Sunday, June 22, 2014

Food Review : Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf

Super belated post ! This was on Mothers Day .. I am pretty sure . 

So here's another Food review , which I have not been doing lately. All I do is eat and not do any review. Lol #nofacetosayI'mAbloggeranymore 

On Mother's Day we decided to go try out the oh so famous Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad wolf for Dinner. We literally Wazed the location even though while walking .The fact that we were so close yet so far, we almost gave up eating it. Seriously, the location of this restaurant in Bangsar is a bit too.. not expected. Some people did say it was unique but WHO PUTS an entrance of a (High Class almost) Restaurant INSIDE a Grocery Store ( Cold Storage if I'm not mistaken ) ? 

Oh well, we found it anyway... 

bangsar village, food review

They have different menu's for lunch and dinner , from what I've heard. However we went only during dinner, so the concept was Big Bad Wolf. Therefore , what does the Big Fat Wolf eats? PORK !  

Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad wolf food review

Pork Knuckles, super.. very.. BIG.. portion.  RM98 

Probably a serving for 4-5. Eating one piece of it already makes me fill so full = Jelak. 
But oh gosh, it's so good. Meat is tender, fries are yummy and gosh the mashed potatoes with added secret spices, I could eat them forever ! 

Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad wolf food review

 and then we had The Wolf Favourite Pasta, RM29.  That's what they name it. Okay.. I don't really remember how this taste like haha but It's good I swear. Pork pieces plus the creamy texture and that poached egg.

Who the hell doesn't love poached eggs? ? ? D: 

Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad wolf food review

EEEEGGGGGHHHHH ! ! ! Don't you see it?!  ( o v e r  r e a c t i n g ) but its okay because it's so good.

Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad wolf food review

 Nothing could go wrong when you order an Aglio Olio Spaghetti, RM 19 . The aroma of it is still on the tip of my nose. So good you cannot resist. omg 

So, what is full without desserts?! 

Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad wolf food review

White Chocolate Creme Brulee RM15. 

I admit it is costly for this small cup of dessert but hey, look at the bright side, you'll get to savour something so soft and creamy ( amazing texture ! ) oh and get fat ( well I don't think that is something good but who cares ), 

Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad wolf food review

It looks like tofu, but NOTHING LIKE TOFUUU. 

Yum, are you hungry? haha 

Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad wolf food review

Uhmm the picture doesn't look too appetizing but it definitely looks better in real life. Anyway, pictures can be deceiving ! You have to eat it your self. 

Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge Cake , RM 15 . 

The best is when you eat it with ice cream. It's the Bomb in your mouth! Best combination ever ! 

So the total add up .. 

 I admit it is very costly for a meal. haha but having it occasionally is fine right? ( eg, Mothers Day )
Definitely a recommendation for this Restaurant ! 

  Bangsar Village (03-2283 2270)

- Opening Hours: 9am - 11pm

 Tropicana City Mall, PJ (03-7722 3561)

- Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm

When the sun goes down and the Pigs go home, the BIG BAD WOLF comes out to play... 
Pigs: Early - 6pm
Wolf: 6pm - Late

Bought my mom a gift for Mother's Day. 

mothers day

Yes, it's a very Shiny Bracelet. 

Ends it with a family selfie . 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Be Brave to take A Change- HairStyle

Before getting killed, I swear to God I wanted to write a blog post earlier but couldn't because my Iphone4s charger wire was sent to the hospital and have not came back. Therefore pictures can't be transferred. But... I finally got chance to use my momma's . 

Yes I've been busy with final projects and all the blah blah stuff, eg driving test. WHICH KILLED ME TWICE if you've read my previous sob sob blogpost. Anyhow, I finally passed it after failing dua kali on the same spot, the slope and got my driving license ! yay 

Right after getting my driving license, the so called ''brave'' me went and did something '' brave''.. make sense? lol.. Okay lets get to the point, I dyed my hair. So what if I dyed my hair? It's okay what.. Ehem, I have not finished my sentence, I dyed my hair a vibrant colour. To be honest, I never thought it would be this bright/ almost full headed vibrant-ness everywhere but I guess what's done is done. I gotta learn to get use to it and pretty much give more love to it ! and, ... take care of it omg.

Ps, I wanted more of an ombre-ish mix of colour but a little more extreme but then not too extreme too.. make sense? lol

( Question to those who have not seen me or in any recent pictures posted online .. )
What colour was it that could even shock myself when I saw myself in the mirror after washing off the dye?

But seriously, I got scared that moment. I'm pretty sure I lost quite some hair while dyeing. ( I literally gave that Mother of God (meme) Face.

You'll see..




Hot pink, Magenta, Hair

This picture is without any filter. Yes it's pink ,, it's very vibrant but this colour is actually Magenta, or some people would call it hot pink.

I rather not talk about how I wanted it to be dyed. It is, not the same, except it does have the same shade of colour somewhere at the bottom. ( My hairstylist did not really do a good job , but it's okay )  Besides, this colour  makes me feel so Emo. I Instagram searched #PinkHair and most photos of the humans with this shade of pink are so Gothic... omg. #Idon'twantthat

japanese style, korean style

I looked at myself and I cannot resist telling my whole family they just gotten a real Jap girl. Don't you think I look like one of those lala looking Japanese girls out there? hahaha ( Maybe it's the bangs, or the bun )

Anyway, I told my self I will have to get use to the change. Eventually I would, I must . On the first day I dyed my hair, I was so not use to the pinkness when I look at myself in the mirror and down at the ends of my hair. It was like wearing a Pink Wig lolol.

I have to love and give the extra care to my hair now, since it was bleached. To be honest, I never gave much thought about bleaching my hair. ( One reason was because in the first place I never wanted to bleach 90% of my hair, but I told you, my hairstylist did not really do a good job.  ) I started worrying after I dyed my hair. Worrying about hair colour gets ugly after a week or 2, hair gets damage, hair gets split ends, all the 10,000 worries.. Some moment there I did had some regrets but I told my self I should not. Yet there were some people that say nice things like You're so brave and Your hair is really pretty ect ect ...
yes thank you :) but if in just a few weeks it gets horrible, touchwood it's like right in my face I get the punishment for getting those compliments.

So, I am to stand out and just show the world confidence. I am thankful my parents gave me full support too. ( I love them so much. No words can explain how greatful I am to my parents! ) 

I play them with different styles each day ( if I can ) Usually I love having my bangs down because it makes my face smaller and more Me but with the pink I was amazed that I could play around with my fringe , side bangs, mid partings , clip up, whatever and still look pretty good in it ! :D

Hot pink, Kpop hair style, Hair colour

To be honest, having bangs with this hair doesn't look that good lol.

I especially love sweet styles like a simple french braid or any kind of braids! I always loved how it looks like with coloured hair ♥

French Braid, Pink Hair, Magenta hair, Pink Orange Hair, Vibrant , Sweet hair

French Braid done by my sister ♥ You can see a slight orange on the left of my hair too.
 My hair is really the most amazing in pictures. It can never disappoint me.

This picture proves ;)

Stands out so much isn't it? lol


halway braid, Vibrant pink hair, Pastel pink hair, Pink hair, Cute

How do you like my Half-way Tucked in braids? haha ♥

The pink makes this easy braid way more prettier.

Check me out in Instagram @CharmWasabi

if you want to check out more of this pink stuff ;)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why Stress and Upset? Where is the Faith and Trust?

This will be a written post only. Bare with the words. 

Hi. I know it have been awhile. I have been fighting war with Finals for the past months and weeks and finally it just ended on Tuesday except for one more final exam. Besides I have also been taking driving exams for the past few weeks and managing the PTPTN stuff hence all the busy-ness and stress. Life have been hectic since the first day of driving exam. The worst is, it feels worst than taking SPM. Why? The fact that if you failed one single action during the driving test, right on that spot they fail you, in a blink of an eye which I wish to CURSE when it happens ,'' you mothafaka..''

On the first time ever driving test, truth is I wasn't that nervous until I started moving the car and everything happened just to fast. Too fast that RM200 just dissapear in a blink of an eye. Went up the slope and never cross the line twice. I was angry but I shouldn't be because partly it was my fault. I was too nervous. Thankfully I passed the On the Road test. Which if I failed that too, I probably breakdown sooner. 

Before the second test on the next Wednesday, I have been asking for prayers from my pastor and church. It is to said that prayers are powerful and I know it is. Also, this verse have been very true to me, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, in all your ways submit to him and he will make your path straight. I held on to this verse , making sure I will remember it so that I will not get nervous during the test, and that I will go through everything well with His guidance. I really really really submitted all onto His hands.
  Ps. Though I want to bribe as much as everybody, I never did because I trusted Him.

At the end of the day, I failed. Again. Of all places I failed the slope again. I was so angry and upset. I couldn't believe I  just wasted another RM200 again?! This time it wasn't the nervousness nor the line problem. I did everything well until I was suppose to go down the slope. Somehow the meter wasn't right and I told the JPJ people (the person examining me) about it , which I wish had never say anything.  They did not care nor bother and of course... I went backwards and the man came to me and said, you failed. I WAS SO ANGRY, FUCKING ANGRY.  I explained / argued /( I don't know which) to them but obviously can I win? Who am I? Datin? No. 

I was really really upset, angry at myself, at God , at the shitty car, at the shitty rude people. I literally cried a whole river when I reached back to the seat.( It never stop till I sleep that night, continued while writing this ) I was really upset about God. The fact that I put my trust into God hands and all, things still didn't turn out straight but then I told myself, there is a reason why God do not want me to pass yet. Maybe He wanted me to be safe because if I start driving sooner, touchwood something might go wrong or He just want me to know that not all the time He will answer prayers right away. It could also be that Satan is trying to make me stray away from God further and no matter what, I will NEVER EVER be apart from God because He is still true. 

Though times I really don't know if making up my own analysis is Good or Bad because every single time I say.. '' I think.... '' My father will say this is one very bad habit of mine. He does not like it . Wait sorry, everyone does not like it. So it's very frustrating, does this mean I should think that even with my trust in the Lord, He made me fail because I was never meant to pass? I was never meant a winner? Just wow, wow at all the negativity. What could I do? I'm still human.. where's the support when I need to? Without it, all I could think of is I am no good. Which is painful to think of. 

My father is really odd sometimes. I don't even know if I should take his sympathy because at the end of every sympathy, there is always a turn around that shoots me back saying that I am wrong. At the end of the day, all I know is I am always wrong and I will ask myself, am I the worst person on earth? because all the things he says makes me a person that isn't meant to be an ordinary human. I am rude, I always say ' I think..'' or always uncertain like 'I don't know... maybe..'.  

I wished I could be the perfect human that no one could find fault in me. Every human isn't perfect, that's what the world says. My parents and my sister, they are not perfect too. But I guess my imperfection is the worst. (You see, I just used the word I guess. FML.) Sometimes I just don't understand why would people even be friends with me if I'm this horrible. People usually ignores and talk behind the backs of the odd ones. 

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