Thursday, September 13, 2012

。・ェ・。 Tanjoubi Omedetou ! C:

I JUST Remembered!  . I should blog about this since it was actually a promise. /: 

But I'm so sleeepyyyy it's already almost 3 am T T . Ish. oh well. It'll be short post then D:  If i blog it later . Then it's a bit too late I guess D: 

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tong Chun. YAY. * applause* I don't actually blog about other people. But you see la. Promised to promote you on le blog so thought this was a good topic to start with. 

So ya, Everyone!! I Found Tong's Cutest picture. LOL . 

you: It's not him! 
me: It is'' HIM'' La. It's in his profile picture! 
you: NO! It's a Girl!
me: But but but because.. she look  exactly like T.C too 3: and and I thought it was more cuter to put this face here than his T^T 

HAHAHAHA cheh :P jk jk  ( just joking la k ) D: 

and soooo... This blog post will continue next time or maybe not. 
>.< My brain don't let me think of what to write anymore since it's already so late. It's not functioning well Hahahha . 


Thank you for wasting that one minute of your time to read this. Lololol D: 

good night X: 

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