Sunday, July 29, 2012

A happy Weekend c:

This week is so hectic  O: 

Yesterday during youth, we were asked to pick a colour to describe your week and I was like, OhGawd It's not pink, it's not green, it's not yellow! What is it? O: What colour do I pick to describe a very up and down week? /: 

In the end ; Colourless was it. 

Sounds so emo. HAHA 

But rearly ): to summarize my whole week, It wasn't great, at all... I think .

Anyway it's finally the weekend! :)  yay  The weekends really made my day! 

But finally, I started studying :D * applause * for real . Haha . It's two more weeks more till the test starts! I must not fail my dad and my self ): I really need to buck up ): the stinky biology , physics , chemistry, history , modern maths and Add Maths ! I I I cannot call you stinky anymore T.T Sad I have to love you to get my nyan cat [ colourful / straight  ] A's D: 

I'll Strike my GOAL! 

* cheer * cheer* cheer *cheer * 

Ohhh... I was so surprise to see my long long time no see Girlfriend which is staying permanently in Penang now to be back here in KL :3  Was sho happy to see her! :D Even the other two girls was mad happy ! yay

Me, Amanda, Charity, Kaylee

I was like, must take picture must take picture! post in instagram post in instagram. :) lol 

Also met Lionel and Charity, after so long not meeting them c: And and, little adorable Chloe was there too c: 

She shaked too much /: 

But but but, She loves my hello kitty phone :3 HAHA 

Owhhhhh and this..

my little cute lychee tree 

I can't believe my Lychee tree grew up green and healthy without much of my care D: 

ps. I actually ffk this poor little fellow for more than a month /: 


But but but it's so pretty. I shifted it from the pot the empty space outside my house so that It'll start growing in size c: If not if not we'll have to eat miniature lychee's in the future * How cuteeee * HAHA

Daddy was like : Your lychee tree stunted already la. You left it months in the pot and it never grew. LOL 

._. Okay daddy ._.  

Anyway,this is just a short post c: Didn't do any shopping this weekend c: so, Don't have anything much to update  :P haha 

Because I'm BROKE. 

I only have 18 Ringgit left in my wallet -.- no joke 

I'll shall end with this Spider! c: 

eee.. It's on my head! 3 :

Rawr :3 

Haha . Pastor Ooi Lin made this cute little being  :3 


  1. eeee the spider so scary! anw next time we got lychee makan?

    1. The spider where got Scaryyy T^T HAha. Lychee ahh.. I Give you chocolate laaa... Not lycheee :P BUAHAHA


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