Thursday, August 16, 2012

Above says that I grow a beard during exams to seek extra wisdom . 

But nah, I Shaved it off when i got back from school today! ! Haha

and yeah, I didn't get to update my blog because of the exams that are haunting me. The History, the Chemistry ! Oh Em GEE * self pulls HAIR *

Alright So today, ohmygawd I so feel like killing my self and the weather! :c I AM SUPPOSE TO JOG. But the Very Gloomy and Sad weather made me sleep instead. Urgh. Evil ) :

ps. I have to get back to my time line on facebook because I seriously got brain-washed by my exams D: I DO NOT remember 'almost' anything of what happen during the past week. LOL

3D Aeroplane 
This was made by Amos in school 2 weeks plus ago. LOl

I coloured it and Tong conteng that little plane :D

And ya, Amos looked angry when we vandalise this little plane. Hahaha.

So next was on August 8.

Went Swimming with Grace, Jesslyn and Nicole :D

And then went over to Baskin Robbin, which was crowded like crap. ._.

due to DLCW hard work in the olympics :D 

Malaysian really love free stuff somehow. ._.

LOOK at the crowd outside BR! It's longer than it looks actually. D: HAhahha

But anyway, we actually thought of getting the free ice-cream. But it doesn't seem worth the wait. My friends actually waited for one and a half hour to get that free miserable single scoop ice cream ):

So in the end, we went for Ice Bowl anyway. :D More worth for the stomach :3

Oh ya, remember my previous post about Animangaki? c: I said i wanted to wear all pink. But after browsing the Web, I thought of cosplaying Megurine Luka, just be friends version.

It's not that hard to cosplay this. :D just a white dress, which probably make me look fat. But I hope not ):

So cute right! :D

And I posted this one Facebook. And the comments was Super Hilarious. LOL.. oh gawd

My sister dared me, lol. So i posted this up and wrote:* Carmille dared me* I'm gonna be that girl on Animangaki. So who wants to be that guy? 

So yeah, who wants to be that guy? :)

And my costume for the second day of Animangaki arrived! :D Yay! But but but it's a bit too big for me ): sad

Oh btw, David Choi got new song! :D yay. Duet with Clara C! :D

And then Tong showed me this super omg Nice Rhythm of Love Cover by Clara C and Joseph Vincent. You'll fall in love with this song in no time :P Haha

Ps. David Choi songs is a virus! Haha

My pink moustache ring just arrived yesterday! :D Yay

It's so cute and it's pink! Pink ! !  oh, and I bought a moustache necklace too :D Hehe

yay! :D

And so, If you are reading this blog and you are wondering where did I get such weird stuff and you want this weird stuff.. You can buy it from me. Lol

One Whole set of Moustache stuff that includes Ring, earring and necklace :D - Rm 25

Ring- Rm9
Earring- RM9
Necklace- Rm 10


online shop - Chic Couture
Chic Couture Galleria

I'm gonna get busy preparing for my birthday and also I will lose a lot of money because I have to get presents those awesome people birthdays :C oh well.

Yep, you deserve the gift :D 

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