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Food Review: Burger Tory

 I really can't wait for my semester break. Or should I say Assignment Break? Sad part is , it's only one week. * cries * Whyyyyyyyy . It sure have been busy for the past few weeks. One more busy week to go! Pretty much going to be busy finishing assignments but I doubt I will finish it in school because just like any other common ordinary people , we'd be '' oh , it's okay I will finish it during the one week of semester break. '' So I will pretty much know how my days will fly during the miserable one week.

I really miss orientation week. Miss the fun and re-laxness, not so busy kind of life in university. Met up unexpectedly at the plaza with some orientation friends and was suddenly forced to be part of her assignment project.

Situation 1, I'm the only one not looking at the camera. Question is, Why???

 Situation 2 :perfect  shot ;)

This was really funny because my friend had to take picture of two different situations among a group of people. So the first was, WE were all suppose to look at the camera but you see my phone suddenly vibrated ( therefore the vibration sends nerve impulses to my brain blah blah and I looked at my phone ) at the very same moment she snaps the picture. And when she checks the camera she's like,'' HaiyaI told you to look at the camera why you look at your phone?! ''
me: lol, Opps, Sorry. 

Anyways, Ladies and Gentlemen. I need to go shopping. seriously. I got nothing to wear anymore. not literally but you know, as a female you can't always wear the same clothings  again and again and again. I am lack of clothes! You feel me right ladies?  I just did some online shopping but it is never enough. I am sooooooooooo deprived from shopping!  Blame classes, assignments, activities and inconvenience. If you are going anywhere to shop, especially KL, please I beg you , bring me. lol




Before I start, I would like to  dedicate this post to Grace Koh a.k.a Keris yang nak lari tapi tak de motivation. 

and yes, burger. lol 

I had Burger Tory for dinner. Yes I know it is very very very fattening , unhealthy whatever but sometimes you need to try eat good food to stay alive. To be honest, after Uni started, everything I eat except veges feels so guilty because I couldn't burn them as much  very much anymore. ): cries a whole river .

Burger Tory is located opposite SS14, at SS15 which I call the very common place to eat burgers. You go straight, burger shop, go right, burger shop, go left, burger shop, turn back, burger shop juga. Too many burger shops competing for customers lol.  Map, phone number, address all below.  Burger Tory is located upstair and only sells Pork and Beef burgers. The price range of the burgers are quite similar to Carl's Junior, Burger factory, Burger Lab, Big hug burger ect ect. 

To be honest the place is quite small. If they are going to sell good burgers, they should really extend the place and have more tables and chairs. It's not that we waited long for a table. Just I find it quite compact/ crowded a little for a dine in burger shop. But overall the place is nice, cool and cozy. Thumbs up for that. 

Free flow of Soft drinks and GOOD COFFEE guys! Gosh the mocha was good! :D

 Wide range of Pork burgers and Beef Burgers! 

And finally ...
time to drool..

soon, now.



 My burger I had.

This is called Bacon Paradise with Cheddar Mild Cheese, Homemade Candy Bacon Bits and 2 Strip Homemade Candy Pork Bacon as it's filling. This is deffinitely recommended ! It tasted good .  If you like the taste of Bagua. This is the perfect choice to pick.  It's Rm19 for ala-carte. I ordered the mash potato set which cost Rm6 with free flow hot drink. Gosh, the mash potato taste good itself and also because of the pork sauce which reminds me of pasta sauce. ( I love em ) 

Close up Bacon Paradise burger :) Look at the cheeeeseee . The patty is huge toooo. One thing I'm not so happy about is that they don't put much vegetables into the burgers. ( Unless you ordered the veggie burger then that's  a different story ) 

This was one of the newest burger on the menu. It's called Porky Nest hich cost RM 15 ala-carte. 
According to my friend, it's good but he still prefers the Bacon Paradise burger. But guys, you should try the fries. It's good! 

This is the Bacon Bits Bull burger. It cost RM16 for ala-carte which also falls under the must try list. I did not try this but it looks good. 

To be honest again, I am actually quite bad at judging good burgers. But according to my chef friend he says Burger Tory and Burger Lab is the best. So if you're nearby or planning to go have burger, you should try both places out. 

So, that's all for the review.

Gonna ciao now and .. I'm thinking of going pink soon ;) . 

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