Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Itchy & angry update (● ̄(エ) ̄●)

Warning: this post will be disgusting.

Yay * sarcastic-ly * One week of Holiday passed by just like that. So many events and so many happenings /: Well, I'm talking about unwanted happenings here.
 (● ̄(エ) ̄●)

Finals was extremely long for me. One month of exam is no joke. The stress is ten times worst then the stress during PMR. Even people around me ''knows'' I'm extremely stress because of my face.
 Yes, you've read it , my FACE.

My face today is full of those disgusting yellow pain ugly fugly yucky bumps and balls. =,= Lol , oh gawd, i made my own face sound so disgusting. Eww.. But I'm seriously angry. Darn angry! Blaming the exams that cause stress and trigger my hormones and caused my skin on my face to be like that. =,= Seriously. Why so evil? 

After exam last Wednesday, I've been struggling with acne for the next and the following days and of course today and tomorrow and the following days. One of the worst scenario was when there's suddenly a bump, lump on my left eyelid. What the heck! I sound so sick. But omg i feel distorted . I was so worried. Like seriously no joke worry.I went and google about this bumps on the eyelid and it lead me to some disgusting knowledge.  Couldn't sleep at night, but in the end slept late anyway. The bump wasn't obvious at all when i open my eyes but then it can be seen when i close my eyes. So yeah, the bump is still on my eyelid today but smaller! I pray it'll go away before I go Aussie._. really am praying hard.

Because my face condition got really bad, I couldn't take it and when to see the doctor on Saturday. I even suddenly got itchy bumps on my right leg =,= wth . It's like rashesssss and I think it's rashes. Lol. I don't know whyyyy but I'm like having indirect sickness =,=

My rashes got worst on Monday actually. I'm having itchy bumps on my hands too now. It's seriously damn itchy. When I came home I told my dad about it and he said maybe it's bed bugs. -,- but thats probably only.  So I slept in a different room last night. Anyway it's still itchy today -,-   But I'm happy because my face gotten better. It isn't red anymore. So I have to just keep washing and ...'' bla bla bla'' whatever to my face so that everything will be clear off :) I pray it won't get worst D: 

URGHH.. this is the worst thing that ever happen to meee. -.-  and i just bit my lips while eating.. probably get ulcer =.= I HOPE NOT. * screams*

---------disgusting story ---- END-----------------------

So, last week Friday. Went out shopping at KL. Went there with sister,brought Grace along too. We both have been planning on going Times Square since a long long , long long time ago because I always tell her how Awesome shopping at Kl is :D hehe . And then we met up with my dear cousin, Rowena during lunch and four of us continue our shopping after lunch (^v^)

Me, cousin and sister :D 

Childhood love, me and cousin 

and another picture of us. :D 

Well, I do look quite horrible that day. Couldn't dress up my face because of my condition ._. which was sad and also a lot of worries.  Haha

Anyway , because Grace never been to Sephora, Pavillion and Fahrenheit . She was like a tourist that day. Lol. She's gets amaze with almost everything there. Lolololol. Malaysian tourist ._. HAHA 

Polaroid took ! :D 

with Grace and Cousin :D 

I only know that Malaysian's have a habit of taking photos of anything and anywhere ._.
And here is Carmille camwhoring and I Popping out from the back :3 * in the toilet ._. * 

Tokyo street at Pavillion! :D 
Can't wait till the highest floor of Fahrenheit opens! :D All the Jap stuff.. omgomgomg . hahaha

-Perfume number 5-
Here you see Carmille kissing Brat Pitt. I actually thought it was Thor ._. literally. Ohmyy.. haha
Look Alike right! D: 

Before we left Pavillion :D 

What are we doing? ._. Those white stuff that we are holding are expensive. HAHA
It's actually Victoria Secret perfume we sprayed on the perfume paper, tester. Haha. smell damn good ah. =w=

Polaroid of the day :

I also took another two polaroid on Sunday when sis boyf was around ! :D 

Hahaha.. My mom eye's is either too small or she'll close her eyes D: lol

Sister and Boyf. That very epic moment when they both saw themself on le polaroid. HAHA they were Super cute. Can't stop laughing. hahaha/ and it was also midnight ._. I seriously think my neighbours can hear my overly Loud Laugh. LOL

I was in Pyramid with Kaylee, Justin, Leon, Adel and Marcus on Monday. Reason was actually to celebrate Justin's birthday ._. but in the end it didn't turn out like a birthday celebration at all. More like waste time and lepak =.= hmm oh well. Tried Pepper lunch since it always smell good :D . But it was a bit pricey for me ._. 

Kaylee :D Bestie ;)

Oh and this.. nameless picture *shakes head * Lolololol
ps. Look so horrible T^T

Oh and btw. My really really belated birthday present from my youth have finally arrived! Yay :D But it was a bit too too big for me because they gave the tailor the wrong measurements ): aww 

Hatsune Miku Kimono version 

and tada. I'm suppose to look like her :D haha 

Oh! I can't wait for Aussie! I pray pray pray pray my condition will get better before leaving Malaysia and of course my Auntie's condition will be better too so that we all can enjoy ourselves there :) 

Aussie I'm coming in about 5 days! :D heee 

currently playing and singing this song on le guitar :D  and currently learning RED by the same artist ;) 
*hint hint, I want Taylor Swift RED album for Christmas kayyyy :3 


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