Friday, October 19, 2012

(╯_╰) tired.

I'm SO tired to the extend my body feels like floating in the air! 

I've been sleeping late and waking up as early about 4.30a.m to study for the past 5 days. I'm thinking my body probably having symptoms of breaking down
⊂( ̄(エ) ̄)⊃

This post today might gonna sound crappy because my my body today isn't working well. lol 

I often sleep late but don't usually wake up as early as that ._. Well, I have to do so because I'm having exams! And this is also why I didn't update my blog for some time ): I don't understand why my exams are like four weeks!  It's taking too long! I still have another two more weeks -,-  How I wish it was over already. * urgh * 

I cannot imagine my self going through the Chemistry, Physics and History paper. I always get that trembling feeling a few minutes before exam starts and also during exam (╯︵╰,) Well, even though tips were given but I still have fear of those papers! D8 

My worst paper should probably be today. -,- I can't even think right. Lol wait, That's not the right word. Maybe that's because I can't even remember what I even did during Maths paper ._. Ohgawd, why did my brain had to get so tired. It's Super Frustrating and annoying and stressful ! o(>< )o

And well, that's not the only thing that made my '' hormones'' Change. *LOL, hormones -.- * haha .. 
Some stuff happened so yeah . end story. :) HAHA. 

Oh and by the way

How'd you like my new hair? (=^-ω-^=)

I Dyed It ! (≧▼≦;) Hehehehehe







Well, I lied (¬_¬)ノ

But I'm still innocent! heeee :3 

ehem. It's just a wig. hahaha :P 

This belongs to Ayati, but she allowed me to bring it over to Australia this coming holiday! :3 yay! Purple hair over there :P hehehe . Can't wait! :) 

'' Hi, I'm Single and you can have me ;) '' HAHA

Something I stole from someone desperate . HAHA :P But I gave it back just today ): 

It's kind of funny how some of my friends was quite surprise that I wasn't ''taken'' * if you get what I mean * well yeah, because NOBODEH want someone smelly like me ): * Lololol * (*´∀`*) (╯_╰) 


... change topic!

I so badly want to own an Instax camera. Especially the Hello Kitty one ! * urgghhh *

It's SO CUTE! ): 

Someone is selling me this for Rm 470 ._. including the two extra stuff at the side. Though that guy that is selling it to me said that it's cheap already, I still find it really expensive. Ish. 

I seriously want to get this before I leave to Australia. ): Want to capture some important memories with some people here before I leave for four weeks and also bring it over Aussie to capture memories toooo . ): 

Or at least if my parent's don't want to get me this, Get me The plain white 7s. ): 

I already told my mom I'll pay half the price D: 

Okay. So I have no idea what to crap about here anymore except for Studies and exam -,- hmmm 

I shall end with two things, maybe 3  : 

* you can totally ignore the background * The quote was the on that speaked to me. lol 

and this 

That moment when I need a real hug but no one is there for me to hug (╯_╰)  even my bears are soo tiny ._. they might die if i hugged them  T^T

Begin again- the lyrics speaked to me too . haha 

sayonaraa---- (╯_╰) 


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  2. you finally got yourself an instax, and now you're not really satisfied because you got a white one? well that's a bit sad isn't it?


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