Monday, June 11, 2012

AFA MY 2012

Anime Festival Asia In Malaysia for the first time! @PWTC 

what a perfect face :c..  

How can I miss out such a Good looking guy on that day. 

I did not get the tickets for the RM 30 ticket since I couldn't stay till the night because I had music practice :c The night before AFA I was Shuper excited to the extend that I couldn't even sleep. hahaha.. but in the end I slept of course, but late! I slept almost near 3am and i had to woke up at 6.30am to dress up, Picked up Addy and Khairil and we went off to Pwtc :D yay! 

Cut story short, PHOTOS explains all  

Hatsune miku 
That was me cosplaying Miku C:  hehe

Miku ( me) and Mikuo ( Addy )
SCREAM! ( that was Marcus) and Gloria as.. i can't remember ): 
Both of us looked so happy Even though we are soon going to get killed by Scream . Lol
Gloria and me :) 
Borrowed Kharil's ( as failed Ichigo :P ) Katana.
little red riding hood? :D 
police ladies C:
PIKACHU sho cute! :3 
But this Three pikachu's are cute too.. hehe Free hug? :D 

she looks cute and pretty. lol.. jelly sia xD 
Seeing them makes me miss watching Cardcaptor Sakura xD 
Bloody, Deadly cosplay. no . LOL
Feel free to go to my facebook and tag yourself in the picture if it's you, or your someone you know C: 

saw friends there too! C: Ying Yee sho cute isn't she C: 
Foo Hsiang! YYY U SHO TALL? :C 
And then there was this Butler and Maid Cafe there ( maid and butler origin from Japan ). I tell you, i don't even think they are any pretty, cute nor good looking D: except for one butler maybe. Maybe because he look a bit Korean-ish but i think Foo Hsiang looked way much (Y) than them LOL.. (can'tbeliveisaidthat ._. ) hehe but it's true c: 

My Miku hair was like so Tangled during the day ._. and I quickly took it out of my head before i went home. Lol of course people stared :P but I don't really care .


Let's just pretend Scream came and killed Miku and cut her hair off and then he smells it. LOL wth.

I was suppose to put on that D8 SCARED face but I turn out smiling. haha 

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