Monday, July 16, 2012

Simple day for mom c:

Wait! Before you even scroll down to read, play this song! c: 

Seriously, why is this song stuck with me the whole day today? :O I think it will tomorrow too O: nuuuuuu

This song made me feel like I'm so desperate for ♥ LOL. ohgawd

I'm gonna update this post as fast as possible! :c I have school tomorrow! :c

Anyway, Mom is a year older now! c: awww.. ): But she still looks young,cute and cheerful c: Hehe

''Happy Birthday mummy! c: Even though we had  been through arguments and though times. I still Love you no matter what. Because without you mummy, I will not be able to be born into this magnificent world and to be able to be special to people around us ! c: Thank you for having me as a daughter and and and.. I ♥ you. xoxo''

We went and had good lunch together around our housing area at Nihonkai today c:  yay! JapanesefoodJapanesefoodJapanesefoodddddddd ! ! ! ! * cheers! Cheers! cheers! cheers! * :3 HEHE


The Best Octopus I ever ate. yay
I wonder how this Octopus shrink-ed to Finger bite size :3 haha. how cute

Hmmm.. I wonder... lol

Seaweed c: It's like green agar-agar with vege and white sesame seed ._. YEAH. * I can make pirated version of seaweed one day soon. * c: Proud

Took a photo of mom's Japanese Fried rice c: ( If Amos see this, he'll say: It's out of focus! Why is it so blur? It's all wrong! Wrong! )
:c ohkay

The lens didn't let me focus well :c not my fault. T^T

Anyway, my lunch set c: yay. I feel so hungry now blogging about le food ): 
*stomach growls *

Me and my cute ways to take a family picture :P BAHAAHA 

#1st attempt

2nd attempt 

Other attempts failed ._.

After lunch, went church straight c: 

How you like my Blues and Stars ?? HEHE ( OH! I'm wearing Darien's T-rex badge! c: )
Went off with family to Bukit Tinggi after church for dinner c: and also, mom bought went there to buy herself a birthday gift c: that cost RM 800++ ._.

Some spam ''nothing to do pictures'' with sister c:

( phone quality sucks T^T)

OH ! BTW... Did anyone ever tell you that Bukit Tinggi use to be a kuil? O: If you don't, you know now ._. And omg, If you go to Youtube, there's actually proof that There's Spirits in Bukit Tinggi. omgomgogmomg Freaked me out when I first watched it! Wantcryme T.T

SO.. here's a picture of proof. 

Yeah. My sister came across one. D8


Just joking la. It's very obvious. cheh HAHA.

( It was edited with my phone app ._. )

But my sister freaked out seeing this. HAHAHA . awww.. poor thing :P

Ohkayyy.. I better end this post now before my sister and mom starts screaming at me. D:


I wish,hope,pray,dream,want for a good Week c:


  1. Ahahahahaha! Funny la you! :D

    Wishing your mum a Happy Belated Birthday! Hope she'll stay beautiful and healthy for many years to come, and be able to see you both grow and make a difference in our society today! :)

    Take care, awesome pics and I'll see you around! :D

  2. Happy birthday to Ah Kim! Hope all of you are doing well! Loving your posts, keep it up! =) Love and missing you all dearies <3


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