Sunday, June 3, 2012

#Recap- Banana in Pyjamas. NO.

How Do You Like My Smexy Look today? cheh perasan 

Unni says i look ____ urghh nvm ._. how dare she. haha 

Okay.. This one is way much better. 
But i love my eyes.. super smexy look somehow Maybe its the new grey contacts i am wearing. lol

Short Recap today about Pyjamas night! C: It was on May 25 and 26 :D Very a lot of fun. haha

Had games at night when arrived and then went supper and then just do random stuff in church. Lol I was ''kinda'' like rotting dying there cause i can't go online ._. lolol 

I played the guitar and sang random songs ._. TO kill time.
Some girls was doing their nails too :D but i already did mine at home ._. so i was rotting again. haha
Played the piano and hear Nicholas play all his Jay Chou songs. I tell you, he Definitely can get a girl through piano. ps.he's playing made my heart sank to the bottom. extremely nice c: you'll die for more too. lololol

The Next day..... had NASI LEMAK for breakfast! :3 ( lol i still can remember ) and then went off to Sungai Pisang near at Gombak.
It was steep :C and yes.. the beginning there's quite a lot of rubbish D: 
The waterfall! :D i still like the one in Cameron :0 

Group Photo = C.O.R.E youth!

Going back to ground C:

look at the smiles :D 

River water super cooling and plenty of oxygen C: best for a healthy clean face. LOL
WE SURVIVED! yesssss
had ice cream after the hike :D

what unni said: 

‎2 uber different dong saeng. 1 is 'the real player' the other is 'the fun friend'..
hahaha (Y)
Michael bought the windmill!!! :3 like like like lol 
Pack stuff and go home after dinner :D I LOOK SO CUTE NO.  hilarious face . LOL  ._.  
Fun Friend! 


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  1. Very nice photos!

    Kisses from Italy



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