Tuesday, June 19, 2012

IU day, Spring in Italy

Spring in Italy
organized by Interact Club of SMK ss17


( I had to re-write everything again ._. sthupid blogger deleted the whole post just now. -,-,-,-,-,-,- 
Don't mind those lines that are boring, cause i feel so lazy and i can't remember what i wrote just now .)

I was really, maybe not so, busy for the past week. Staying back in school to practice with Tong Chun for our performance during IU day. Yes, I am on stage ._. do what? Singing

Chose two songs which was Lenka-The show and Payphone- Maroon 5 . Practiced quite well for this both songs C: But in the end i couldn't sing Payphone because Ian called me on Friday evening and told me that his group was singing Payphone too. I panicked like you will never imagine. lol I texted and called Tong Chun but he didn't pick up ._. Got to a voice mail when called his mobile. I seriously almost died... i even had to message him through facebook. And finally he called me at 11pm. After so long only finally contacted me, ish. 

We discussed through the phone with Aaron around him. Talked crap and talked about our plans. Lol.. they both were super cute on the phone ._. hahahaah... But No Joke, REARLY.. lol. When skyping with Tong Chun until 3 am to talked about the plans and all.. lol 

Let's just skip everything ( omg i'm so lazy to repeat everything again after what blogger did to me ._. ) 
and come to conclusion 
We had changed our song for at least 6 times ._. 

1st- Payphone
2nd- Tong Chun and Aaron's Song
3rd- safe and sound
4rd- Call me Maybe
5th- You belong with me
6th- My time with you, David Choi  ( Final Decision of choice 3 hour before performance) 

3 hour before IU day started, we only started practicing this song together. Plus, we have to harmonize. lol ._.

So this is the Video of our performance. I seriously think know that i suck. ._. I did quite a lot of mistake. 

Omgee.. the first song was the most epic fail one. i think. LOL.. my singing was quite bad. Since it was like a super very last minute choice. 

But people liked it. They said that it was good. Lol.. ._. maybe it's just me being sensitive of my own singing ._. haha

On stage 
Aaron! c: me and Tong's special guest :P cheh. haha
Polaroid picture with Aaron and Tong Chun! c: i'm sho short D: 
I'm so lazy to write down whatever that happened. haha.. I'll just show the Itenary here. haha 

After the first game, i started going to some tables and start taking pictures with them! c: since those pretty ladies over there are so pretty, i should snap some pictures with them :P 

Melissa Hui hui hui c: 

Newly met friend from Seafield  C: 
You are Holy now la Cammie.. haha ( with my flower crown :P ) 
Elyza, me , Cammie 
Sabrina and Grace! New pretty ladies i met. They were the ones that sang payphone! C: 
It's Adam! Lol. 
Hiew Yan with the cute innocent eyes :3 
Pei nee! c: super love camwhore just like me. cheh :P haha
Shern! c: super pretty with her dress on that day c: 
They had this Best Dress award competition at the near end of the whole event. Foo Hsiang and Ima ( i don't know her) won C: I actually thought Cammie would win since her dress was seriously pretty /: haha


  1. i'm in one of the pictures :p weewoooooooooooooo! i feel awesomee, hahhahah. Kbye :P

  2. i'm in one of the pictures :p weewoooooooooooooo! i feel awesomee, hahhahah. Kbye :P


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