observing other peoples relationship. I've seen perfect couples and even not so perfect ones. How perfect couples get to last long is because of how mature they are. 

My dear sister said this about me, ''It's hard to get me. '' Hahaha. I liked what she said. really :). I'm not being perasan but I don't just simply fall in love with anyone. Even if you talk to me and say those cheeky cheesy words that would flatter me, I won't exactly fall in love with you straight. But of course, I'm not a mean person who goes like '' Eww, this guy keep saying those stuff, I ain't talking to him no more. '' Obviously I won't. All I can say is, good luck :) It probably look like I'm leading on but No, I treat everyone with the same personality and everything  :)

I remember, once I had fell for someone because he was different. He was a nice guy obviously. Kind of fits in my criteria. .. the story goes on till one point where this phrase became a part of me : ''dude why don't you say something earlier? She probably sees you as a friend by now and even if she did like you back at one point, if you didn't act on it, she probably just gave up and move on . ' You see, I moved on because you didn't act on it. * full story , you shall refer to me :P but that's only if I don't mind sharing it with you *

Well, that period of time was one of my happiest yet sad :) thought so much everyday but now it's over :) I guess going through stuff like this, I learn to think well .

Monday, December 17, 2012

#summarise week - Pink Roses, Red Roses ♥

That moment when I'm jogging and then the rain pours down =,= Seriously?! I lost my stamina ages ago and then you put  me in a situation where I have  to be home in 1 minute before I get soak up in the rain. Well I can do that ages ago but now, well no. I tried my best sprinting home but still got wet anyway. (¬_¬")

So i've still been miserable due to what happened to my blog. Well, thinking about blogging again makes me feel very very down. (-__-) But my childhood friend , Grace  told me to just continue writing the blog because ... well yeah. I forgot what she said but it's very supporting :)

Okay, so let me just summarise my pass few days .

* Photos are from phone, quality is bad ): *

In the morning, baked a pandan layered cake which turns out quite pretty ( not bad isn't it? :D ) but I still have no idea how it taste like yet. haha . It looks like green tea cake instead . Reminds me of Red bean Matcha too! ♥ I miss drinking that in Chatime now. haha

Went to my dad's cousins son wedding dinner at night, which basically is my cousin too. * ps . But I don't know him =.= * lol. But still, yay! It's been a long long time since I went for a wedding dinner :) Love Grand places with Grand food at the city! (♥_♥)  it was fine dining man that night :)) But the whole service dragged until late night ._. haha

Stole roses home that night :D hehe It's still alive in the fridge. hehehe

ootd :)

wedding cake 

Roses C: 

On sunday, I went Grace's church to give her a surprise which went well. haha :D She tear-ed up when She saw me holding the cake walking towards her haha :D Must be really touched eh ;) 
In the evening, had carolling and also gift exchange in church :)) 

Well obviously I got a bag with a Hello Kitty face on it :3 hehe.

Hello Kitty is mine!!
Haha, so yeah.. one of those are mind C: C: Those guys up there somehow went crazy after the Hello Kitty gift too. hahaha. sounds gay kind of :P 

Flower ladies? haha



Youth shot! :D 

so cute isn't it! :3 
Got a little something from my dear friends Kaylee and Justin :))) Thank you ! *hugs*  

OH and one more thing, If you're there at Comic Fiesta day 1, remember to greet me alright ^^

Miku cos test ^^ 

-end -

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My life Turned Miserable in seconds.

Hi. so should I say i did a stupid mistake or I should just blame google?  =,= I deleted some of a lot of the photos I used in my blog post in my Picasa because google said that I don't have enough storage space and  Not knowing that it actually effects the pictures in my blog post, now my blog is !#$%$^#%@$%@ Screwed ! Shhitt ! Don't you know how much I want to Scream!? That amount of frustration of not knowing how to get back those photos, the amount of Anger of being so brainless , the amount of emotion...! 

Years of blogging just got ruin in a few seconds =.= pfft. 

No more memories eh? just written words without pictures =.= seriously, words without pictures are meaningless sometimes. I need photos as memories. =.= Screw you Google. @#$@#!$@ Darn you for saying : '' theres not enough storage space '' or whatever shit that I had to delete old photos to post new ones. 

Seriously, you could have just say this when I am in the process of deleting the photos : '' Deleted photos will affect blogpost pictures .'' Or something like that. As long you tell me, i'll know what will happen, AT LEAST. pfft

My life just turned MISERABLE in seconds due to you ' Mr Google '' . Dang it you.

In a split second I thought of opening a new google account and make a new blog so that I won't have any storage problems, for now... at least for 5 years maybe . Well yeah, I opened a new account , but then I scrolled and went through my blog for the very last time, which I think now it won't be the last time scrolling down my blog page because there's so much memories in there. I don't have the heart to leave this blog. Well I'm pretty sure if you're a blogger you'll get how I feel. Imagine you lost your hard disc which you had it for years already. Yeah, That's exactly how i feel =.= 

Man, I now truly appreciate my blog. My life are written there and now it's  gone! kind of . 

Gonna have to deal with this for quite a while. =_= 


Monday, December 10, 2012

☆彡Aussie- part 2 ♥

 Christmas is around the corner ☆彡! ADFajidfjacmacjaosfjwa! C: i'm feeling it , I'm feeling it, I'm feeling the spirit of Christmas! oh yeah i do. well kind of. haha  

Don't you guys miss me? D: I'll be really sad if you don't because I kinda disappeared in this country for quite a while.Feel so angry not blogging at Aussie but I did not because I was forever lazy.  I'm pretty sure most of you guys do know I went to Australia for about a month for a holiday :)   It was a fun, amazing, happiest holiday of my life actually. I never felt so much fun and so happy before, no worries at all. And the best of all, all the fun times spend was with my cousins. So loved and so happy to have them. My heart actually sank down to the bottom when I had to leave that country ): Will miss the last night we chit chat and just laugh about everything. hahaha

I made up the decision to split the post about this trip into two post since there's a lot to talk about. But the first week was really a week full of adventures and activities. One post will be enough for that week. I'll be posting about the 2nd week and so on before I forget some stuff.

So, after coming back from that rushing one week trip down to Monkey Mia up North Perth, everything finally slow down a little. I mentioned rushing because it kind of was. We reached Perth-> next day drive down to Monkey Mia ( and for your information, it's about 12 hour plus plus drive ) -> packed full of adventures -> drove back Perth on Saturday. And then went to Frementle to buy souvenirs  because half of the family that came to Perth will be flying back Malaysia on the next day. Quite a rush don't you think so? 

My parents stayed for another week. We shopping as much as possible and I tried buying as much as possible too lol. That's cuz I know that I won't be able to buy much when my parents are not around.* they are holding all the money! * :) So smart aren't I? pfft perasan. haha

Gelare Waffles! 

I seriously don't recall how many times we ate waffles there man. Lol. probably almost 10 TIMES. omg so fat. HAHA. There was two desert that kept us craving for eat almost every night which was Waffles and Ice cream! yummy man. They tasted like heaven. hahaha. 

I remember one of the days I was so crazy Photoboothing . HAHA. I kept laughing at it until everyone started laughing. 
 omg i looked so stupid. lmao

Ahahahhahah. Carmille's HEAD! HAHAHA


EPIC huge Eyes! 

AHAHAHHAHA. Captured Chibi Allan ! Bahahhaha

Can't  stop laughing. Hahahaha.

Anywayyyy...So after parents when home. Days gotten more free and easy :) Well I was kind of bored some days because I couldn't join my cousins for some stuff. Which actually made me mad, Blame my age man. How i wish I was 18teen. But the next trip I go, I'll be in legal age. Ohyeah ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Oh,we got to watch Breaking Dawn part 2  ! :) The most epic thing is that me and my sister watched Twilight saga ( which was the first movie of Twilight ) at Aussie 3 years back and this year, we watched the last movie of Twilight at Aussie too. And yeah, with my fellow loved cousins and the same place c: 

Well we all got so excited watching True Blood too. Finished season 3 together! Haha. It was damn fun talking about it all the time. Tara: ''You don't have to tell me twice! '' HAHAHA. We kept laughing at that all the time. 

So.. Carmille was like saying she wants to go sun tanning since summer just arrived. And so we did. Summer wasn't as hot as the last trip i came thought. c:  I was so happy that I was getting back my light skin colour again. But then I was like,'' Shoot'' I'm gonna get dark again when she said that. haha. It was fun going out with the cousins \(^▽^*)  + the boyf  (*^▽^)/ + and outsider -.- haha

running.. running..


Proof i was sun tanning ~

Happy couple! :) 

Rachel too happy! lol


Shhooot! Bromance. ( such an outsider pfft. Haha :P ) 

^ saw that guy over there? Weird isn't he ._. lololol EPIC

Pretty cousin sisters ☆彡

♥ sexy babes :)

AHAHAHAHA. SO Funny! Fail Bboy man~! Fail! ~ 

Ate Healthy burgers after sun tanning! 

AHH. I miss this ! Super deliciouslyyummyappertizingheavenlyjuicydangbig Burgers! 


crazy guy. lol

Group picture take #1 ! 

Group picture take #2!

Group picture take #3!

Group picture take #4! 

and yep, we ended our fun day with burgers :) 

We actually planned Rachel's 21st birthday long long time ago but it kind of fail because she was also planning for her self . haha. But she was still happy! :) We actually made Kara and Kenneth( if I'm not mistaken ) to reject her birthday invitation. haha. Well, of course she was sad since they were her good friends :) We almost made her boyfriend reject too, but it didn't work. haha

spam Pictures ! :

HAHA. Rachels epic face >.<

this... kinda remind me of Edward Cullen. Lol

Weird guy photobooming! D: spoilerrr ):

there was a epic comment on this photo about our height on facebook. LOl
'' Mandy Suraj 159, 160, 152, 149 '' 

HAHAHAHA . seriouslyyyyyy.. LOL

Poonster's Friends! C: 

HAHAHA so cute 

Kenneth ^

That guy's name is Mandy C: yep Mandy. Haha

Thats kara on the right :)


and pasta for dinner c: 

Charlottee Poon! C: 

And so after dinner, we surprised Rachel with cupcakes. Lol . Which failed again ._. she already knew we made them . * why we keep failing? HAHA *

Group picture take #1 ! 

Group picture take #2 ! 

Group picture take #3 ! 

Group picture take #4 ! 

Group picture take #5 ! 

Group picture take #6 ! 

Too much diabetes! ♥ 


Went Timezone with James and took unbelievable numbers of pictures ._. lol 
and then went  Karaoke-ing after that. Drank and actually went Tipsy. Ahahaha -.- omg

So it was a lot of fun. Really miss my cousins so much now. I even miss Aussie. ): Such a bittersweet feeling /:

Walked down the plane and the weather in Malaysia is =.=  horrible. kept sweating man.. lol 

One more thing, a little boy was born today C: * screams! * So mad happy! :) (^▽^*) ♥ Can't wait to go Penang to see my cute little nephew , Jun Hern! :3  * realized how much I like cute little kids *

And i shall end this post with - 

summer memories :) 

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