Monday, April 21, 2014

Overwhelm with Selfies

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--May the Odds be with you. --

Don't get your self killed scrolling down this post because you might. It's just too many,
 Insanely many, i said it, many selfies taken in a day or two. All you see here today will just be human faces.

me: Don't you dare not take a proper selfiEEE! 

me me me : SMILE! 

Jordy: *with that^face * Seriously? Go away man. 

* sister joins *

* Jordan and his very reluctant pose * 

* me? you know what I'm good at *

me: hahahhahaha . omg I look so funny. - No Comment- 

As you guys know, it's Easter Sunday! Oh yes I am very excited about it because of the dance performance me and my youths been putting together for the past 3 months. To be honest I think we all grew closer spending epic dance time together + the yumcha sessions and makan sessions of course. 

May we just stay this close forever because I love you all no matter how annoying some of you guys can beeeeeee - Confession -'' tear starts falling- being emotional.'' 

Since this post is about selfie's, but first let me show you this vain pot taking his on selfie. hahaha 


ok lah, ''Mr Lee Min Ho look a like'' isn't that vain but after he discovered my Amazing Fish Eye lens, he told me, ''I will take selfies with your phone again.'' :)  AGAIN. 

me: ok.

-These are not selfies but what's there to harm to post their cute faces here ? -

Jordy: I'm tired.... 
Eurick: Whattt? Why do we need to take a picture? 

How should I smile??

Only girls know what to do best when they encounter camera's . 

picture? Ohkayyy. 

Just this evening after Easter Service,  It had been really long since I felt so relieve , stress free , tension free and chilled/ chiller.No wait, it wasn't after Easter Service but after my performance in Taylor College earlier before this but wait, It's also not really after the performance but after the Mind Competition. 
- mind inception going on here - 

So, what is actually going on here?  Damn it I tell you. I have just gone through the most stressful and very tied up week this year,  It felt like I almost got a nervous breakdown + panic attack. Maybe I had a little but seriously, the last time I stressed out was during Spm last year. Hold on, I think it felt worst during Trials. 

Not having exams but receiving tons of assignment and have to complete them in just a few days isn't easy when you also have other important things to take care of + other assignments from other classes. Half a semester is almost gone and this week is my Mid- Sem Break which I totally don't agree with how it's called. They should totally just name it Assignment Break or Study Break because I have an unbelievable number of assignments with me now and I have to complete them before class starts again. I don't want to exaggerate but I literally have about 20 assignments. - May the Odds be ever in my favour-  

Then on Saturday, the event that kept me so anxious, distressing for the whole damn week, the Mind Competition. Just thinking about memorizing 60 words in 10 minutes, sigh, just saying it hurts my brain. The truth is I am very bad at memorization. I have no idea how the in the name of.... people could memorize 60 words in only 10 minutes. I bless you , you have a brain like a sponge. Congratulations.You are great, you are Einstein. 

At least the mind mapping competition wasn't that nerve racking. I enjoyed it even though  I still worry if I followed the format correctly. 

#1 mind map, have to think of your own points. 
Time allocated- 1 hour ( that's why cantik )

#2nd mind map, from audio and it sure sucks. I don't understand some pronunciation, made me loose precious points.
Time Allocated - 30 minutes ( rush sedikit/ don't really know what to draw for this topic )

#3 mind map. Taken from Article. 
Time Allocated- 30 minutes

Hopefully I've done well and will win something . * crossfinger * 



Wednesday selfie with Leon. - Black-grey-white- version- 

and then.. the last day before the Assignment Break starts! 

Going to miss my talkative babes. 

but Sometimes I really don't get what are they talking about. ps:  my own fault because I sometimes get lost at my own thoughts. 

Okay so anyway, I had a lot of selfies at Taylor's College Multi Purpose Hall today. - Just Being Specific - 
It was a International Understanding Day and I'm invited to perform in that beautifully decorated air conditioned hall. But actually it wasn't really decorated but it looks hundred times better than last year when it was held at school. Most of the seniors including me must be complaining Why in all times, they only allowed the students to have IU day outside school after we left? - sad case -

Met my Juniors and Old Friends :) At one point, this event was like a selfie party instread. Everyone went insane taking selfies. lol 

Don't blame me.. There's more selfies but I think this is enough. haha 

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