Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pink Wednesday c:

It's a Wednesday! It's a Wednesday! c: 
I just realize my title is the same for Baskin Robbin's pink Wednesday 83 hahaha

Time really passes by quick this days. It's already August ._. ! 

Let's see .. 13 more days till my test? Ohgawdd /: 

Anyway, I kept on thinking of what should I wear for Animangaki this year today. I will definitely be Yui, Angel Beats but that'll only be one day! D: I don't want to spam my character for two days. lol. That's so boring D: sad to say. haha 

I was actually discussing it in school today with Ayati. I was actually thinking of borrowing her Kimono to wear with my Miku Turquoise wig. But I know she wouldn't want to borrow. sad ): But she mentioned about borrowing her friends sweet lolita dress to me c: omg. I'mgonnalookfat in it lol.

I got home and I wanted to try on my wig with my new lens! c: haha. And then an Idea just came into my mind! C: I should wear all pink on the first day of animangaki c: # OC :own character 

Pink dress

Pink eyes

Pink hair

Pink flower crown

Pink shoes ( I'll need to find it asap ) haha

Lens: Super Barbie Sasha 3 tone pink 

The black ring wasn't obvious! sad sad sad  : C 

and it wasn't that comfortable /: maybe because of my astig, uneven surface of my eye lens /: 

simply put on a dress and the head accessories . Lol 

and that was when the idea of wearing all pink to Animangaki came in :3 

Photo Spam with Mushroom! 

say hello to my photogenic face. LOL 

pink stare ~ 

I should smile like this more often :3 the pink mushroom made me blushed . hehe 

I see you mushroommm :3 

Okay. Thats all. haha :) 

Bye. Love pink much C: 

 I should now walk to Baskin Robin like this to get my ice-cream 


  1. >< i'm not that bad~ u can boroow anything from me~~(* my blue wig..and my Japanese schoold uniform, #after raya) , except fot that kimono >< gomennae~

  2. jelly jelly jelly jelly ur photogenic face~

  3. Hallow 83 Guess who? XP


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