Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Here comes my Winter Holiday

           Finally, the time has arrived. After all the back to back events, my true holiday is finally here! I have been so busy after Spm. Stressful and tiring at the same time. Well, it isn't the same kind of busy or stress like the one during examination lol. It's just, too much events and activities back to back for two weeks! 

Helping out in Vacation Bible School once a year is already tiring but helping out twice can really drain out your energy. Imagine children as young as 4 years old concentrating on what a teacher is speaking. It's quite impossible isn't it. Their attention lifespan is like what? 1 minute?! But not all kids are these young.The kids are really adorable no matter what age are they. It's really amazing how they can actually enjoy something i thought it was kind of lame. But children are childrens, their mind are clean and innocent. That is one good point about being a young child. 

One of the prizes the children can win at the end of VBS. A BABY TARANTULA . omg.

And A Venus Flytrap.

Interesting isn't it? lol

So yesterday, I started feeling so excited about my trip to Japan! It's not like I was never excited. Just the fact that I will not be staying in Tokyo / or near Tokyo made me a little disappointed. My host family stays up North in Akita. I have to travel another 4-6 hours to Akita after I reached the airport in Narita. But the reason why I was happy because I will have to go Tokyo from Narita to catch a bullet train to Akita. Conclusion , I will be stopping by Tokyo at least! It will be nice if my host family could bring me around Tokyo for a few days. But I felt like it was quite impossible as the travelling cost is expensive and the distance from Akita is quite far. Further than Kuala Lumpur to Penang. 

Akita is a prefecture of Japan located in the Tōhoku region of northern Honshu, the main island of Japan. I read that people in Akita dominates traditional industries. Akita is also famous for rice farming and sake. This probably means that there will be plenty of sake to drink during winter lol. Onsen are also famous there. It makes me nervous thinking about hot spring in Japan lol. Err, naked in Public bath outside?  omg 

My own name card lol. The truth is, I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am nervous about the cold weather but I am more nervous about communicating with my host family. Both of my host families cannot speak English and I am not good in Japanese either. Even though I know some words,  it isn't enough to communicate well . I exchanged about Rm 1000 for 30000 Yen. Man, this hurt my wallet . Rm 1000 felt so much when the 30 000 Yen was only 3 pieces of 10000 Yen. lol. It felt so little. lol 

Packing clothings for a winter holiday can be quite a pain. My luggage gets loaded with things fast because the clothings are so thick and huge. I even brought Malaysian traditional snacks over for my host family. Also bought some souvenirs and brought Bak Ku Teh spices so that I can cook for them :)  

Three weeks oversea, I am going to miss Malaysian food. The first thing I'll eat when I get back next year is definitely Roti Canai lol.  I had Lao Sao Pao before I left. I'm going to miss the flowy egg yoke custard inside it. Hopefully I'll get to eat something better than all this in Japan. :D Can't wait for a good ramen! 

Btw, Merry Christmas! I know it's early but I will not be blogging till next year. Follow me in instargram to follow my updates ! :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Food Haul #1 Good Reasonable Food you cannot miss

Good non Traditional Malaysian food you cannot miss. 

Food from Chillies, Italianese, Rakuzen, Dao Rae, you name it all the classy western, Japanese. Korean restaurants are always so Expensive and the price are never reasonable for students like me. I will have to probably starve for the next three days if i ate those expensive food, but good ,two days in a row. 

This, is the best cold noodles I ever ate. omg It's vinegar base. So if you love vinegar, like me, it's really good. Even if you don't , you have to try it lol. 

Noodles are so chewable. The taste is Heaven. Okay let's imagine you bite the noodles and you flew to Heaven straight. That's right. It's that good. It only cost Rm14. Quite reasonable for a good quality Ramen!
The truth is everything on the menu is good. They are so many choices but just randomly pick one and you'll go Heaven. lol 

This stall is located in Shah Alam, Jalan Sekincan. It's nearby engineering factories because the owner of the restaurant target Japanese workers from those factories. The chef of this restaurant have cooked Ramen in Japan for years and now he started his own business in Malaysia.  

This, is a Volcano from Burger Factory. 

Well that doesn't look like a volcano but that is it's name for this Big Fat Burger lol. I have never tried this burger place until just recently when a friend of mine brought me there. This burger cost about RM17. I mean, not bad for a good quality burger! It taste better and healthier than Carl's Junior even when their price range are about the same.  It's concept is about the same as Big Hug Burger, in SS15. Both places are good! 

The patty inside is not as oily as the patty in Big Hug Burger. But omgosh, the egg in the burger is good. It seriously look like any normal fried egg but It's rare to see a burger with such fine beautifully fried sunny egg! and the egg yolk flows too. Double plus for that. 

The Burger Factory is located in Kota Kemuning. Another branch is opening another in SS15 Subang Jaya this Thursday. So if you live in Subang area, you can go ahead and try it there. I seriously think that there's too many choices of Burger restaurant's in Subang, especially SS15 from Crayon Burger to Big Hug Burger, and now to Burger Factory. I bet there are more. The selection of food in Subang is wide. 

If you are going for iced dessert, Shaved ice is the best choice. 

This is black Sesame ice from Snowflake. Cost is about RM7.  Snowflake sells a wide range of shaved ice with great toppings. This cannot be miss. The taste is really good.

Ocha series. If you are a matcha lover, this is good :) But one thing I don't like about Snowflake is that they don't allow us to pick our own topping. I hate eating pearls and the chewy taro thing isn't quite fresh ( sometimes ). But overall , taste for ice dessert is good!

Next, this is not exactly Malaysian food but omg. It's the best snack i ever ate.

 Yes it's pop corn. Better than the caramel popcorns you ate in the cinema. It, taste like cheezels but BETTER.

It's a USA brand and it cost 1.30$ which is like RM 3.60 for a Huge pack of Snack?! what? It's like a party pack of Mamee. This is worthy! Sadly my sister got this at that price in Cambodia. lol. If you found it here in any stalls like Cold Storage, probably cost more than RM10.

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