Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Comic Fiesta 2012- You see Miku in Kimono :3 !

I was actually having a dilemma of whether to cosplay or not this year. So yeah, in the end I cosplayed  for the first day of Comic Fiesta :)  Couldn't go the 2nd day since I had to go back hometown for Christmas :/ so.. a quick post today ^^


Dennis Brian got a nice shot of me! :) Thanks ^^ 

PRETTY ZERRICK! :3 nice eyes you got ;D

It took me So long to recognize Foo Hsiang D:! hahaha

Cute adorable Dumbo! :3 

The dumbo seriously Cute overload man! :D 
So yeah, it was really a tiring day. Went dinner with Leon, Marcus, Augustine and Jin Yang after that. Got home but got no key to go in the house. Parents and sister not at home too =.= Had to wait in Leon's car. Seriously, I want to just wash up and sleep. Damn tired already D: The next morning have to leave to Penang for Christmas . 

And now, here I am Going crazy with the cousin and his IPAD! :D Christmassss! yay :3 

SO cute lah :)

Merry Christmas guys! :D My cousin brother was like '' stop it with the long  blut hair thinghy lah.=='' LOL xD

sorry, it's too cute for the moment :P 

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