Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#Lifefacts - Relationship status = in Friend zone

 I suddenly have this thought of blogging about #facts or stories on the topic of myself, my life or any other facts about girls and such. It wouldn't hurt blogging about facts. It's fun C:

 So lets start, whenever I see an old friend or a newly made friend, they couldn't believe I was single. I mean even though if I'm single now, they couldn't believe that I never had a boyfriend. Ahah. But it's just the truth. 

So whenever I get real down ( probably almost emotional ) because of how my relationship status is , I'll be  saying stuff like, I'm always single because no one likes me as a you know what. ._. I still remember months ago I said this to a friend: '' Nobody ever asked to be his girl because I'm such a kid. I'm just annoying, loud, child-ish, forever just a little girl '' pfft. thinking back about it makes me angry ( kinda). Like a KID? D: ! !#$#^%$#$#! seriously? ): 

But then, growing up being in a friend zone, well.. I'm lucky actually. I learned so much by observing other peoples relationship. I've seen perfect couples and even not so perfect ones. How perfect couples get to last long is because of how mature they are. 

My dear sister said this about me, ''It's hard to get me. '' Hahaha. I liked what she said. really :). I'm not being perasan but I don't just simply fall in love with anyone. Even if you talk to me and say those cheeky cheesy words that would flatter me, I won't exactly fall in love with you straight. But of course, I'm not a mean person who goes like '' Eww, this guy keep saying those stuff, I ain't talking to him no more. '' Obviously I won't. All I can say is, good luck :) It probably look like I'm leading on but No, I treat everyone with the same personality and everything  :)

I remember, once I had fell for someone because he was different. He was a nice guy obviously. Kind of fits in my criteria. .. the story goes on till one point where this phrase became a part of me : ''dude why don't you say something earlier? She probably sees you as a friend by now and even if she did like you back at one point, if you didn't act on it, she probably just gave up and move on . ' You see, I moved on because you didn't act on it. * full story , you shall refer to me :P but that's only if I don't mind sharing it with you *

Well, that period of time was one of my happiest yet sad :) thought so much everyday but now it's over :) I guess going through stuff like this, I learn to think well .

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