Tuesday, January 7, 2014

JAPAN:Tokyo #1 : Walking in Tokyo.

Happy New Year! I know I'm a week late but better to wish than to not. 

I just got back from Japan yesterday. I was really tired but I couldn't resist from watching my last four episodes of Korean Drama that I left out before flying to Japan. So in the end I slept probably about 4 am? Lol blame myself for being so sleepy today. 

Some of you must have know that I have always always always wanted to go Japan since I don't know when. But I'm pretty sure it was since Junior High. But seriously, I bet 80 percent of my friends desire Japan too. 

It's one hour ahead in Japan. Reached to Narita airport at about 6 am+, Japan time . During Winter, The sky gets dark at about 4.30pm and brightens up at about 5.30 am.

Touch down in Narita Air Port!

Happy faces with my YE's :D 

We got separated into smaller groups after getting our luggage. The adults in the picture was the one that brought us around Tokyo. There was another young lady , but sadly I did not have any clear picture of her ): sadly. 

  And then we left for Harajuku! 

Tokyo ourdoor railways.

Indoor subway.

and Inside the Train.

It thought you'd be interested lol

If only Malaysia was safe enough to have lockers like this to put our fat luggage . lol Very very convenient of Japan :)

Hello Takeshita Dori. The place I can only imagine shopping in my dreams but now have finally came true. lol  * The best smile I can ever give * 8D

picture! picture! 

A little sneak peak of Takeshita Dori's street. 

The truth is, I only window shopped. How silly. Come to think of it I should have shop on that day. But then at that time I was only of thinking not to use my cash so fast because I still have 3 weeks in Japan. I can't afford to go bankrupt too fast * Horror! * !

Birds in Japan are fat and fluffy and cute and round, unlike the skinny birds here ): 

I am pretty sure that everyone knows that Food in Japan, whether is edible or just packaging, It's always so colourful or cute and unique that it attracts most people's eye, like mine lol. But beware, It looks pretty but most of the time really sweet, or salty . 

Hello Crepe shop. You're so pink, I like you :))))))))

Even the display crepes looks so appetizing. Too many choices. It makes me too happy * cries * lol

and more ...

And my choice was:

Apple cinnamon :D

The display looks Better T___T

So then we walked around Harajuku, took pictures :D Enjoy the scenery, the air, the cold wind, the sky, everything . 

Went to see some Christmas decorations in some shopping complex nearby which was quite cool.

The white cylinder screen actually tells a Christmas story. Really Pretty I can say.

Then we head off to a Shrine and make a wish. Walked a lot on stones with my platform. How convenient ): 

Many many sake's. 

Pretty Orange Trees. 

And finally after much walking on rocks and stones, We finally reached the shrine/ temple / to be honest I don't know what it's call. But in Chinese it's Nan Shen Men. East God Door? LOl I'm pretty sure it doesn't sound like that in Japanese. 

And that's all for the first day of Tokyo in Japan. After the visiting, Left to the train station, got our luggage and bags . And we separated. I had a 3 hours ride to Akita-Ken. 

And the post about Akita will be next. Stay tune for Snow! 

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