Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My life Turned Miserable in seconds.

Hi. so should I say i did a stupid mistake or I should just blame google?  =,= I deleted some of a lot of the photos I used in my blog post in my Picasa because google said that I don't have enough storage space and  Not knowing that it actually effects the pictures in my blog post, now my blog is !#$%$^#%@$%@ Screwed ! Shhitt ! Don't you know how much I want to Scream!? That amount of frustration of not knowing how to get back those photos, the amount of Anger of being so brainless , the amount of emotion...! 

Years of blogging just got ruin in a few seconds =.= pfft. 

No more memories eh? just written words without pictures =.= seriously, words without pictures are meaningless sometimes. I need photos as memories. =.= Screw you Google. @#$@#!$@ Darn you for saying : '' theres not enough storage space '' or whatever shit that I had to delete old photos to post new ones. 

Seriously, you could have just say this when I am in the process of deleting the photos : '' Deleted photos will affect blogpost pictures .'' Or something like that. As long you tell me, i'll know what will happen, AT LEAST. pfft

My life just turned MISERABLE in seconds due to you ' Mr Google '' . Dang it you.

In a split second I thought of opening a new google account and make a new blog so that I won't have any storage problems, for now... at least for 5 years maybe . Well yeah, I opened a new account , but then I scrolled and went through my blog for the very last time, which I think now it won't be the last time scrolling down my blog page because there's so much memories in there. I don't have the heart to leave this blog. Well I'm pretty sure if you're a blogger you'll get how I feel. Imagine you lost your hard disc which you had it for years already. Yeah, That's exactly how i feel =.= 

Man, I now truly appreciate my blog. My life are written there and now it's  gone! kind of . 

Gonna have to deal with this for quite a while. =_= 


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