Wednesday, April 23, 2014

38 Assignments ?! ARE YOU KIDDIN...

I think I really don't sound good in recordings and videos. It makes me want to cry. It really doubts me if people are actually just being nice by saying my singing is good.
( Tried to do covers again but because I don't sound good, * flips table , walks away * )

Dear God , if you could just drag the days of this miserable one week break, you'll make your disciples very happy indeed. *okay I was just joking*  But seriously. I wish that next week was a no class week too. I have not done so many assignments !

''I know I have a lot of assignments.. I know I know I know ''*Repeats* 


This does not apply to only me. YOU TOO. Yes you. Wait I take that back, most people . Let me see, 12 design drafts from Creative Study class, 6 paintings from Design Study class, either 1 or 2 shading + drawing from Analytical Drawing class, 2 Perspective Drawings from Life Drawing class and 5 Essays into a scrapbook from Communication Studies. Not to forget, a number of work from Malaysian Studies class * I lost count lol * 

Okay, I really need to get my butt moving. No I mean my hands and my mind. Omg writing down those list of assignments makes me realize how much work I have! 38 not including Malaysian studies ASSIGNMENTS ARE YOU KIDDING ME😞 😰

I will start my assignment after I complete this post * I swear *. Oh God, I am not around this Saturday and Sunday because I will be going for a mission trip. This is bad. This means I will not have enough time to complete my assignments. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgogmomgogmogmogmomg

*panics * 
Speaking of Panic. This morning it was my first time ever driving, Driving Lesson.  To be honest I did not panic. Maybe I did felt a little but I didn't realize it.  What I worried was crashing into some other cars and the divider. My estimation was bad. haha. 

 Oh my Gawd. I tell you, after the two hours of driving lesson, I was drench in sweat literally. To turn the steering was like pulling an over energized Labrador while taking it for a walk. I was sweating like mad cow + the Sun shining directly onto my skin. Ps, instructor did not close the car windows too. Idk why.

Since Monday to today, I spend most of my afternoon in the gym with my dad. This means I could not do my assignments in the afternoon and somehow could not do it at night because .. tired? Excuses I know. Please forgive me. I will do it soon.. Actually now.

I will just end this post with this. 

Thor came to earth

Oh yes it is. You heard the loud roar didn't you. Amazing huh ! 
Thor came to earth yesterday :) 

* This is no copy and paste from Google. It happened yesterday. I repeat, it's not from Google. * 

And forgot to mention, my work is in New Straight Times online.  Check it out HERE

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