Saturday, September 13, 2014

FOOD POST - Mitasu Japanese Buffet

HAIII I'm So happy to be back here blogging because.... I'm gonna blog about Fooood
 ( yes I am very excited I cannot help it ) 

Well that wasn't the only reason.  The other reason is because being able to blog is like a getaway for me from all the pile of #higherthanMountEverest Assignments (!) 

Okay so before I start to .... 

(ps, I was scrolling down my photo album and realized my dad sended me this (below ) picture.
 (TOTALLY UNAWARE He was taking it. )

 ' REALLY? WATERMELONS? ? ? FOR REAL? ? ? ? ' says to myself
 I am so embarrassing   .. like really
(even watermelons also want to take picture, like never seen them before.... )

it's okay .. memories of eating watermelons should be kept in pictures too #selfcomfort 

What's more embarrassing is that every food that was served I'll be like ' WAIT. Let me take picture first.' and the next table was like looking at us me the whole time .. 

Okay so back to topic ! :D 

Have you guys ever tried Shogun Buffet ( Japanese food )? It's like the worst, WORST omg .. My biggest enemy/fear/hate/whateveryounameit in the Japanese food Category. It Cannot even be categorized as Japanese food since the food is like... so bad ...not fresh... unbearable ... more like it's just buffet. (Not Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Thai Buffet. It's just Buffet... of everything

My expectation for Japanese food have been very high since I ate the Authentic Jap food in Japan itself.  #justtoletyouknow 

So then, if you're looking for good, fresh reasonable Japanese Buffet then you have to try Mitasu!
(it's about the same price as Shogun/ maybe cheaper ) 

Mitasu serves buffet but not the self service kind. And THAT IS WHY the Food are Fresh (!!) It is not pre made so you have to order and wait a little while ( worth while waiting ! ) . 

-Location of the restaurant is just a walking distance from Pavilion :) -

Address:  B-01 , Central Plaza , No.34, Jalan Sultan Ismail , 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel:03-2110 2833 

Fax:03-2110 3833



Here comes the food ! 

Japanese Rice with some Shoyu Topped with Salmon,White Fish, Tamago, More Fishes and Tobiko! So Fresh So good!

♥ plus additional Chuka IIdako, Pickled Seaweed ..... 

And then their Green Salad was so amazing omg. I don't know what secret recipe dressing they used but it was so goooood. I can eat them forever ( literally ) I ordered like 3/4 bowls of it (!)
 And not forgetting the mash potato too ! :) It's so goood, mushy mushy yummy melts in your mouth...

Closer Up of it ♥
The Greens.. I'm craving for it, especially that dressing.. 

And then .. Oysters and Prawns .. Can't you see the freshness (??!!!!)  and ADDITIONAL PLUS for the Good Presentation  (!!!)

' Dear Mr Prawn, how do you look so neat, clean and fresh? Even your outfit is shiny (!) Too bad I'm eating you anyway. Bye!  *and it is gone *..' 

Oh dear... That Salmon... Imagine you put it in your mouth.. so mouthwatering, juicy flavour, melting into your taste buds... that was how the collision of particles of flavour happened in my mouth. #YouSeeWhatIdidThere 

Tempura's .. Not exactly my cup of tea but it was good. 

However, This is my cup of tea! Omg that Salmon. Look at that slight burn from grilling... Are you Hungry Nowwww? ahhahahaha 

Jelly- the Fish - 

THIS.. FINALLY.... omg

The tenderness, juiciness as you bite and as you chew... and chew.. and chew.... , the flavour of the seasoned grilled beef in your overwhelming.....  did you go Heaven?...

Please come back I'm not done. 

California Roll FTW ! 

I think that was Salmon Rice or Garlic Rice ( I can't remember which but I ordered both lol ) And behind it is Soup. Yes Soup. I forgot what was it called ahahhah. 

Tobiko Sushi! Sadly they don't have Ikura's because that one is the bomb when it comes to Fish Roe. 

Pregnant Fish ! Well they don't look pregnant here but they are ok lol. 
The stomachs are literally filled with fish eggs. 
( I wanted to show the picture of the eggs close up but then it looks really gross if you have phobia (like me ) to round bumps and whatever I don't want to explain it  ) 

 THIS is Not Nuggets. It looks like it but No. This is way better than the cheap nuggets. 
Inside is what we call.... Scallop (!) So Yummmy I tell you. I'm not a big fan of fried food but this keeps me wanting more. 

My favourite all time dish ! TOFU! I love itttt, plus it's topped with raddish and soaked in shoyu. oh gosh... yum

Lastly We had Dessert :D What Is Full without dessert?! 

Had like additional 5 scoops of ice cream after this. #SoFatIKnow 
The sesame Ice cream was Yummy though ! :D 

That is all and this is probably the Most Fulfilling Buffet I ever eaten  ♥

Yaaaasss :) 

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