Friday, May 2, 2014

Coffee Stain by Joseph

Gosh! Thank God for Public Holidays. No classssss (ノ´ヮ´)ノ
In great days like this, I should totally use this spare time to finish my assignments but in the end, I'm always busy with other things. * padan muka saya * ⊙︿⊙

So, Bible College Malaysia day a.k.a BCM Day always falls on Labour Day and our church members are always there to support :) foods!

We could have left the event as soon we are done but the sloth woke up late, then had to use the toilet for big business, and took an hour to arrive here. So hence we waited for ''quite '' a long while.

 Oh yes of course we could just tell him '' You don't have to come already lah -.- '' but he bought a Rm100 worth of coupons. sigh.

After that super hot under the sun event, I suggested we should go indulge some artistic coffee and..

here we are

in Publika.

The design concept was like any other ''expensive'' coffee shop of the same range, modern, cozy with cups/mugs everywhere. The thing is, it was kind of messy on the day I went because it was labour day, which means a lot of customers. They were lack of workers as there were unwashed cups on the coffee bar.  Anyhow, they should expect this coming. It's a public holiday! More people will come.  

Coffee Stain by Joseph sells a wide range of coffee and other beverages , just like any other coffee/dessert shop lol . They do sell desserts too such as cakes ( ps I saw mille crepe! ) and of course, meals.

Truth is I am not really a coffee person. The only coffee I usually drink is mamak served coffee and instant coffee. If you ask me to pick a coffee from a vast coffee menu, I'm lost. So in the end, after looking up and down the list of coffee for some time I went ahead with a hot cup of Mocha, RM9. The only coffee I am familiar with in the list.

coffee stain at publika

My first time ever I had something drawn on my beverage ! ps. I am still waiting for a Hello Kitty design ): 

I look caffeine struck here ⊙▂⊙Idk why lol.  Art coffee usually have more milk /cream than usual. Due to my not fully covered  food poisoning , I didn't felt good later on because of the heavy milk and creams. I am actually not so certain about the taste and quality of the coffee because I am not a coffee addict but what I can say is this cup of coffee is really heavy. It makes me really full before I could finish the whole cup.

Coffee Stain by Joseph
This one was one of their speciality over there I think. It was at the front page lol. I can't remember the price either,sorry.  This is coffee ice with milk. It gave me inspiration btw lol. It makes me want to try making milk cubes and use them when I make Milo ¬‿¬ #AnewCreation

Yummms! Becomes Mamak Teh d. ● ⋏ ●

And yes... for the best ever most cutest beverage today! 



Coffee Stain by Joseph

I hope it made your day! ⊂(^(工)^)⊃ 

 Iced Chocolate + 3D art, RM 10 + RM 5

Coffee Stain only allows customers to add on additional 3D art for this beverage only because the coldness can hold up the 3D art longer. If you would prefer to have a 3D art on a coffee, you can go to Subang Avenue. They have one coffee shop that does this kind of service but the 3D art would probably sink after ten minutes. 

So yeah, come and try it out with yourself :) Bring your date to chill out here .

 ^ sloth face .. speechless..  ̄ェ ̄

 and I'll end with a selfie with the sister ! 

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