Thursday, May 31, 2012

In the world of Strawberries

Finally! A break from going in and out during the holidays C: I just got the new laptop on Sunday yay! And i was at Cameron Highlands the next day and came back on Tuesday night.  It was a school trip C: mad fun and red there :D you have no idea how much Strawberry stuff they sell up there! It's so red O: I wanted to blog yesterday too but because i was out with Leon, Kaylee and Justin to Sunway Pyramid for a movie. Leon came and fetch us at 7.15am to have breakfast at Sunway ._. i was quite mad since it disturbed my longer time of sleep :C i knew i won't wake up so Leon actually called me to wake me up. lolololol.. After breakfast Leon went for his class and three of us waited in Sunway Pyramid and rot there ._. we had like around one hour thirty minutes before any shops open O: I actually slept at The Coffee Beans until Justin and Kaylee said they actually saw someone taking a photo of me sleeping.. Lol omg 

Kaylee, Amanda, Richard, Amos, Chun Seng and myself went to the Cameron trip :D It was a trip like never before. Super awesome. Maybe because of the people i go with C: haha Well, they are not the only people i know that went... i know everyone of them that went :) i talk to all of them accept for the Form 5 students :c

We stopped by R&R station and ate our breakfast.

Richard looking Awesome without spectacles :P (Y)
heeee :D sabo-touch Peinee's picture :P  
In the Bus in Cameron :) 
Kaylee's Katniss Everdeen inspired nails :D
My pink leopard and polkadot nails :D
Stopped by at a Beautiful Waterfall. 

This was the Tea orchard, super chilling up there :D 

Kaylee me and Calvin
HE's in pink too!
This was at the Rose garden :D It's pink again! 
We checked into the apartment after visiting the rose garden. The hotel we stayed in was hotel Titiwangsa. 
This is a random videolougue i took at the room. I guess i was too happy until i sounded so weird .. haha

Had steamboat for dinner :D 

and Boiled eggs too ._.
This was Kaylee's half boiled egg C: 
Out of the ten people sitting at the same table, only Kaylee's half boiled egg turns out Best. ): Hahaha

exchanged accessories after  dinner to take pictures c:
I am acting like Qiyi, Yi pei acting like me ( so cute laa ), Pei nee acting like Kaylee and Qi yi acting like Yi pei. lol

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT AM I DOING . Lol but it's SO hilarious  HAHAHA
We both look shooo cute here! :3 puffy eyes, chubby cheeks.. hehe 
don't i look cool ? :P
aww sho cute :P no :P hahaha 
cam- glam! 
And those were the pictures after dinner and while waiting for the bus to bring us to the NIGHT MARKET! Cameron Highlands night market is the BEST! :D You'll enjoy ! REARLY! Usually you'll sweat and Be squished in markets but you won't here :D you'll have to wear a jacket cause it's like super cooling there :D And and and best of all they sell so much food! :D Apong balik and Kaya balls (Y) never missed those :P haha

credit to Mr Amos photographer for taking this drama shot of me  ._.
I know right. Almost everyone agrees that this look like a drama scene from some korean drama xD hehe. I just passed to be a korean actress. yay! 
Brought back food to the hotel and ate supper together :D 
and guess what, my nyan cat alarm did not work for me O: i did not even hear a single alarm. lol . i was the last to wake up the next day D: eeee 

This was on the second day at the Agriculture blah blah place ( i can't recall the name ) But this place is a Beauty :D
The flowers, vegetables and fruits are so bright and pretty :D 

Though my face is like super round.. but Amos's turtle on my head is sho adorable :3 
Pretty pink daisies! C: super love them :D
Got bored and tried to find four leaf clover :D but it's most likely impossible :C 
So then we got bored, so we took pictures again! lol 

another epic face of me here.. lololol
Yi pei sho cute C:
Don't he reminds you of My Chemical Romance? Lol 

Lol Hilarious Chun Seng xD 

Accidentally zoomed in the lens D: But not bad what our smiles! :D 
I like this picture even thought Kaylee isn't ready yet. hahaha :P 
Double Triple Sunglass! 

The most prettiest girl, Hiew Yan, in my school  :D  I AM SERIOUS C: btw, she's taken.. haha.. too bad
Lunch was not provided on the last day so my dear thoughtful friend, Amos.. brought us to eat scones!! omgomgomgomg.. IT WAS SO YUMMY!  I am even craving for it nowww D: 

Scones with strawberry and whip cream 
Awesome Food C: 

I shall end this post with pink daisies that i took :D

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