Sunday, July 15, 2012

A very pack-ful Saturday! c:

 Hi! You are now reading a very Happy Post about this cutelittlerandomcrazygirl :3 HAHA cheh.perasan :P

The Sun is super Bright! O:
It's super late now, but No, I'm not Sleepy but hungry! :C Just drank Milk c: to keep le tummy full c: yay

IfeellikeaBabydrinkingthis :3 heee
Was really busy at work this morning O: Why? Because the kids was like
 '' teach me how to do origami pikachu! Teach mee?! after this then how? after that? after that?! O: ''

Imagine more than 5 students asking you the same thing at the same time ._. OH wow.. Headache! 3: haha. I had to repeat this sentence the whole time '' Ohkay!.. Ohkayyy... I'll teach you the next step to fold, Wait for your Friends first! :( '' 

lol.. cute little kids C: Weren't studying D: How lazy of them :P bahaha

After work , I went down KL with mom and dad without sis. c: Well, yeah.. I skipped Youth and I feel guilty, really, I have to! D: I'msoSorryGod please forgive me :C

But so, I bought My  almost alike Converrrseeee!!!! :3 yayayayyayayay! And it's not only a pair but T.W.O! imasoamadhappylittlegirl. heeee c: 

''Welcome! you fancysmexy shoes into my dress up life c: ''

Red Star Converse
Floral Print Converse
 Look at how Pretty they are :3 ! Haha. I super love them max. 

I actually wanted to get a plain hot pink converse. But after trying it on, nah, it doesn't really looks that nice on me :c ohwell.. bye pink. I guess I have to let you go this time ):
I was also just planning to buy a pair, which was the red one but 
one pair cost RM 39.90 when two pairs cost RM60 ( promotion) 
So dad was like, but two can save RM20! So go get another one! :D 

( i know i'm getting high xD) 

Really love the designs! c:

Photo spam the shoes noww :D haha

Girls, You better JELLY :P

Jelly now... Jelllyy!!

Hahaha. Okay la.. I was just joking. Don't need to jelly :P but if you one too, Go ahead c;

Dad bought Beats Monster Today! Even though it's not original, but the sound still can't beat other headphones/earphones sound systems sia... (Y) LOVE the sound c: 

Walked at 3 shopping malls today c: 
♥ Times Square 
♥ Low Yat 
♥ Sungai Wang

Shuper happy c: !

There's really so much events, activities, and stuff happening today ._. Mtv world stage, Bon O dori, Youth, meet up with Friends for dinner ( but I Fong fei keid  O: ) 

How I wish I had the ticket to MTV world stage! :c I heard so many people saying about Justin Bieber being so hot and all the good stuff. LOL . I'm not a fan but I really want to see his hotness on stage. LOLOLOLOL . * bangs wall, what la me* 

But anyway... I'm so Sorryyyy! To all those who asked me out and also to Bon O dori. ): So sorry a thousand times! :c I'll definitely make it to the next event you guys ajak kayy C:  

We went and eat supper at Jalan Laut, near Petaling Street with Mom's sister and Justin later on. We had those Hokkien noodles and those char char stuff c: and and and Don't You know KL chinese food are always yummy?! c: HAHA

Reached home after 12 am O: I know it's late and I'm still on the laptop blogging c:  but I'm proud about it xD 

Lolm I should really go and sleep now before mom wakes up and start scolding me :/ 

and Oh! This is for those who I had fong fei kei-d, or made you sad for some reason :c 



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