Saturday, August 30, 2014

#Fashion Show / Concept- Gothic

Hello people ! Semester 2 started and I cannot describe this semester in a word but what I can say that it is beyond describable. *GEDDIT?*  or you can put it this way, overwhelming. The day I finally can present myself as a designer and be one professionally(soon)  is coming true ! Who won't be thrilled ? ! 

Semester 2 is when we start learning towards THE REAL FASHION compared to the previous semester. (Not exactly compared to the previous semester because it was nothing to do with fashion.) And also, this semester is when we start to participate in our University's Fashion Show during Thursdays. 

Here comes the excitement ! BE INSPIRED 

Concept/ Theme for this week fashion show was set as Gothic. So we 'designers' were to come out with our own design/styling for this week's theme. 

The fashion show starts at about 12 pm and designers/models/ make-up artists will have to be be in the changing room early to get prep up. 
For my concept of Gothic, I was inspired by Punk and Rock + a teeny-weeny gothic Lolita (to be honest it's not teeny-weeny at all but I just don't want to admit it .... lol Don't judge  because I cannot help it that Japanese culture is a part of me too ahahha...) 

Model: Sandra Yeoh 
Make up : Some from Erin and then I continued 
-  Also Thanks to some of my lovely friends that helped me with the materials ! Camelia Fauzi, Grace Koh, Elif, .. so on -
 Thanks you guys !

 ( From head to toe ) 

Bold/ Gothic/ Loli / Punk/ Rock 

  Super Volumized False Lashes , Tattoo Stars, Dark Purple Heart Shaped Lips

 Neck to Waist :
Heart Lock Choker from Erin Shaza, Top from Camelia  , Handmade Studded Harness Bralet

Japanese Buns, Skeleton Clips (own)

Hand Accessories: 
  just another skeleton clip.

Hips to Floor: 
Leather Skirt, Netted Stockings from Camelia, Handmade Studded Spike Garter, High Converse Shoes (own)

Basically that was the overall look of my model. Gothic Yes? 

And now *Drumrolls* Let's let the picture do the talking ! 

Photos taken by Wandy, Edited by me. 

Fashion Show

So Nellisa lolol 

 Look at that abs... and the toned legs ... wow.. I just can't...

Tell me, Which was your favourite?  

To be honest, our models pictures our character and personality of our own styling and design. Can't hind the fact that it is true lol...


And we ended with .. 


ps, if some pictures of you wasn't here, it is definite that my photographer was day dreaming. so blame him not me lol.. 

And thats all ! What do you think of our show? They said we put in a lot of effort compared to the previous semesters. That was pretty much the best compliment we got :) 


  1. Lol. To be honest. I dont think mine shows my character at all


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