Friday, October 5, 2012

A pack-full camp

Good day everyone? :) 

I don't even know if I should be sad or happy of what happened in school today. Lol ._. 

And so, this song have been stuck in my head since evening. I didn't even know it existed in my phone until I actually click and played it.  ヽ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

But it's so Naiseee! Seriously! The lyrics is amazing. Hahaha.
I'll get a boyfriend that will sing me this song when i'm sad or sick  :P lolol

I won't be having school tomorrow! yay. And for the past 5-6 days until Thursday C: Will be back in school on Friday and that's where Things get beyond serious. Final examinations starts. Urgh. I don't want to fail!  (╯︵╰,) but it's so tough. 

Dear Form 3's , I jelly you all. How I wish Finals will be exactly like PMR. But NO, it's total opposite of it. * sad*

Ohkay. Cut story short. Let's flashback to last Saturday .

It'll be short. :3 so lazy to write ): 

 We went OLE Camp! YAY

Something we did there. C: To be perasan and write about ourselves. LOL 

I super love my art work . cheh . HAHA * See! Perasan max me ! :P * 

Yes, the name of the camp kind of sound weird. But it means Observe, Learn and Explore. C: 
Super Fun I tell you. Hahaha. Got to meet new people! Dang. My favourite part :P 

But Tong, Amos, Amanda, Deyy and me were all separated into different groups. ): awww. But nah. It's okay, Still had a lot of Fun! :) 

 My team for the day- Like A Boss .

yeah, we named our self that. Haha C: 

 So then we made this banner with another group. 

ps. It was the nicest among other groups. Bwhehehhe :P jk jk

But seriously, There's super a lot of real talented people there C:

I'm building the Segi builiding! :) 

Serious ah meeee! LOL 

Our Magnificent Segi Building we builed. LOL 

Got people to sign my Super LARGE T-Shirt ! C: 

My very pretty facilitator for My team . C: Hehe! :3 

And we got Magnifying Glass as a souvenir! C: 

Amandaa :) 

She really hyped up that day xD

Our team won 2nd runner up for the culinary thingy. C:

And yeah, Me, Amos, Tong and Deyy went Sunway after this ! :D Amanda couldn't join though . D: Had Dinner at Nando's . C: yay . 

And so. Tada. Good night world . My very short lazy post. hehe. Have to at least update D: 

By the way! Share, Like , Watch and Comment at my first ever cover! Lol .

Honey Bee- Zee Avi 

enjoy? :) haha. 

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