Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The DEAD last to the 2nd! Proud to be Green c:

Supposedly this post will be up during Sunday but no, my dad did not allowed me to use the laptop whenever I want anymore  :c
But Yay. I finally got a chance to blog about my sports day C:

I was super busy last week making props and all for Green House. Yes, I'm in Rumah Hijau c: and I'm Proud of it :P Was super super busy making flags and painting stuff and all. Designed and made Three super cute flags! c: yay ( I should had take a picture of them T_T but i forgot. ohwell)

Joined 5 event c: Hehe

Ran 1500 and 800 the week before that busy week c: Both got 1st place xD And and and after that, i just need one more gold to become Olahragawati of my school! c:  And so I was Aiming for more golds during sports day c: 

Btw, i was one of the side mascot for Green house! 

Yeah xD cosplayed with Addy for Green House. I find Green house this year damm cool sia. We even had Green lantern as our mascot xD He's just not in the picture . cheh. Haha

Naveen as Green Lantern
Damn Epic but niceee c: Oh ya. That's Aisyah, have to introduce her too cuz she's my Pengerusi and plus, She Sprints FAST, super fast! Got First in all Sprints! THUMBSUP! 

I do like Red House's theme too.. omg, Najiha ( as minnie mouse) made everything super cute 

Mickey mouse theme
How Cute right?! They look super red and mickey mouse-ish. awww

Yellow theme had this childhood feel to me because because because it was Pikachu! c: yay

So cute right! haha. Yellow house gave me that jumpy feeling on that day c: haha 

Blue house was really creative too. It was nice,simple, creative and sweet. They did the Sailor as their theme! c:

sailor :D

Flagssss! c:

Green house mascots ! c: 
My Turquoise hair must be super Striking on that day. LOl

And after all the speech and National anthem, Events Starts!


hohoho thats me alright. LOL.. one of the most decent looking running face
LOL.. I looked through the Sports day photos and laughed till I almost died

You have no idea how much EPIC Face there was on every runners face. That includes mine. Hahaha. laughdieme

I almost got 1st for 400m :c but I didn't! Nooooo T^T wantcryme. haha

That's cuz it was my first event for that day. And and and my muscle didn't want to exert more speed at the last 100m -.- urgghh.. blame on you leg muscle. haha

4x100 was a very last minute event to me. We did not had enough people for this event so I had to join :C Never a sprinter but ran 100m . I can consider my self slow during that run ): Got third for this event :c But i'm still glad I joined!

The last event was 4x400m. It was the Best run ever! Hahaha.
This is why: ( facebook post)
Foong Ping I'm SOOOO proud of you!!! ♥ xoxoxoooo!!! without you we won't be able to gooooo on and get 1st! C: Hehe . Thank you thank you for joining so very the last minute even though without proper outfit xD ! 
Yi Pei hamiza, foong ping and my self xD im proud to say we make a good team :P WAHAHA xD ♥ max you guys! Lets do this again together next year c:

OH yeahhh! c: I'm so proud of those proud people! c:

After those event, Picture timeeee ! c: yay

Yello balloon!
Tong's super epic sad face and my epic gila face xD

Finally! Amos smiled properly and there's no more  camera attached to his face! Lol
And in the end, Addy wanted me to put back on the wig together cuz she said that it was her last year in high school and she doesn't want to miss this opportunity c: While putting on the wig , they suddenly announced my name to get this Best Runner of the year thing. I ran out of the bath room but was too late to get it myself. Lol

Btw, Red team won this year c:

CONGRATS red! c:

BUT I'm proud of my own team. We got the ''dead Last'' last year and brought our self up to second this year! super proud! So many of us did our best in running and all c: xoxo

Blue house was third and yellow house was last :c But yellow house also put in a lot of effort this year. They worked hard to make their theme a success  :3 Pikachu ! c:

Took more photos after everything ended ! c:

Jump HIGH! 

Adam being so naruto-ish. haha
Awesome Yi pei! lovemaxher! c:

So yeah, my medals ! c: weeeeee . Amos was like, why you so greedy? LOL.. i feel so sad yet bad. haha. But no, i can't! I was aiming for MSSD that's why I joined and did my best! c: 

3 Gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze and 1 Perserta Terbaik c:

for Hari Sukan.

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