Friday, July 18, 2014

#DIY - Easy Flower Wreath

Hello readers. I know its been so long and I shall not repeat the reasons because it's the same lol. 

Today's post will be short,sweet and simple because I have been getting few request for this DIY project. 

Excuse my face.. 

This was an old sunflower wreath  I made last year. ( Sorry I don't have a better photo of myself with the wreath lol ) 

And today I will teach you guys how to make a very simple flower wreath. Once you know the technique, you can improvise however you want :) 

Things You'll Need: 

1. Glue Gun 
2. String ( any kind you prefer ) I picked the one with a wood texture.
3.Flowers of any kind . I picked white ones because I'm making them for a friend. ( I will suggest smaller flowers) 
4. Scissors
5.Glue stick 

Once you got all the ingredients prepared, lets start ! :) 

Get your string and measure it around your head. Add on 5 inch to tie later and any other adjustment. Then, cut . 

Measure about 5 inches or so away from the end and tie a loose knot. 

Place in your flower ( stem ) in to the hole of the knot. 

And then, tighten it. Make sure it's really tight. 

Do the same steps to every next 3 inches. ( You can play around with the length of the flowers. You decide.

at the mean time, you can heat up you Hot Glue Gun.

Cut out the stems so that it's perpendicular to the string. ( It doesn't have to be too flat. ) 

Glue the string and the stem of the flower with Hot Glue Gun to secure . 

Tips: You should cut each flower and glue them one by one so that the flowers will not fall out of the knot before glued. 

After completing all flowers, measure the string with the flowers again around your head, decide your own length you want and tie a Dead Knot. 

And TADA! you are done :) 

Easy peesy. Have fun !:) 

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