Tuesday, September 25, 2012

15 going on 16teen

*Wipes Sweat* I have no idea what I have been busy doing lately. Finals are just around the corner. Oh wait. It's next Friday and I'm not prepared . So as EVERYONE ٩(×̯×)۶And My dad is like a monster everyday Chasing meeeeeee about studies! (✖╭╮✖) haha

Just as the title says. I'm 16 ! c: finally . Looking older and older every single day. Maybe due to sleeping late too. I should learn to sleep earlier now ╮(─▽─)╭ Bad for skin. That's why all the smelly acne start popping out on the face. Ish . Don't you know how much I hate you acne?! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

So on the 19th of September. I stayed back after to school with some of my friends, about 13 of us to go to Subang Parade to grab lunch and also a lunch celebration for my birthday. yay (´∀`) We had Kenny Rodgers for lunch and omg.. yummy vanilla muffin! Who doesn't Love it :D I can crave for it everyday until I grow white strands of hair on my head. 83 Had fun with all of them ! :D Thank you guys to spend your lunch time with me :3 hehe *HUGS* If any of you felt out of place, or bored.. I'm so sorry I didn't do a good job spending time with you T^T 

I also received 2 presents on that day! :D 

yay yay yay yay yayyyy HAHA. 

Varsity Jacket from Amanda, Kaylee, Shern, Tong, Amos, Foong Ping and Chun Seng. c:

And a handmade Hellokitty card made by Kaylee! :D 

You have no idea how madhappy and crazy I went when I saw the card. HAHA 

I probably die because of happiness if I see 1 billion Hello Kitty's right in front of my eyes. * Dream land appears* lol

The wishes on the cards :3 

The one that made me laugh was the ' Tank ' Wish. LOL. 

Amoshii.. You wish me ' Tank'? LOL. okay.jpg

Aww... *hugs* shern! :3 (/。\)  loveee youu :D and Yes BFF forever :3 hehe

Haha. Best friend in the whole wideee world! :3 LOL c: xoxo

 Haha. Yes Amanda. I know what's inside :P <3 p="p" xoxo="xoxo">

I LOVE YOU TOO FOONG PING! From the Bottom CORE of my deep deep heart ahh! :3 

VERY NAISE wish Tuna =^= hmmmpphh.. * doubletriplexxpunch!* 

LOl. I didn't even realize this tiny signature existed until I reached home. HAHA , Why you no write wish and name? Chun sengggg 3: sad you. Lol

Thursday was just normal as in any other days C:

I slept about 40 minutes before 12 am till Friday because I was kind of tired. And then my phone rang all of the sudden and got a call from Shern right at 12 am :) She wished me happy birthday and was so happy to be the first one to call me and wished me on the day! Haha xoxo . I was happy too :3 but I went back to sleep anyway. Lol. So lazy to check the facebook wishes for that night :P I just check them the next morning

On Friday the 21st, I was really emo when mom did not wish me Happy birthday when she saw me early in the morning when I woke up /: When I left school, she didn't wish me too. That seriously made me so down to the extend it affected me almost the whole morning ._. I hate it when parents tend to forget their children birthday. It's really sad you know. I know how you feel now Grace, the unwanted feeling. Haha. But gosh, i teared in class thinking about this ._.

But then Kaylee was the first one to wish me in the morning :) hehe ♥ 
But Chun Seng and Richard was so damn cruel. ISH YOU GUYS. T^T ! I will pretend to forget your birthday. hmph. LOL .. jk la. :P but seriously. So mean. And only you know what is it. I don't want to write it down here. because it's mean! haha cheh.

But oh well, I seriously think that the day of my birthday is always super sad every year in the morning. I mean it literally . Haha . I should just skip school every 21st of September . LOL

Anyway, My day that day was normal just as any other days :) haha * kind of sad to say * lol. I was kind of expecting something because of how Kaylee acted. But after that nothing happen so I just kind of forget it. Lol .

Then when it was time to go home , I was like telling Kaylee, Auntie is here, lets go home. Lol . And then in the car, Kaylee told me everything that was been planning. Lolol.

This was what happened. Tong Chun was suppose to make me Pudding -,- But he failed , the pudding collapse T^T * he says * lol.  And also, Kaylee was discussing with Amos and Amanda about getting me a cake but in the end Kaylee and Amanda couldn't go buy and Amos didn't read the text message. Haha. Kaylee didn't bother calling or texting Tong because he doesn't read , reply or receive or whatever to get in touch with him . But so anyway, the next day, Amanda told Kaylee that Tong bought me a cake because he failed making the pudding. (¬_¬) Ha. Ha. * fail pudding! * LOL

And so, because he bought the cake, they wanted to celebrate it during recess time but Tong forgot to bring the cake down. ಠ_ಠ lol. So they decided to do it later after school. But then after school, Everyone have no idea where is Tong because he is not at the canteen ._. or maybe I just walked to fast ? haha. and it was time to go home? ._. lol. So ya, he was late and I went home :) yay no ): sad. haha

And so I chat with Tong in the noon and he say if I'm going to school tomorrow he can pass my gift :)  it was a Saturday though but I still went anyway. :)

During the night, me and family went home life as usual at Joseph place. :)

And this was something my youth and church member did for me :3

Well, since I'm lazy to write everything down, I stole the description from Pastor Joshua's album for the surprise : P
Surprise birthday celebration for Charmaine! It was very exciting and nice planning this secretly behind her back and all the sneaky ideas that came out haha...
We planned that she will be sitting with her back facing the kitchen so that she wont see the cake being prepared in the kitchen haha... Purposely picked her to pray the last prayer item and closing prayer for Homelife so that we have time to prepare and surpise her when she finished praying with an amen.
Also we have an ambush team waiting outside the house to surprise her just before the cake comes out and we all sing her a birthday song! haha... God bless you and may the love of God and one another abounds in our church :)

Yeah, so that was the plan :) 

My cake! :) Pastor Joshua picked :3 yay. He said, he really learned a lot buying a cake for me. HAHAHA. He knows what flavours I dislike now. lol :P 


Cut cake :D

Those who were there :) 

Presents ahh! :)  

Jordan's face are all written, Why Hello Kitty,,.. WHYYY..

HAHA, anyway u owe me cheesetart Jordan! THANKKIU :3 *hugs * I'll wait for it :P  LOL

Those that waited so long outside to surprise me. Lol . and they were complaining there was cat poop and it stinks outside, haha


So it indeed was a fun night! :3 hehe . But before we reach home, my dad suddenly got angry and was talking about studies, again. -,- o k a y.jpg. urh. seriously.

I received a lot of pink stuff this year! :3 happyyyyy hehe :3

Bouquet handmade by Kaylee :) 

Card :)

Pink and Hello Kityy! :3

Also a card handmade by Kaylee! :3 lovee

Mug from Shern! and super cute Button pin from Pastor Joshua! :3

and OMG. FERRERO ROCHER from MY LOVE, Foong Ping! It's really Satisfaction Guaranteed! HAHA . You make me fat! T^T evil. hahaha

On saturday, 
 TUNA CAN  ( referring as Tong Chun ) *pulling my hair OUT * FFK again!  as usual. he's favourite thing to do.  lol. =.= He didn't come. ish . anyway I take it as a day that I spend time listening to Pn Chang Add maths, spending time with the girls and smelling the smelly bokashi. eww. Lol

And the reason he messaged me was because he got flu that night before and couldn't breathe ._. ha ha .
At least you can text me or message me on facebook kan? D: T^T sob He owes me uncountable things ): hmph :<

On monday, I never ever heard people loosing cakes in my whole life._. But somehow Tong did. LOloolol. I cannot imagine but it's quite hilarious how he lost two cakes and crushed ( destroyed)  one cake.  and ya. Three cakes flew away just like that. hahahhaha. epic.

1st cake- got destroyed on Friday while he was riding home from school with Amos on the bicycle ._.

2nd cake- left it in His dad's restaurant on Saturday

3rd cake- pass it to the mom but the mom left it somewhere in the shopping mall and realized it when they got home.

Very interesting way of loosing a cake isn't it? LOL . I still really don't get it how could someone lose cakes?! HAHAHHA . omg .

But anyway, I got something else instead from Tong. Sui kee shared with him though :)

SO CUTE! :3 HAHA. he made me Chibi Erio card! :DDD

Erio look super super super super adorableeeee.. i likeeee.. hahahha :3 Cutest birthday card Ah. How can she look cuter than HelloKitty?! lol Cute overloaddddd... lol

This two stuff must really cost a lot with the cost of the three cakes he bought . LOL.

Anyway one more. Grace gave my present in a really cute way. Haha.
On Monday, yesterday, she was like, did you check your mail box ? Then I was like no, why? Then she was like saying.. owhh.. nothing laaaa.. hehe. I suspected something so I straight away checked my mail box and I found a brown package :3 And it was from her. hahaha

She walked with Sukkie to  put it into my letter box on Sunday. But I didn't check the mail box because usually there are no letters send on Sundays. haha :P

She packed it so nicely ! :D and it was really cute too :) Thank you for the creativeness you put into it  :D I love it! She, Eunice and Sue Qing gave me the thing which I kept on complaining to her that mine already dried up. lololol. Kjinco liquid eyeliner. I wonder why is it name eyeliner injection O.O anywayyy I LOVE YOU . haha :3 thank you again :3

I want to thank everyone that made my 1st day of 16 years awesome. :) Thank you for the gifts too :D

Urgh.. better stop here . If not I will not be able to study. T^T Finals in about two more weeks! arghhhhhh.. I have to study.. really have to. cannot procrastinate anymoree.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

。・ェ・。 Tanjoubi Omedetou ! C:

I JUST Remembered!  . I should blog about this since it was actually a promise. /: 

But I'm so sleeepyyyy it's already almost 3 am T T . Ish. oh well. It'll be short post then D:  If i blog it later . Then it's a bit too late I guess D: 

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tong Chun. YAY. * applause* I don't actually blog about other people. But you see la. Promised to promote you on le blog so thought this was a good topic to start with. 

So ya, Everyone!! I Found Tong's Cutest picture. LOL . 

you: It's not him! 
me: It is'' HIM'' La. It's in his profile picture! 
you: NO! It's a Girl!
me: But but but because.. she look  exactly like T.C too 3: and and I thought it was more cuter to put this face here than his T^T 

HAHAHAHA cheh :P jk jk  ( just joking la k ) D: 

and soooo... This blog post will continue next time or maybe not. 
>.< My brain don't let me think of what to write anymore since it's already so late. It's not functioning well Hahahha . 


Thank you for wasting that one minute of your time to read this. Lololol D: 

good night X: 

Am I fated this way?

Seriously. I don't understand why my days gets horrible whenever my birthday is near every year - _-neither with family, or friends or studies.. It's always either one of them or two of them or even three of them -,- My life during Septembers are tough as Gold. ( Gold! why you so tough? )  


I probably am a horrible person. That's why this happened ? 

Everything seems to be in bad shape now. Why must everything go so wrong. Why did my mom mentioned things at the wrong time. It is So not the first time . Plus.. Why daddy why.. why must you be in a bad mood. Why your work made you in bad shape that Almost every single day you came home.. you'll get so annoyed with even those little little things and then starts getting angry and saying It's shit and it's rubbish. ( Ya well,.. something like that ) 

It brings down my mood too you know. 

And now. Don't you know how much I'm trying to avoid conversation with my own dad -.- How could I?! But I did so anyway. I know my result was not as what you wanted. Well, I'm so sorry for that result Truly. I will definitely do my best now alright. Your lectures are always scary. But now I try avoiding alone time with my own dad because with his moody and maybe plus stress out after work time and then plus wanting to lecture me about my future and all.. Many very painful and horrid sentences can spill out of his mouth. 

I am now taking my '' doing my Biology folio time '' to just write this down here. I am doing it as fast as possible so that I won't need to waste so much time. But I was just bugging my sister and telling her how worried I was that if Daddy comes up stairs and see me sitting infront of the laptop. He would probably get dissapointed at me again, And probably thinks that I facebook facebook facebook and facebook. He's been thinking that I stayed up till 2-3 am just by facebooking and facebooking. Oh please. Facebooking the whole time Is No life man, I could be editing photos or even blogging. Which I have no idea if he still knows I blog. And I hope he does not know I still do. I hope * cross fingers * 

I've got the lectures since Friday. And my dad really Got so Angry and Dissapointed at me. Until he seriously Shoot me through by saying No more birthday party! * With his Red, Loudness and the Heat from Anger * 

I was hoping * cross fingers * that he would change his mind throughout this week at least. But he's still giving lectures, Every . Single . Day . * so about to cry *  (╯︵╰,)

Talked with Pastor Joshua on Monday night privately with my sister. He was giving me an opinion about changing my birthday party date. And then so, my sister was like smilling and all because she knows that my party probably won't make it because of my condition with my dad now. I told Pastor Joshua about it and I don't know why tears started rolling down my eyes. -,- * suck it up Charmaine! URGH * lol . But anyway, he asked if 29 September will be a good day to have the party if my dad suddenly changed his mind. And you know, I Don't Understand Why So many people are so positive that my dad will change his mind and let me proceed this party thing Because I Don't. I'm So freggin Negative. -shucks myself - 

And then just yesterday, I was thinking about 29 September and realised that I am not free for almost a day on that day. I texted Pastor and told him I'm not free. But I guess he couldn't remember that he wanted the party to be that day. So he just texted me back with a different kind of not related answer. Lol  . Oh well. It's okay then. So I guess.. Party Cancel? 

Hey Guys , I am so worried about cancelling the party . I kept on thinking about how awful am I to invite you guys and suddenly just cancel it just like that. I am so truly Sorry from the bottom, core of my heart. I feel very very pai seh. I'll tell you guys that the party will be cancel asap okay :) ( I have to make ready my heart to receive comments which would make me feel down, probably , and dissapointed because of what happened ) D: 

If you read this blog post until the end. Then you'll know it now that I'll cancel that party ( If you are invited :) 

And to some of you , I told you guys the whole story about this '' Drama '' that happened with my dad . and maybe my mom. She seriously add salt and pepper? I think. -,- Say things at the wrong time. Ish. That's not nice. 

And my mom, omg, seriously, today. -,- URghhhhhhhhhhhh ! * knocks head On Wallllll * BANG Bang Bang! * -,-  We went to Kaylee's house for a while to collect the mooncake from Kaylee's mom. And then Kaylee's mom mentioned about this coming Friday homelife/ homecell/ cellgroup whatever you call it will be at Justin's house. My mom was quite surprise since no one told her yet. And also because Justin's mom opened her house for HomeCell.  So then , she suddenly thought about the 21st of September ( which my birthday is on that day ) and was like telling Kaylee's mom that maybe she would want to open our house for homelife too since she already tooked leave which was actually for my birthday. And you know, when she said that to Kaylee's mom, she was like giving me that very sarcastic smile, pointing at me. =.= Seriously Mom, Why do you need to do that. It Kind of hurt my feeling you know. If you do not know , now you know. 


Hopefully. as soon as possible. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Church camp ! C:

Finally I'm back updating the blog ┏(^3^)┛after soooo longgg i knoww

Mi ya ne !  (╯︵╰,)

Hehe. I am now very busy planning my 6 teen birthday :D Can't wait for it can't wait for it! C: yay

Sending out the invitations already! :D yay. hahaha
It tooked a lot of hard work to make this kayyyy~ ): Do Not throw it away! D:

To those who did not receive the invitation ~ I'm so sorry okayyy.. it doesn't mean you are not my friend! ): It's just that I only have a certain limit of people that can be invited /: So I invited those who are more closer to me (/^\)

To those that are invited, Remember to RSVP! ヽ(´▽`)ノ
Oh, and remember the colour code kay C:

Guys in blue٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶
Girls in pink (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

And please, Please do come before 7.30pm ! :)

I was just back from church camp last week . There's always wonderful experience during church camps :D
We left to Harvest Haven, Gopeng, Ipoh at about 3-4pm on 30th of August c: Well yeah, I skipped school that day . hehe (¬‿¬)

That place was a very pretty place with a little pool outside the banglo C: and yes, We owned the whole Banglo during that camp C: hahaha. This Banglo is deep deep inside some plantation estate . D: There was a lot of cow poop everywhereee.. lololol ( ̄- ̄メ)

The first night there was really chillaxing  since service starts the next day and breezy and quite since it was far far away from the city c:  I can see the Stars so damn clear toooo! (。♥‿♥。)

Wait, before i forget,  Pastor Jason was our Speaker for this camp C: Super Awesomeee.. Had Fun having Pastor around ^^

So , the next morning after breakfast and service

 WE went Hugging TREES! LOL

K la.. thats not it. Lol. We went to visit Gaharu plantation nearby c:
This tree seems to be very bery expensive D :  It cost about 2K for a 2 year old Gaharu Tree /:

And also, Why am I hugging the tree again? Lololol
They say that if you hug a Gaharu tree, your true love will come true C : SO YEAH, I hug and hug and hug and hug and hug and hugggg ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ hahahha omg epic me .

 Even mom and dad hugged the tree! Lol . For Everlasting LOVE. awwww :P


Haha! Cute uncle and auntie :3 

And yeah, they also want the cute pose xD

Even Little Kids want To hug the tree for love! bahhaha . cheh

Well.. the plantation is actually bigger that it looks like here.. hahaha c:

We are family !~ ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ

Owhhh! we need 3 more colours to make a rainbow! haha

Had fun that day C: It was also a very tiring day tho c: That chaperone was really good at talking sia.. ._. omg Made most of us buy all of  their product . O.O and Ohgawwwdd... Their ICE CREAM IS AMAZINGLY DELICACYLY YUMMY (━┳━ _ ━┳━) i want moree

oh. and the Gaharu smells nice too ^^


The next day, super tired and slept through the breakfast time. Almost got sick too! /: Skipped tea time and went to sleep D: Ohgosh.. why am i so sleepy. haha . Anyway, Got baptise on that evening in the pool ! C: It was like the most amazing moment in my life. That peaceful , calm, beautiful feeling. Yeah.. I want that feeling more often <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Me and sister after baptised c: Swimming in the pool! C: my facee \(@O@)/

Watched Nightmare at Elm street with Joseph, Sis, Joel, Eurick and Javin. LOL .. Javin why you keep taking my pillow!~ T^T Lol. Ish stop acting like a girl . Hahahaha. And yeah. it was our last night there ):

The next morning c:
Each Groups did a skit c:

The most awesome skit was J.Gen team c: Directed by Auntie Caroline ! C:
I edited the video since it was really awesome. hahahaha .. I haven't edit the other 3 team's skit yet D:

The team that won first in games and all C: Congrats laa .. T T hahaha. LOL

Group Photo! :3

Awesome time there ^^

And my post will end naww And i got to run to tuition! ciao. Add maths ARGHHH T^T 

oh and one more thing. My new cos plan is up ^^

Kochiya Sanae from Touhou project ^^

Hopefully it turns out well! c: 

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