Sunday, April 6, 2014

The time of the Year, update

Finally, it's the time of the year again! says most bloggers . You know what I mean, the most stunning and beauteous month of the year, the season where flowers blossom with it's best alluring ,stunning and mesmerizing self. Reality is, I can only see real flowers blooming through my phone most of the time , Instargram. Especially when it comes to others posting the most magnificent flower of all, my favourite, Sakura's. DO YOU KNOW HOW HOW HOW HOW I FEEL? Anxious , envious , zealous .. the list goes on. Oh well, reality sucks some times. I wish I could fly to Japan right now. I mean it, NOW. 

What I see.

ps. it's the same every year, every day, every month, every second. Unless it is drought season, probably worst than this. 

What  people from Japan see. #sourcefromCheeserland

What my cousin see....

in Penang, Malaysia. 

God, why are you so cruel? How can that part of Malaysia be so pretty when here, KL is only road,rocks,buildings,stones,car, dust and dirt? Maybe I went overboard okay? There's still trees but nothing change every day. Wait hold on , maybe less trees every month . 

Okay fine, maybe there is this kind of trees somewhere here. Just have to search but I still don't see any. The government should preserve a park mainly for this trees! We need beauty in this place. 
Human's, we need to preserve earth. Especially Human's in Malaysia, particularly humans from KL. For God's sake please be rational in using cars and throwing rubbishes. Go service your lorries and buses and throw your rubbish into the bin. Plus, did you not learn anything from the water rationing ? It's a real wake-up-call to us that the planet is running down. Seriously, think wisely. 






So, I've been longing to get a Ukulele for a long ,way long time. And finally, the most awaited baby is by my side! 

Brand: L.Luthier
Size/Type : Tenor 
Cost: RM380
Additional: Internal Plug in

I bought this at a ukulele shop called Shaka in One Utama. It sells very reasonably cheap good quality Uke's!  Truth is , this was a blessing. Weeks ago after I discovered this ukulele shop, I've actually decided to buy the beginner/cheaper ukulele which cost about Rm180 or Rm188 for plug in. The sizes are like Soprano's and Concert's and the colours are those cute pastel pink,blues and purples. It's obvious I got attracted to the colour and is tempted to buy a pastel pink one. But then, if I'm going to buy one, why not invest in a good one? 

At first, I was aiming for a concert size Uke. It's smaller in size and I really liked it. But at the same time I was finding a uke which could plug in so that I can do performances on stage without worrying about sound system in the future. Dismally , the Concert that was good does not have internal plug in but only the tenor.
In the end, I went for the Tenor for an investment. 

As you can see, the left side is the Tenor Uke and the right is my Classical Guitar. 

Quite big isn't it ): But it's okay, for future purpose, the size does not matter. * Energy level decreases* Truth of what I was thinking , ' The ukulele won't make me look cute anymore * Sad face * ' lol 

Well, that wasn't just it. I got a Lenovo on the same day! Double the Blessing! Amen! 

Lenovo Ideapad
Windows 8.1
8 GB Ram

Black. It's the only colour. Who cares anyway. It won't get dirty and I have no rights too complain :) I have the thought of complaining anyway. It's really niceeeeee, super sexxxxxyyy. Gosh . Never in my dreams to own a laptop, mind set when I was younger. Anyway, this means no more slacking blogging ! But to be honest, I have a lot of assignments. Assignments that is 80 percent impossible to finish all in a day. After class starts, my life have been revolving with art papers, pencils and so on. Some times it gets messy, some times it's just too many, and well, sometimes I procrastinate. Which I know it isn't good and I should really start with my assignments soon. 

Last week, I've also started my Radio show and gosh, it kinda went haywire. My songs shuffled and it didn't ran smooth ( obviously) + my producer did not come. Thank God Belle was there if not I probably get mad at my producer. pfft. 


I also experience my first time ever modelling/ Fashion Show which I think it's really really cool but my height just, well made everything suck. My designer designed a very sexy, omgtoosexy last minute outfit lol. It's literally like T-shirt and Pants plus Samurai Katana's slash. 

* close eye please* It's too sexy can see my top lingerie . hahahhaha

What did I say....

It wasn't a good idea to stand beside oh-so-perfect model quality Danish boy. Makes me feel like rock when he's the Crystal T.T 

I should really go get my assignments done now. Needa rush them ! 
Oh and it's been so long since I cosplayed. lol . I never intended to go to Animax Carnival but some things happen... just too lazy to explain. 

 Some own character with Korilakkuma. 

No but seriously, I've grown up i'm not lying. I'm not into this kind of stuff much anymore. hahaha 

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