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JAPAN: Tokyo #2- DisneySea, Chiba, Tokyo.

I know in my previous blog post, I said I will blog about Akita and snow. But come to think of it , I should drag on the Tokyo mood instead of potong steam-ing halfway (!!!) I went around Tokyo again for the second time on 4th of January this year. :D and I thought I would never walk on Tokyo streets ever again ( the saddest face ) .

After I reached Tokyo station in Ueno, checked into ChiSun hotel, we went straight ahead to the Skytree.

The very mighty ,tall Skytree. right infront of my eyes :D Sorry but that's not my view of the Skytree. This is ..

It doesn't look that pretty during the day. blehh.. It looks more classy during the night but you see...

This is such a horrible shot ): oh well. The only picture which wasn't that blur. My photographer was shaking a little too much. ):

Had some Bites before we went up. Hugryyy peopleeee Likeee meee needs tooo EAT.

Got the tickets ready and Up we go to to the 350m floor!

The Sun was setting!!! SO THE VIEW OF MAGNIFICENT omg. It is so, SO SO Pretty. Earth Illumination all the way lol.

My eyes, seriously. I really like how the colour blends in the clouds. and the '' pika pika'' lights.

This picture, taken with the digital camera. * Self enhancement * self contrast * lol It's so bright. But it brings out the colours (!!)

We even head higher up to 450m . The view was great. I admit I really liked the lift . lol

The view on top of the lift is so cool lol.

'' mabishi (!) ''

Okay, got down the skytree, which took us about 30minutes. It was so crowded. We took the train to Harajuku and shop around Takeshita Dori (again ). But I need to shop (! ) pity me okay?  There's only Aeon shopping malls in Akita ))): lol

Harajuku Illumination. It got quite cold during the night. I was literally shivering  /:

Okay, So here comes the next day. The most awaited day when I reached Tokyo! Well not really the most, I wanted to go Harajuku to shop very badly too . ( Truth )' To DisneySea!

yay yay yay

Selfies before leaving the hotel. My room mate ;D

Disney's electric train. So cute! Find the Hidden Mickey! Ok maybe not, its not hidden lol.

 A little sneak peak of a view of DisneySea.

A greeting from the disney characters! Really cute ! They kept jumping and waving and Dancing. too cute. lol

Met Pinochio's creator! 

And met Pinochio! This are the only mascots I met on that day ):

Can you find the Hidden Mickey? 

where is it? 

And here's a clear one :)

Another good view with me being a ' Japanese '. lol

And I've seen this in Sunway Lagoon before. I'm not sure if it's the same. It;s brown too. (!!) ( obviously lolol)

Cute red Trains...

Sat the on the ''Genie '' Go round practically it's the same as Mary go round. lol I changed the name. 

And A selfie with him.

From my opinion, I liked Ariel's castle the most. Maybe because I have always liked Little Mermaid. But the decorations and designs for Under the Sea is amazingggggg (!) 

 It's really boost out my imagination and omg the colours, so pretty. Literally you feel like you're in the aquarium.

Ariel's castle. I watched the Little Mermaid's theatre but am not allowed to take pictures or videos. So sadly I did not get any photos. The play was amazing. Too magical ! The props used are really creative.

wee...! omg look at me, I'm either like a tourist with so many bags and stuff or either a Japanese kid being very disney lol

We added a little more disney-ish to ourselves. Popcorn bucket! Isn't it creatively cute?! Hahaha. But the truth , the popcorns wasn't that nice. There wasn't much Caramel  and wasn't spread evenly. But anyway, Minnie's bow bucket is good!

Got our selves Churro's! It's my first time trying it. Too cuteeee! But taste so

Minnie mouse Churro, Strawberry flavour.
I couldn't really taste the Strawberry ) ) ) :

Mickey shape! So cute to the maximummmm * cries * (!!!)

Head on to a roller coaster ride. No pictures are allowed inside so, oh well. and yes, my heart flew when the roller coaster free falls down. lol. Blame the monster's/ dinosaurs for scaring me too. This doubled up my heart rate.

Saw this Cute Donald Duck hat and I WANT IT (@#!$#!!) IT's SO CUTE overload. Huge head , small body. what?! i need it for my head !

Don't we look ten years younger? or maybe 5 at least? hahah

'' sashi sashi '' 

Hello Alladin's place :) I did so much ''peace '' sign's in most if my photos in Japan. Turning Japanese omg.

And so, the day ends darker. Disney itself is kind of like an island. It have everything there from hotels to food to ... . The fun part is, it's all base on Disney characters! :) 

 '' Bye Disneyyyyy ): I'm leaving Japan tomorrow T________T nooo.''

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