Monday, December 17, 2012

#summarise week - Pink Roses, Red Roses ♥

That moment when I'm jogging and then the rain pours down =,= Seriously?! I lost my stamina ages ago and then you put  me in a situation where I have  to be home in 1 minute before I get soak up in the rain. Well I can do that ages ago but now, well no. I tried my best sprinting home but still got wet anyway. (¬_¬")

So i've still been miserable due to what happened to my blog. Well, thinking about blogging again makes me feel very very down. (-__-) But my childhood friend , Grace  told me to just continue writing the blog because ... well yeah. I forgot what she said but it's very supporting :)

Okay, so let me just summarise my pass few days .

* Photos are from phone, quality is bad ): *

In the morning, baked a pandan layered cake which turns out quite pretty ( not bad isn't it? :D ) but I still have no idea how it taste like yet. haha . It looks like green tea cake instead . Reminds me of Red bean Matcha too! ♥ I miss drinking that in Chatime now. haha

Went to my dad's cousins son wedding dinner at night, which basically is my cousin too. * ps . But I don't know him =.= * lol. But still, yay! It's been a long long time since I went for a wedding dinner :) Love Grand places with Grand food at the city! (♥_♥)  it was fine dining man that night :)) But the whole service dragged until late night ._. haha

Stole roses home that night :D hehe It's still alive in the fridge. hehehe

ootd :)

wedding cake 

Roses C: 

On sunday, I went Grace's church to give her a surprise which went well. haha :D She tear-ed up when She saw me holding the cake walking towards her haha :D Must be really touched eh ;) 
In the evening, had carolling and also gift exchange in church :)) 

Well obviously I got a bag with a Hello Kitty face on it :3 hehe.

Hello Kitty is mine!!
Haha, so yeah.. one of those are mind C: C: Those guys up there somehow went crazy after the Hello Kitty gift too. hahaha. sounds gay kind of :P 

Flower ladies? haha



Youth shot! :D 

so cute isn't it! :3 
Got a little something from my dear friends Kaylee and Justin :))) Thank you ! *hugs*  

OH and one more thing, If you're there at Comic Fiesta day 1, remember to greet me alright ^^

Miku cos test ^^ 

-end -

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