Sunday, July 1, 2012

This is No expected Judgement day ! yay

I was expecting a more horrid day today :c Because it's Judgement day . That's why I let my whole night of Friday be as happy as possible. haha Went and enjoy my whole night at Sunway with my cute but TALL ._. friends :3 hehehhehe  

Judgement day= Report card day :c
 Oh yes, My dad Lectured me ._. oh well, but whatever it is, I am so Thankful that dad didn't babble and lecture and raise up his voice as horrible as I was gonna imagine. :/ 

Anyway, since it didn't turn out like what i had imagine, we went to the curve today! c: heehee. mad happy mad happy. It's been a really long time since I've gone shopping with my family since we are always so busy with church activities on weekends except for today c: yay.

I Super Love the Bazaar at Curve  ♥
 omgomgomg They sell BADGES! yay.

bought THREE awesome badges! c:  

It's been a super uber long time since i want Puke Rainbow meme badge Hahaha. It's just cute ( in some way) LOL. or maybe, I just  ♥ RAINBOWS :P 

Oh oh! and I thought of something dumb ... 

caption on FAcebook: Once, There was a Rainbow Cake, and then Charm Ander Wasabi ( me ) SAW THE Rainbow cake and .. Ate it :3 yay! And then yeah.. i puked rainbow and thats how Nyan Cat is made . Nyanyanyanyannyanyan.. 

LOl. I know you are either lmao-ing or omg, whats wrong with me ._.

But seriously, i really Like Rainbows ): :D It makes me Happppyyy HAahahah... I just can't stop being Rainbow (sugar) RUSH looking at this c: HAhaha. 

Oh ya, that 'Beautiful' Rainbow cake, was for one my class party to celebrate some teacher's retirement c:  

Haha. Short people rock :D problem? :P lolol..  

I Really ♥ max this xD
 Problem i rock because I'm short? :P Haha

My cute badges and pins on le DSLR bag! c: 

Oh oh oh oh!!! I sawwwwwwwww this usamimi headband ear plugggyyyyy! Suppppaaarrr cuteeeeeeee :3! and yes, I bought it ! c: too cute to the extend :3

After dinner, we went walking around Ikano, Curve and Ikea and lastly decided to go to Tesco to walk since we had no more place to go. haha. 

and tada! my Favorited of all things i bought today  !


hahahahahhaha omg i'm so in love with thiss.

I saw this cover and i ran and shouted the whole way to the front for my mom to buy this.. ( It was super embarrassing when i think about how i reacted earlier. LOL )   though it's kind of expensive #Rm30 but I want! ): I've been looking for a super cute Hello Kitty phone cover for my Samsung Y. And Finally i found it! c: hehehehe

I LOVE Hello Kitty c:

BYE! c:

 I Rainbows

   I Hello Kitty

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