Wednesday, April 30, 2014


 Some of you will know that I do nail arts as a hobby, part time, for my self ect .. just for the sake of pretty nails and spending sleepovers going wild over my girls nails. This year I've been asked a few times to do nail arts for a few events. ( eg, Fund raising and Mothers Day special which is this coming  weekend ) I also have friends that calls me asking me to do their nails. 

Therefore, I shall now make it official that I am a Freelancer Nail Artist and you can contact me if you want to do your nails :) 

ps. Price is way cheaper than outside. 

Anyway I will also start doing nail tutorials right here in my blog as many of you are interested to learn . But of course again, I would like to be your Freelancer nail artist who comes and do your nails ' hehehe ' :) 

pink nails cute

For my first nail tutorial post ever, I will be showing you how to make leopard prints! yay. Suitable for young, chic or working ladies, depending on the colours you use. Leopard prints seems to be quite popular with most my customers lately . Leopard never grows old .  Almost every single customer request for leopard prints but in different colours of course. 

nude base

That one is more of a nude base with brown prints. Suitable for more mature women. 

Okay so here you go, the steps  to beautiful leopard nails. 

leopard print nails. step by step

Just in case you don't understand the picture. . .

First, sweep on your base coat. Then, get a base colour of your choice. I picked a pastel pink base with another shiny pink colour. If you want a more natural look, you can do an ombre base or just get a nude colour and paint it halfway your nails. ( That's how I usually like it ) . After that use a dotting tool, or tooth pick and dot your nails with your choice of acrylic colour ( If you don't have acrylic, you can just use any other nail paint colour) . Then grab your smallest brush and just draw a curve on your dot you made. Repeat the bottom of the dot but remember not to close the circle! After you've done that, all you need to do is add odd dots and curves for more details! * yay *  hahaha okay I know it's hard for some of you but just try and have fun. Finally, sweep on the Top Coat for a perfect gloss and there you have it! :) 

Tadaaaa.. enjoy your pretty nails. If you take let's say 2 hours to do 10 fingers? It's okay, it's your first time ;) You'll improve. But if you give up.. lol ok. There's always other alternative. You can call me up to do your nails if you're near me ;)

Rainbow Leopard Print I did for my friend for her fashion walk with the theme, animals.

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